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Senior Lab Daily... Antics from 14.9 years Elsa

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Update from Busy Angel Elsa

December 6th 2008 12:21 pm
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Hi Friends,
It is certainly that busy time of year. I am monitoring the new puppies and making sure all is well with them. I sprinkle them with a little angel magic every now and then. The babies eyes are still closed but I know they can see me anyway. They are all growing very nicely and becoming what mom is calling pudgy. She can't wait to hold one.
They are my christmas gift to you, Mom. I sent you a new friend to love.

The Angel Tree is looking great. Mom is getting more pictures every day and next week she will begin the shopping for the animals in need who live at the local animal rescue. It will be a big surprise when we show up with all of those nice gifts.

I may post a pre completion picture of the tree on my dogster page this week.

Have a nice weekend. I hope it is warm where you are. It is not warm here at home so I may just have to fly somewhere a bit toastier.
There are perks to having wings, you know, mom.

Love Elsa


Calling All Angels !!

November 28th 2008 5:33 pm
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Hello Angel Friends,

The Tree of Angels project is underway. Mom and Melissa put up the tree today and hung the garland and began hanging the angel pictures.
We all look so beautiful with the lights and our colorful ribbons dangling.
Thank you for sending your beautiful angels pictures.

More pics are needed. Mom and I can see that the back and the right side of the tree are indeed bare.
Who knows an angel fur who would like to grace this tree?
For every 5 pictures received Mom and Melissa are donating
food, treats, toys and warm blankies to our local animal rescue.
Paw mail me if interested in taking a part of this holiday project.
It allows us to paw it forward. Celebrate our happy lives and help others less fortunate.
The completed tree will be posted on my dogster page and on another venue where you can down load to your own page.
Or an email copy can be sent to you from me.
Cheers and don't eat too many left overs.......yum yum....


Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

November 27th 2008 8:33 am
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Hello Friends and Family,

Today being Thanksgiving I would like to express my thanks.
Even though you can't see me anymore I am still a part of who you are and a part of your holiday celebrations.
I am giving thanks for you.
I am thankful for my family and friends everywhere.
I am thankful for my long healthy life and the love everyone showed me wherever I went.
I am thankful that I was one of the lucky ones who had a good forever home.
I am thankful for the beach, the woods, my cozy bed with the warm blankies.
I am thankful for everything that was a part of my life.

Don't think of me as "gone" today, think of me in a new place looking over your every moment. And even though you can't see me I know you know I am by your side.
Just like this morning mom, when you said to my picture on my box
"Happy Thanksgiving Elsa" in your minds eye you saw me peering up at you wagging my happy tail and telling you "come on now mom it's time to mash the potatoes"
And we did......


Happy News at Elsa's House

November 25th 2008 9:07 am
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Hello Friends,
Sorry I did not get a chance to check in yesterday and say hey.
Mom and I were very busy.
Guess what, guess what?

The new baby furs were born. Mom's and Dad's and my Melissa's new pup was born.

Mama Cary gave birth yesterday to 9 little yellow furs.

You all know mom wanted a yellow baby girl and Cary came thru in a big way. She had 7 tiny baby girls and 2 little boys.

All yellow, the entire litter. All related to me, angel Elsa.

Mom is so happy. And I am too. I kept my guardian angel watch on Cary and sprinkled and sprinkled my angel dustings so there would be healthy babies.

Now we are watching them carefully as they are under 24 hours old.

Well, I guess I better get back to watching over these babies.

What a huge job.

Cary is resting and feeding the pups. She is a very good mama.

Mom and I will update on the progress.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!


My new holiday page

November 18th 2008 5:15 pm
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Oh my goodness I have a beautiful new page. My friend Cheyanne and mom, Kim, helped mom so much with a beautiful holiday page.
Mom cries every time she looks at it. She says it makes her feel just like I am there with her again.
Cheyanne and Mom you probably did not even know it but the background of your pretty snow scene the pink glow to the sky is exactly how my sky looked when I was leaving my family for the bridge. Mom said they had sent a rainbow for me and it was okay for me to go ahead.
I am so proud of my page.
Thank you so much. I can't wait until you can all see it.
Mom put a special treat in my songs too. A chorus of us puppies singing Jingle Bells for our families and friends.
Actually we are quite good.
Love lots,
Guardian Angel Elsa


Happy Birthday to My Melissa

November 15th 2008 9:14 am
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Tomorrow is a very special day at our house. Melissa is celebrating her birthday. Geez, I so loved birthdays at my house. There was always cake and ice cream involved and even I always waggled a small piece for me. Happiness is a dog with cake and a little ice cream on the side.
I am wishing you happy birthday from here at the bridge, Melissa.
Today when Mom and Dad and your special Phil take you for your birthday dinner you may find yourself thinking of me. I am kind of planning on tagging along, if you don't mind. Especially for the food part. MMMMMmmmmmmmm I smell the good smells already.
Me and my pals here at the bridge are baking you a cake.
It will have special candles on it. To see it go outside at the hour of your birth, ( mom told me it was 6:54 p.m.) and we will light your cake with the stars in the sky. Be sure to make a special wish.
My wish for you is to have a wonderful birthday and a spectacular year. Thank you for being my special girl.
I remain yours forever. Love, Elsa, your guardian angel.


I'm Tagged

November 12th 2008 8:21 pm
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Hello Friends, We are playing another game tonight. Deogie tagged me and I am supposed to tell 7 things about myself so here goes....

1. Today Puppie the wingmaker made me wings, aren't they beautiful? Now I can fly.....

2. I am trying to send mom and dad and melissa a new puppy to love. A little yellow girl like me. We will know soon, by the end of november. I am working on it.

3. I loved cheese. Cheese was my favorite snack. Do you know what? For lunch some days my mom would make me my very own low fat grilled cheese sandwich. No butter of course. Mom said I was smart. She tried to switch up my cheese to the NO fat kind and guess what? I very impolitely spit it out. No way, mom, I said! So back to low fat cheese for me. bol

4. In my older days when I needed mom I would come and find her.
Even when I could no longer do the steps to the upstairs if I felt bad or ill at ease at night I would stand at the bottom of the steps and wait. I just knew mom would know I was there needing her.
And I was right. She would wake up and come down. We would
tend to my needs and when I was ready mom would lie down next to me in my dogge bed and tell me I was such a good girl stories until I fell asleep.

5. In my younger days and there were many....I rode around in
moms car and helped her with her work. Her customers would leave a check for mom and a biscuit for me. Boy I really grew to know that route. I was so smart that if mom took me on another street I immediately knew - hey mom we are in a new neighborhood. I did a great job for mom.

6. I used to help take care of my orange tabby cat, Pumpkin.
When he was younger there was a mean old cat who used to come in our yard and try to pick a fight with him. You know how territorial male cats are. Mom would be on the look out and when she saw him she would yell "Elsa - mean kitty ".........
and off I ran, scurrying down my deck steps barking and barking.
Pumpkin would stand there like "showed you" didn't we?? I only scared him over my fence. I never would hurt the poor guy.
Even though he was mean to my pumpkin!

7. I loved the water. Lakes, rivers, streams, oceans, back yard pools, even a sand box filled with water. But show me a hose with a bucket that meant "bath time for Elsa" and away I went. Mom could not figure me out. A little bucket of water and I shook like a fool.
But I must admit I always smelled nicer after wards.

Okay those are my 7 Elsa ism's tonight.

I am tagging:
Puppie the wingmaker


Good Morning Elsa

November 10th 2008 9:00 am
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Another beautiful fall morning here at home. The only sad part is not having you here to take a walk with me this morning.
I do have good company though. Doc is here. He spent the weekend with us and he has been very good. He is a little uncertain about the cats. Pavorotti you know has to throw his weight around and Pumpkin well, you know Pumpkin is afraid of his own shadow.
He does appear to be getting used to Doc now and will come down and sit in the kitchen if Doc is in there. Pavorotti wants them both to know who is boss. So he spent a fair amount of time behind the door of my office. Bad Kitty!
I am going to take Doc on a nice walk today. It is beautiful.
I think he will like that. He ran around today with his foot ball.
He is not a thrower like you were Elsa. I tried to tell him to throw it back to me, but he just looked at me and ran.
He liked to play keep away.
Tonight he goes home and will go back to attending doggie day care.
I think he enjoyed relaxing this weekend and taking long snoozes on Melissa's bed.

We loved making your slide show, Elsa. We have so many pictures and lovely memories of your 15 long years with us.
Every one tells a story. So quickly your life time went.
You did have one very good doggie life. I must admit. I don't think you were ever unhappy. I imagine this is why you fought so hard to stay with us. Even in the end when you were clearly not yourself and not feeling good. Your eyes showed us the love you had and you
did not want to go. I know you didn't. So many times I wished I could make you a puppy again and start your 15 long years all over again. This was not to be, nobody old can become young again,
not in this life. Now that you are at the bridge I know you are running like the wind. I bet you were surprised to find that all of your frisbees that you lost in the ocean were there waiting for you.
Just like the old times.


Your Third Month Angel Anniversary, 11/08/2008

November 8th 2008 1:18 pm
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Hello Elsa,
We have all been thinking of you today. We miss you. Today is your 3rd month angel anniversary.
I wrote this for you, Elsa

I'll be missing you forever girl
For today you are glory bound
No more pain, ill ease or strife
Today you eased from this imperfect life
To begin your journey fresh and new
In a time less place where loved ones wait for you.
Within my heart you will remain forever
One of my sweet cherished treasures
Your spirit now has been set free
Within this lovely place you've reached ahead of me
Wait for me my sweet precious girl
When gods plan is done my wings too will unfurl
Until then you remain my shining star
Visible from both near and far
A comfort you do send to me
Sweet angels breath stirs within the trees
Your undying spirit has been set free

Mom of Elsa, In honor of your 3 month angel anniversary


I've Been Tagged !!! Angel Tagged Me

November 6th 2008 8:41 am
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Oh wow, a game. I have been tagged by Angel. To play I say 7 things about myself and then I tag some other pups.

Okay here are my 7 things

1. I loved pizza, cookies and cheese. Every friday we had a cheese pizza and I sat and waited for my piece. Yummy

2. I worked with mom. We drove the red mustang around town.
I was the official assistant to mom. When I could no longer get in that car with her, I watched the cats and the house while she went.
But the ladies still came to see me, so I was still working just semi

3. I loved the beach! So much so that mom and dad bought me my own beach place. I was a little old by then but I did enjoy my slow walks on the sand and smelling that ocean air.

4. My favorite toy was my frisbee. I could catch it way way way up in the air. I was a pretty good frisbee player.

5. I was the official greeter. Every time somebody came to our house I ran for my plush. It could be one of several. I ran with it in my mouth and showed it but did not let them have it. NO WAY!
Hands off. Eyes only. I just really wanted people to say hi to me
and look very cute.

6. I was the boss of my walks. When I got old mom and dad would walk me around the neighborhood. I was in charge of when we would go home. If mom said come on let's go back if I was ready I would.
If not I would stand looking straight ahead and refuse to meet her eye.
This meant, NOT YET MOM, and onward we would go. Was I spoiled?

7. I am happy at the bridge cause mom thinks of me every day.
My angel wishes are working. We help people who need it and send angel hugs and angel dustings to others. I have made many new friends.

I am tagging, Kodiak, Angus and Rocky and Mira

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