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Senior Lab Daily... Antics from 14.9 years Elsa

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Morning to my family and little Tulah

January 26th 2009 8:02 am
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Hello Family,
I saw that Uncle Marshall and his family came to see Tulah yesterday. You had a very nice visit. What a lovely basket of goodies they brought the little girl. She is so lucky.
Do you know now mom that she was the chosen one for you.
You were surprised to hear that I marked her for you weren't you mom? I was waiting patiently until you realized this.
Yesterday when Uncle Marshall and family remarked how beautiful Tulah was they told you didn't they mom?
She has the marks of an angel. They are called angel wings and they are on her little back. They knew right away because they knew what to look for. See them now mom?
These are from me mom. This is my way of being with her always as her guardian angel.
Not all labs have angel wings mom, but those who do are special.
Heaven sent.
I also heard them tell you that you and dad will have your hands full with this little one. I think you knew that already mom. They are impressed by her outgoing and confident behavior. This does lend to a firm hand by the handler. You and dad and I can teach her well.
She is already so good with her crate training. She is smart one
for sure. And she knows a good thing when she sees it. I will help
you and dad.
Tomorrow snow is coming and I can't wait to play with Tulah in her yard.
I know you also found out mom that when a puppy plays with its tail it means they are playing with their guardian angel.
Guardian Angel Elsa


A new beginning

January 24th 2009 5:36 pm
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Hello from the Bridge,
This is a new beginning for my beloved family. With the additon of little Tulah - Tallulah Belle of BlueRidge Retrievers, officially, I have passed the torch, ah bone.
With the new addition you will need an open mind, an open heart,
patience, wisdom and lots and lots of love.
She will tire you out, she will challenge you and she will try to train you as you train her.
Some days she will do very well and some will be an up hill battle.
Look how I turned out. I was an excellent lab if I don't say so myself.
Now I am here to help you do the same with little Tulah.
Pretty soon she will be on her best behavior and know just what is expected.
I know you can't recall much of my puppy days but be assured I was not perfect.
When you feel like you have done your best and it is not getting you anywhere think of me.
I heard today that when a puppy is chasing her tail it is playing with her guardian angel.
Did you notice how much Tulah chases her tail? I am with her then mom.
Try to get your rest tonight. I see Tulah is sleeping better thru the nights for you now.
Good luck tomorrow when Uncle Marshall comes to check her out.
Mom read the Monks of New Skete and use the same training method you used with me.
Puppies are a precious gift and she won't be little for long.
I just wanted you to know that I am watching over you guys and missing you. Thank you for my wonderful life and I wish the same for my new little Tulah. Live loved and long little girl.
Guardian Angel Elsa xoxoxoxo


Dear Mom

January 20th 2009 6:13 am
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Hi Mom,
Something tells me you are missing me today, mom. I am here with you always do not forget that. I know you have been so busy with little Tula. She hardly gives you a moment for reflection, does she mom? I am here even if you are not conscious of that fact. Indeed I am with you.
It is okay to miss me because I miss you too. We had such a wonderful life together didn't we mom?
Tula is your new friend and she is a bundle of energy and antics right now but she will develop into a lovely companion for you mom.
I took great care in selecting her for you. I wanted you to have a new buddy who would heal your heart. She makes everybody laugh and sometimes she makes you want to cry she is so stubborn.
But she will come around.
I was just like her mom though it is hard to recall this being 15 long years ago. Just keep loving her mom and I am whispering in her ear while she sleeps.
Together we will put Tula on course for a very long and beautiful life with you, my family, whom I love so much.
She has so much to look forward too. Such a lucky dog.
I will be there to watch her take her first look at the ocean,
to feel the soft sand underneath those puppy pads. I will steadyher on her first ride on Dad's golf cart. Boy will she think she is extra special. I will comfort her today on her trip to see Dr. Andrew for shots. I am also here to gently nudge her in the right direction when she pulls a Tula. I tried to guide her from under the pool deck this morning mom. But you know she is definitely hard headed some times.
This morning it was kind of funny when she and Pumpkin both ended up under your new sofa. I was kinda waiting for a great big hiss and a little yelp. They must have come to an agreement because it was quiet.
Always remember no matter how busy your day and how frantic your mornings with Tula I am here with you.
I am glad you ordered Tula the book For Every Dog An Angel.
She will appreciate you reading that to her, mom. I am her angel.
It is true that every dog has an angel from birth.
Thank you to our lovely friends Mica and Mirra for recommending this to us.
Well, it appears little Tula is taking a snooze. I think I will join her.
Guardian Angel Elsa


We Made A Page For Tallulah Today 946919

January 19th 2009 4:44 pm
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Hi Everybody,
Tula is being an extra good girl today so mom and I had time to make Tula her very own dogster page.
We even put in some new photos of our new lovable puppy.
Tula is being very good. Mom was home under the weather today and we were thinking oh no, not a good time to feel sick. But Tula liked sitting with mom on the sofa and they watched animal planet.
She even took several naps. She snores, lol
Then it snowed and all bets were off. She loved it. She ate it, watched it, dug in it and it really got her going. Good thing dad was home by then and out they went to have some fun.
See her pictures.
Boy I am so happy my new friend is having a good time in my home.
Mom talks to her about me all the time and she seems to listen.
I try to tell mom she already knows all about me but it is good for mom to tell her anyway.
You know puppies, in one ear and out the next.
Guardian Angel Elsa


Life With Tallulah Belle

January 16th 2009 5:39 am
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Good Morning All,

Well last night was the very first night little Tula slept all night long.
She must have known it was minus 1 outside and figured she would sleep soundly cuddled in her blankets.

There is a little price to pay for that though by 7 am she was what you could describe as a little whirling dervish. Now you see her, now you don't. Previously cautious with my cats this morning she decided to really give Pumpkin a good sniff. She got a warning meow, kept on coming and got two sound wacks on her head. She shook it off and went back for more. Pumpkin walked away in disgust. Sorry, Pump.

Mornings are not the same here at home. Mom makes coffee and starts to drink it and has to set it down numerous times.
Dad taught Tula how to do the steps, (thank you very much) and now she does them for sport. At 7.5 weeks already bounding up and down the steps. Gates are in order for the weekend. For sure.

I try to keep up with her I really do. After an hour or so she will promptly flop down and take a brief nap. When she's up, she is up,
when she wants to sleep there is NO waking her up.
Kind of like me in my old days.

Well, Mom, she is a job but I think she will come around to learning her boundaries. I am trying to tell her in her dreams while she sleeps.
Do you think it is working.

I see she loves my old purple monkey. Isn't that something ? Yhat monkey was around for years and now my new sister is playing with it. Don't let her rip it please mom.

Well I better take a nap now too Mom and Mom drink your coffee while you have two minutes.

Guardian Angel Elsa


Puppy Pictures

January 13th 2009 6:41 pm
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I wanted to let you know that Mom put two pictures of Tallulah on my page. In a few days Mom is going to make Tallulah her own page but for now she is sharing mine.

Tallulah is so funny. What a busy little puppy. Today she went to the door on her own to ask out. Sleeping all night is a bit of a challenge the outdoor air wakes her right up when it is time for her potty breaks. And there is so much to explore who needs sleep?
She is such a cat napper right now in between all of her explorations.

Tonight we are running her around the yard before she turns in.
Maybe we will tire her out. She is so funny. A bundle of energy and fun. We love her already!!

Guardian Angel Elsa


She's Here!! Tallulah Has Arrived

January 12th 2009 11:11 am
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Hi Friends,

Gotta type fast. Tallulah arrived home last night. After a long trip ( 6 hours) Mom and Dad and Melissa came in last night with my new little sister, Tallulah.
She is beautiful. She has a lighter coat then I did as a pup and she has sort of sad eyes in a little wrinkly puppy face. Mom will post pics as soon as she can. Oh yeah, she has puppy breath, big time!!

She did very well during the ride though she did not want to ride in her new travel crate. Mom and Melissa took turns holding her. Tallulah actually preferred riding on the console in between the back seats. Mom said she liked the vibration.
What a little handful. At the rest stops mom put the leash on her to try and walk her to go potty. It was like a mexican jumping bean was on there. Everybody was laughing.

When we arrived home Tallulah settled right in. She slept under the table while we ate and she seemed to like the place. Mom said she needs some big time work in potty training. I think we have made 100 visits to the back yard since yesterday. She sleeps, she goes out, she plays, she goes out, she sleeps, over and over. What a process.
And in between she is checking out everything. She has already mastered the jump down the family room step. Now I know it took me a couple weeks to master that. I think Tula is showing off. She figured out if she stepped into mom's magazine basket she could manage it. Pretty nifty huh? Not very graceful though.....

Mom is pretty busy.

Overall last night went well but Tallulah made her presence known.
We were all up at least 3 x for out back visits and Tallulah wanted to be up for good at 4 am but Mom told her to lay down and she sang her the sleep little Tallulah song and she slept until 6:30. If you ask me she has been on the move ever since.
Mom said we should call her Tula the Terror. I can't remember if I was that busy as a puppy but I am sure I was.

Mom is loving it. This puppy raising is pretty tiring actually.
I think this guardian angel needs a rest herself. I keep whispering to Tula, it is okay to like the crate, take a nap, be a good girl, don't potty on the floor and much more. I think she is getting it. Mom said she is very smart. As for the cats they kind of stay out of the way. They do not like the noise Tula makes. I think they are kind of mad at me for disruping their quiet time.

Oh well gotta go, I think I hear her waking up. Out back we go......

Here Tula..........


Guardian Angel Elsa


Packed and Ready

January 9th 2009 7:40 pm
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Tomorrow is the big day. My family will go meet Tallulah Belle.
How exciting.
My home has been prepared for little Tallulah's grand arrival. The cats have been warned he he he he he.....and everything is all set.

New Crate - check
Several soft blankets - check
New red leash - check
Tiny red collar - check
Pro Plan Puppy food - check
Milk bones large size - check
Shiny stainless bowls - check
Basket of new toys from Santa and family - check

My old favorite toys, missing some parts but well loved - check
My soft doggie brush - check ( some of my fur is still in it)

My old guardian angel tag from my collar - check ( will have to wait for Tallulah to be a bit older)

Loads of love - check

Stay tuned for pictures.

What a wonderful way to begin a new year!!

Love to everybody,

Guardian Angel Elsa


Hello Every Fur Friend Time To Play!!

January 8th 2009 12:20 pm
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Hi, Mirra tagged me and wants me to play a game.
Now it is my turn to tell 7 things about myself and then tag 7 of my pals to play in return.

Hmmmmm 7 things about me......

1. I am a yellow labrador retriever guardian angel. I took care of my family for 15 years and now I am watching over them from the bridge.

2. My family misses me so I sent them a new fur baby to love. A baby yellow labrador and I named her Tallulah Belle.
This means leaping water. I loved the water and hopefully Tallulah will too.

3. Tallulah is making her arrival this weekend.

4. I will teach her my favorite tricks and to be on her best behavior.
And to try to sleep soundly at night so my mom can get her rest at night. I was needy at night when I was a pup. Mom did not get much sleep when I was a brand new pup at home.

5. I loved pizza. Every friday my family bought one for me.
Or I thought it was for me. I shared it with them though. Yummy!
I will share my doggie things now with Tulla and I hope she likes them.
And doesn't rip them up. Yikes.....a puppy in my house!!!

6. Going away to the beach was my favorite trip. I knew it when we were preparing to go, my beach bag would come out and I could feel the excitement in the air. Early in the morning we would leave and as we neared my beach I could smell the ocean air. ahhhhhhhhhh

7. I wish the best for my family and Tallulah. This little girl will not take my place but she will help to soak up all the love mom has left that she can't share with me anymore since I am at the bridge.
We have a special bond now that travels thru time and space.
I am deep in moms heart and I always stay nearby as her guardian angel.

Who wants to play the game with me???

How about.....
C isco the kid

Guardian Angel Elsa


Happy New Year Everybody!

January 5th 2009 6:21 pm
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Hello and Happy New Year to All!
I have good news to begin this new year. The new baby fur is coming in a few days. Mom and I have been very busy preparing.
Mom is so excited and a little nervous too. A new puppy. A big responsibility.
I will be very busy helping mom every day. I will send her guidance and whisper angel words to the new pup in her little silken ear while she sleeps.
Mom bought her a brand new crate and she put in some very soft baby blankets. She has a new leash and a new red collar.
I am so happy to have helped send this new wee one to my forever home.
She will not take my place but she will help to fill moms heart with love. I love to share and my mom and family have a lot of love to share with a new baby pup.
I will keep you posted. Don't worry if you do not see us for a bit, this puppy training will take a lot of time. Bonding well in the beginning is very important.
We will post and visit as often as possible over the next couple of weeks.
For now we will be continuing to prepare for our new arrival.
Sunday will be here soon.
lol, I think the new pup is from titans territory........
Love and Angel kisses,
Elsa, Guardian Angel and soon to be angel sister

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