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Life as a young show pup.

Crystal's final diary entry.

October 28th 2013 10:28 pm
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After a very long absence from Dogster, this is to be the final entry in the diary of a very special, glamorous dog who has to be a very unique, individual character.
Crystal was a very happy, unco-ordinated puppy from day one of her life who had an amazing sense of humour. She delighted in mercilessly teasing her brother Jack and her young niece Holly. :)
As she matured into the beautiful big strong girl she was destined to become she constantly lived in her half sister Bella's shadow in the All Breeds show ring, and she was always on the Blackfoot in the GSD specialist ring because she didn't possess either the exaggerated sloping back or "banana" back a dog invariably needs quite often there to succeed.
Despite her cosmetic disadvantages Crystal achieved the grading of "Specialist Excellent" several times due to her strong correct confirmation and her ability to gait tirelessly.

Crystal absolutely despised being a mother, and was at her happiest lying on the sofa while Bella and Holly cleaned, cared for and brought up her two litters of beautiful puppies. The act of giving birth totally repulsed her, and her mommy's midwifery skills keeping her scrupulously cleaned through the whole process formed a special bond.

After Crystal had her second litter it became obvious that she wasn't happy being a part of a show kennel despite putting her heart and soul into competing in the GSD specialist ring, where she even got the coveted Excellent grading two days in a row over a weekend.
The painful decision was made to rehome our "Crystal the Aristocratic Lady."
This was no easy task, and our list of requirements for her forever home was HUGE as we only wanted a home where she would be forever happy.
Included in our shopping list for Crystal's Forever Home was: she had to go to a family that had experience with her breed, and we wanted references from - their veterinary clinic, a work colleague, someone who knew the family outside of a work environment, and someone who had known the family for over 10yrs.

It took over 6 months to find Crystal's Forever Home during which I received more abusive/sarcastic emails in reply to my ad for her. We stuck to our resolve with our requirements for her Forever Home though, and finally we got a reply from the most beautiful family ever.

They were an Afrikaans family that had fled the horrors of South Africa to make a new life in our beautiful country. The husband had been a professional dog trainer in the South African military where he had trained the military GSDs, and they had always had 2 GSDs in their home.
When they had left South Africa they had to rehome their family pets, and upon coming to New Zealand they had decided that their new lifestyle didn't need a guard dog, especially as both father and mother were working during the daytime.
However, in all of this a little 9yr old boy missing his dogs, his best friends and companions wasn't taken into account.
Their 9yr old son was constantly waking up in the night crying for his best friends that used to sleep beside his bed every night.

They searched and searched for the GSD they wanted, but couldn't find one. They wanted an older dog as their lifestyle couldn't sensibly accommodate a puppy. They didn't want a dog with a banana back or exaggerated slope to its back. They wanted an honest, well trained dog they would feel safe and trust leaving their children with, and then they came across Crystals ad.
After two months phone calls, photos, emails, and hand written references (even more than I asked for) my husband and I flew with Crystal to her Forever Home.

The beautiful loving family we met brought a tear to our eyes as they were far more than we had ever imagined in our wildest dreams.
Crystal was to have total free reign of this incredibly beautiful 3 story house backing onto a native bush reserve in THE most prime real estate for our whole country. There was a new luxury dog bed waiting for her in EVERY room of the house, a fabulous wooden deck on the third level with a huge sail over it for shade for her, a specially laid big grass "potty" area for her off the deck, a doggy door into the house, a complete grooming kit for use in between her weekly poodle parlour visits, a selection of BLINGY collars with her name written on them, she was enrolled at doggy day care, and she was to accompany her family on evening walks to the most prestigious beach front cafes in our country where smoothly mown lawns meet golden sandy beaches and crystal clear aquamarine sea. Crystal it seems was even going to get her own airline crate to go on jet setting family holidays.
Most important of all though was the beautiful, loving family who were welcoming her into their hearts. :)

The sight of a little 9yr old boy hugging Crystal tightly around the neck as she lovingly licked him (more than she had ever licked any of her puppies) said it all - this WAS Crystal's Forever Home. :)

We received many glowing emails after Crystal was left with her forever family. They couldn't believe how lucky they were to have such a beautiful, obedient, loving dog given to them. :)
The only settling in problem they had with her was that she was over protective of their 9yr old son - - - AND she had NEVER cared for or about her own puppies she had given birth to, but this 9yr old boy meant everything in life to her. :)
Crystal was sleeping on her new 9yr old best friend's bed, and protecting him/ loving him like she had never protected or loved anything in her entire life! :)
The GSD training/experience if this family came to the fore, and the father who had trained so many military dogs was impressed, and in totally in love with Crystal for her gentle obedient spirit when he had only ever dealt with vicious dogs.

Crystal just seemed to melt into her Forever Family, as they melted into her, until it was like they had always been together forever - nothing/ no one in the past mattered any more. :)

By now Crystal is probably jet setting around the world with her forever family, living a lifestyle few dogs or people could ever even dream of.

On Dogster, Crystal's character was very similar to what her character was like in real life.
Crystal was a high society lady, who loved her earthen mate Chief Alfredo from the Indian Village to the bitter end.

Alfredo's page suddenly vanishing without so much as a pmail made her family wonder what such a beautiful Dogster girl had done to offend him so much he had to take his page down without so much as a word to her as to why he was leaving. :(

Dogster is a wonderful place, and Crystal was a wonderful Dogster Doll.

Barked by: ♥Sophie Claire CGC (Dogster Member)

October 29th 2013 at 6:27 am

Congratulations on your new family Crystal.
Barked by: Abby - Forever Loved (Dogster Member)

October 29th 2013 at 7:12 pm

Congrats on your new family sweet girl.
Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

October 30th 2013 at 5:54 pm

That.. was inspiring.

Knowing you as I feel I do... it must have been so hard for you too. But.. you have never EVER wanted more than the best for all your "Family".

We dont always agree on the showing "thing" (laughs) but we do agree totally on the fact that the Family is the most special and important thing.

I can imagine the sarcastic emails... I also know I would have demanded the same credentials as you did.. so.. time and abuse didnt matter.. Fate would bring the right people at the right time... and it did.

I am thankful that there are people like Crystal's new family.. I am also thankful there are people like you.

People who just want happy ... healthy.... PROPERLY formed and bred dogs to share the love and joy of life with.

Thankyou to them

THANKYOU to you and yours.




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