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Life as a young show pup.

Lots of sleep.

June 25th 2010 8:03 pm
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Being mama to 9 puppies sure is tiring work. I'm so pleased my babies want to sleep lots, because so do I.
I slept like a baby myself, for most of last night.
Mind you I hadn't had much sleep at all for the 3 nights before my puppies were born - having to get mommy to take me out to potty just about every hour during the night!

Mommy and daddy took turns at 3 hour shifts to be up with me and my babies last night. They make sure I always have nice fresh water to drink, that I can go outside to potty whenever I want to, they keep checking that each of my puppies is happy and receiving a feed every 2 hours - which is important when I have so many, and they change the bedding we have in the whelping box if it needs to be changed.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I've decided that I really love the food you get when you have puppies. My diet now includes cooked chicken breast and minced horse meat everyday. I usually have them in my diet every week, but not normally on the same day. I'm also having 2 beaten raw organic eggs for my breakfast rather than the normal one.

I also like it when mommy gives my tail and back end a shower in the morning. That makes me feel really good.

My puppies seem to be very happy and contented, which is exactly how I feel.:)




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