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Life as a young show pup.

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Crystal's final diary entry.

October 28th 2013 10:28 pm
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After a very long absence from Dogster, this is to be the final entry in the diary of a very special, glamorous dog who has to be a very unique, individual character.
Crystal was a very happy, unco-ordinated puppy from day one of her life who had an amazing sense of humour. She delighted in mercilessly teasing her brother Jack and her young niece Holly. :)
As she matured into the beautiful big strong girl she was destined to become she constantly lived in her half sister Bella's shadow in the All Breeds show ring, and she was always on the Blackfoot in the GSD specialist ring because she didn't possess either the exaggerated sloping back or "banana" back a dog invariably needs quite often there to succeed.
Despite her cosmetic disadvantages Crystal achieved the grading of "Specialist Excellent" several times due to her strong correct confirmation and her ability to gait tirelessly.

Crystal absolutely despised being a mother, and was at her happiest lying on the sofa while Bella and Holly cleaned, cared for and brought up her two litters of beautiful puppies. The act of giving birth totally repulsed her, and her mommy's midwifery skills keeping her scrupulously cleaned through the whole process formed a special bond.

After Crystal had her second litter it became obvious that she wasn't happy being a part of a show kennel despite putting her heart and soul into competing in the GSD specialist ring, where she even got the coveted Excellent grading two days in a row over a weekend.
The painful decision was made to rehome our "Crystal the Aristocratic Lady."
This was no easy task, and our list of requirements for her forever home was HUGE as we only wanted a home where she would be forever happy.
Included in our shopping list for Crystal's Forever Home was: she had to go to a family that had experience with her breed, and we wanted references from - their veterinary clinic, a work colleague, someone who knew the family outside of a work environment, and someone who had known the family for over 10yrs.

It took over 6 months to find Crystal's Forever Home during which I received more abusive/sarcastic emails in reply to my ad for her. We stuck to our resolve with our requirements for her Forever Home though, and finally we got a reply from the most beautiful family ever.

They were an Afrikaans family that had fled the horrors of South Africa to make a new life in our beautiful country. The husband had been a professional dog trainer in the South African military where he had trained the military GSDs, and they had always had 2 GSDs in their home.
When they had left South Africa they had to rehome their family pets, and upon coming to New Zealand they had decided that their new lifestyle didn't need a guard dog, especially as both father and mother were working during the daytime.
However, in all of this a little 9yr old boy missing his dogs, his best friends and companions wasn't taken into account.
Their 9yr old son was constantly waking up in the night crying for his best friends that used to sleep beside his bed every night.

They searched and searched for the GSD they wanted, but couldn't find one. They wanted an older dog as their lifestyle couldn't sensibly accommodate a puppy. They didn't want a dog with a banana back or exaggerated slope to its back. They wanted an honest, well trained dog they would feel safe and trust leaving their children with, and then they came across Crystals ad.
After two months phone calls, photos, emails, and hand written references (even more than I asked for) my husband and I flew with Crystal to her Forever Home.

The beautiful loving family we met brought a tear to our eyes as they were far more than we had ever imagined in our wildest dreams.
Crystal was to have total free reign of this incredibly beautiful 3 story house backing onto a native bush reserve in THE most prime real estate for our whole country. There was a new luxury dog bed waiting for her in EVERY room of the house, a fabulous wooden deck on the third level with a huge sail over it for shade for her, a specially laid big grass "potty" area for her off the deck, a doggy door into the house, a complete grooming kit for use in between her weekly poodle parlour visits, a selection of BLINGY collars with her name written on them, she was enrolled at doggy day care, and she was to accompany her family on evening walks to the most prestigious beach front cafes in our country where smoothly mown lawns meet golden sandy beaches and crystal clear aquamarine sea. Crystal it seems was even going to get her own airline crate to go on jet setting family holidays.
Most important of all though was the beautiful, loving family who were welcoming her into their hearts. :)

The sight of a little 9yr old boy hugging Crystal tightly around the neck as she lovingly licked him (more than she had ever licked any of her puppies) said it all - this WAS Crystal's Forever Home. :)

We received many glowing emails after Crystal was left with her forever family. They couldn't believe how lucky they were to have such a beautiful, obedient, loving dog given to them. :)
The only settling in problem they had with her was that she was over protective of their 9yr old son - - - AND she had NEVER cared for or about her own puppies she had given birth to, but this 9yr old boy meant everything in life to her. :)
Crystal was sleeping on her new 9yr old best friend's bed, and protecting him/ loving him like she had never protected or loved anything in her entire life! :)
The GSD training/experience if this family came to the fore, and the father who had trained so many military dogs was impressed, and in totally in love with Crystal for her gentle obedient spirit when he had only ever dealt with vicious dogs.

Crystal just seemed to melt into her Forever Family, as they melted into her, until it was like they had always been together forever - nothing/ no one in the past mattered any more. :)

By now Crystal is probably jet setting around the world with her forever family, living a lifestyle few dogs or people could ever even dream of.

On Dogster, Crystal's character was very similar to what her character was like in real life.
Crystal was a high society lady, who loved her earthen mate Chief Alfredo from the Indian Village to the bitter end.

Alfredo's page suddenly vanishing without so much as a pmail made her family wonder what such a beautiful Dogster girl had done to offend him so much he had to take his page down without so much as a word to her as to why he was leaving. :(

Dogster is a wonderful place, and Crystal was a wonderful Dogster Doll.


My Babies have gone to their new homes.

September 2nd 2010 1:29 pm
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Well, they say that life goes on, and it surely does.
My babies are ten weeks old tomorrow and they have all gone to wonderful loving homes except for Georgi.
Mommy and Daddy were wanting to keep Gus Jr as well as Georgi, but they had some folk who really fell in love with him and decided as it was a wonderful home they would let him go to them.
So, Georgi is the only one of my puppies who is with me now, and I say thank Dogness for that! Georgi is way too much! She steals my food, growls at me and just about pushes me out of Bella's old yard kennel when I want to sleep in there during the daytime!
Mommy and Daddy think it's a bit strange that I produced such a domineering pup because I am so sweet and good natured.
Georgi thinks she is going to be the boss of our pack, but Xena has news for her and so does Holly!
So, as I'm so good natured I'm just going to stay out of any power struggles in our doggy family and just sit in a quiet corner of the yard and observe it all!
Anything for the quiet life I say - sigh!


OMD! OMD! OMD! - My wish came true!

June 27th 2010 2:15 am
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OMD! I can't believe the pmail I just received!

It was from someone who is a fan of mine, and they told me that I got my wish. I was very confused at first. However when I went back and read my diary entry January 24th 2009 that they quoted to me, I literally passed out with shock!

This is what I wrote 1 year, 5 months and 2 days ago; ------

"This morning I asked Bella where you get the order form for the puppy warehouse so that you can order your puppies.
I have decided to get my order in very early so that I don't miss out on the exact ones I want.
Bella just laughed at me and wouldn't tell me:(

I want 6 girl puppies - no smelly boys for me thank you very much!
After a lot of thought I've decided on names for my puppies.

Dolly - Dolly will be a show dog and beat all of Bella's puppies:)
Molly - Molly will be very sweet - she'll be a mummy's girl:)
Cassie - Cassie will be rough and tough - she'll join the police K9 unit when she grows up:)
Carrie - Carrie will be a search and rescue dog when she grows up because she'll be good at tracking:)
Kayla - Kayla will be very kind - she'll be a service dog when she grows up:)
Layla - Layla will be the brainiest one of my pups - she'll get a job with the customs department and work for border patrol:)

I'm not going to let my puppies ever be sold to furever homes - no siree. No one's putting any of my puppies into an airline crate and flying them away on an airplane.
They're going to stay here with me until they are old enough to get jobs, and even then Molly will stay with me furever:)

So as you see I've got my litter of puppies all planned out - now I just have to find out where you get the order form for them from:)"

Can you believe it? Well, I guess I found the puppy orderform. You get it at the vets. However why did they send me 3 boys as well as the 6 girls I ordered???????????????????????????
I hope they're not going to charge me for them!


Lots of sleep.

June 25th 2010 8:03 pm
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Being mama to 9 puppies sure is tiring work. I'm so pleased my babies want to sleep lots, because so do I.
I slept like a baby myself, for most of last night.
Mind you I hadn't had much sleep at all for the 3 nights before my puppies were born - having to get mommy to take me out to potty just about every hour during the night!

Mommy and daddy took turns at 3 hour shifts to be up with me and my babies last night. They make sure I always have nice fresh water to drink, that I can go outside to potty whenever I want to, they keep checking that each of my puppies is happy and receiving a feed every 2 hours - which is important when I have so many, and they change the bedding we have in the whelping box if it needs to be changed.

Mmmmmmmmmmm, I've decided that I really love the food you get when you have puppies. My diet now includes cooked chicken breast and minced horse meat everyday. I usually have them in my diet every week, but not normally on the same day. I'm also having 2 beaten raw organic eggs for my breakfast rather than the normal one.

I also like it when mommy gives my tail and back end a shower in the morning. That makes me feel really good.

My puppies seem to be very happy and contented, which is exactly how I feel.:)


Welcome to the world.

June 25th 2010 6:41 am
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Yesterday was the longest day ever in my whole life. My 9 puppies were born.
I am now the pawroud mommy of 3 handsome boys (1 black and gold and 2 sable) and 6 beautiful girls (3 black and gold and 3 sable colored).
My babies are all fit, healthy and wonderful, and me - well I'm just really, really tired.


MY PAGE - what is it with my page???????????????

April 18th 2010 1:06 am
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Mommy had to rush down the street unexpectedly today, and when she was at the local mall she met one of our city's fellow Dogsters (we are very easily identifiable here because of my beauty queen half sister Bella).
Now mommy was in a hurry, but this Dogster mommy was quite perplexed about something - my page!
"What's going on with Crystal's page?" she asked. "Everyone absolutely LOVES your dog's Dogster pages and could spend forever on each and every one of them, but we LOVE Crystal's the most."

Mommy was a little surprised to hear this so she stopped and asked very curiously why a lot of our local Dogsters LOVE my page.

"Crystal is so theatrical, so beautiful and SOOOOOOOOOOOO dramatic," was the reply, and then this person proceeded to interrogate mommy about my Dogster love life!
"How could any Dogster manfur not love Crystal forever?" she gasped, and then the interrogation continued, questions, so many questions, not about the REAL ME, but of me/my life here on Dogster!

"Please change Crystal's page?" this Dogster mommy member pleaded as mommy tried to politely excuse herself. "Crystal is so beautiful and dramatic, she deserves far better than her page at the present moment, and why haven't you changed her music? You haven't changed her music for over a week now."

Mommy is in total shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, if all my Dogster fans LOVE my page and want me to be pawsomely beautiful and have a pawsomely dramatic page that changes every week - DOGSTER HERE I COME!


Life goes on.

March 20th 2010 5:11 am
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Well it's 3 whole weeks since my sweet sister Bella left us for the Rainbow Bridge, but life as always seems to go on.
The sun rises in the sky in the morning, the moon rises in the sky at night, just as it always does. Life continues on, and it has to even though we have times in each of our lives when we wished the planet would just stop and let us step off it for a while.

My life here on Dogster has been hectic as usual with dances, parties, weddings, and playing with my furiends on the threads of my home group. To be fair since Bella went to the Rainbow Bridge I haven't ventured out past my home group much. I guess my family and I just want to be with the furs we love the most at the moment, and then of course we have that most important family wedding in a weeks time.
In a weeks time we will have a new member in our family, although it feels like Howard has been a member of our family for quite a while now along with Duke, Jessi, Simon and Kitty Kitty his fursisters and furbrothers.

It was only as I was reading through my diary on St Patricks Day that I noticed a big red circle drawn around the 18th with HAPPY BIRTHDAY written on the page below it. I sat in silence as I read the name that was written on the page and felt immense sadness as I thought of all the fun times I once had with that special furson.
I knew that my furamily planned to send him a birthday cake to celebrate his special day. I thought of what I might have sent him on such an occasion in the past and smiled. A whole lot of very happy memories came back with sudden swiftness, and I thought of how no other Dogster Man seems to quite measure up to this one in my world.

So, despite everything, I decided to send him a birthday gift just to let him know that I was thinking about him and that I still really care for him.
I sighed as I thought of all the things that I really wanted to send him, champagne, an invitation to have a romantic dinner for two, a Celtic ring with "All my love Crystal" engraved on it, accompanied by lots of love, hugs and Crystal kisses.
Reality dictated that I didn't know how he would receive any of those, so I sent him a birthday hat with Happy Birthday to You inside with the message.

The next morning a pmail with a very familiar handsome face appeared in my Doggie inbox. I opened it apprehensively, wondering whether my gift had been received well. Any concerns I had about things suddenly disappeared as the message was signed with Shepherd hugs and love, accompanied by a thank you card with my favorite flowers on it.
Thank you so much for putting a smile on my doggy face you handsome, hunky Dogster man, you're still number 1 in this Dogster girl's heart.


I'm a Diary Daily Pick.

February 23rd 2010 12:22 am
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OMD!!!!!! I just can't believe that Dogster has chosen to shine it's spotlight on sweet lil ol me.
Thank you Dogster for choosing me for a Diary Daily Pick. I sure do love you.


Life goes on, despite love stories.

February 21st 2010 11:22 pm
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Well, life sure goes on, and when you have the happiest wedding on all of Dogster being planned around you in your family for the perfect lovestory of Holly and Howard, sometimes I shed a few private tears.

I shed my tears in private because I would never ever want to cast any shadow over Holly and Howard's happiness as more than a few have tried to do so far.

Taking into FULL consideration that Howard and Holly's meeting, courtship, engagement and marriage has to be Dogster's greatest ever love story if Dogster HQ ever took the time to ask, how could I ever allow my personal circumstances to even hover over them -


Holly my neice so young and full of life and the living of life. Holly, so EXTREMELY beautiful, so classy, so sexy, and yet such a lovely young lady - how could some fur like Howard never notice her and instantly fall hopelessly in love with her.

SO, here I am - bridesmaid to Holly and the man who is giving her away - is Alfredo (the love of my life - sorry Alfredo - I LOVE YOU despite all the masses of Dogster men who were so happy when you broke off with me).

I'm trying to be so brave, but I wonder what it is going to be like when we meet at Holly and Howard's wedding.
If you asked me to step back into your life where we left off, my love for you would still be the same, but we would be dancing on a wedding dancefloor to two whose love seems to be totally unconditional, totally dedicated to each other, two so much in love no harsh words are ever spoken between them because they are so much in love, two so much in love that even if harsh words were spoken between them they would sit down together and logically talk through things, two who never miss a beat on the dancefloor, two so much in love they can't control themselves when they're alone together, and want to tell the whole of Dogstertown that they ARE IN LOVE and LOVE EACH OTHER - not just keeping it to a mere few very select groups.





Life goes on.

February 12th 2010 2:17 pm
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Well, I guess life goes on as it always does. I think I was just starting to accept the single girl life again when I got a few pmails from some doggy Dogster fella's asking me if I liked them and one even asked me if I would like to go out on a date.

I deleted all of them in a hurry, but then one of Holly's and my very good mutual friends told Holly that I am just too beautiful to be a single girl.

So, I pmailed a few of these Dogster fella's back stating as politely and clearly as I could how things are with me.

This time I want to be with a Dogster man who's time zone is compatable with all the fun I have here on Dogster. Someone who loves the same things that I do, music, dancing, having fun with their friends, who won't normally be off line for days and days on end, and he has to be polite and classy.

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