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One 'Elluva Dog

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I'm FIVE! I'm FIVE!!!

January 5th 2012 5:50 am
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OMD... how time flies! :o)
Today is my "guess-timate" birthday!
If it means frozen lamb medallions
fur dinner, then I will take it!
Heck, if it means frozen lamb medallions,
I wish efurryday was my woofday!
Thank you for all the woofs and wishes!
I still haven't even caught up
on all my thank youses for Christmas cards!
Sorry, pups! I am workin' on it!

Momma has had to go into the office
efurryday since she got back
which TOTALLY SUCKS (her words, not mine)
but I'm not stuck in my crate...
Oooooh, no! I've been able to go into work
with my daddy!! :o) It's been pawesome!
I get to hang out at the office
with Mee-Mee (grammy)and Bop-Bop (grampy)
the whole time momma was gone.

I've been a good office dog
and the grandpeeps have finally
seen the side of me that isn't crazy wild
but rather calm and sweet. :o)
They lurve me... even more now!


Christmas Card Thank Yous

December 9th 2011 4:26 pm
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More cards for me! :o) Thank you to the following pups for including me in their mailing this year!

~ Buddy, Molly & Scooter Morris
~ Bodhi, Levi * the Blaner Pack
~ Redford, Cooper & Pack
~ Austin & Doo
~ Savvy & her pack

Momma's got the big roll-y bag out and will be MIA for three weeks. I'll have to rely on Daddy conveying my stories for the time being, so please be patient. ;o)


I shouldn't rub it in...

December 7th 2011 5:20 am
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... but I *will*!!! :o)
I have received SO much more mail
than my peeps
in the last couple of days!

The peeps have had to watch me
open up each piece of mail
while they were left empty-handed.

Thank yous to these pups & their packs
for only hammering in the truth...
the truth that *I* am waaaaay more popular
than the peeps! ;o)

~ Zoe, Tux & Drover
~ Greta Grace & Roudy
~ The Papillon Pack (Scooter, Misty, Cutter, & Pepper)
~ Buddy & Peanut
~ Dylan, Tiberius & Jia
~ Clementine O. Possum (and Agadore & Beaner)


POTP to Braun Boy!

December 3rd 2011 3:52 pm
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Hey, Pals! Please send some
Dogster love to Braun Boy & his pack...
Brauny has been diagnosed with bone cancer. :o(
We are keeping his family in our pawrayers.


Om NOM NOM NOM *burp*

December 3rd 2011 3:23 pm
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It's true that kittehs and doggies
CAN get along...
especially when they're residing

Momma made me some
peanut butter, pumpkin &
cheddar cheese biscuits.

As momma was pulling
the biscuits out of the oven
daddy said, "Can Ella eat all those biscuits?"

And momma said, "Well, we can give some to Pal
and some of my coworkers if there are too many."

By which time, I jabbed daddy in the gut
and told him to shut it.

Of COURSE I can eat all those biscuits. :o)
It's not a matter of ability. Oh, I am able.
I was born to eat biscuits.


Ella: 3, Peeps: 0

December 2nd 2011 8:31 am
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I received another Christmas card today
this one was from Petey and his pawesome peeps!
Thank you, Petey!! :o)

The peeps have thus far received none.
Nada. Zilch. Nul. Nil. Nought. Nothing.
Hee hee hee!
I should not rub it in so much, should I?

Oh! And I am a diary pick today!
So thank you pawesome pups
for sending me sweet comments
and rosettes! :o)


Christmas Cards - already!!!

November 29th 2011 6:47 pm
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Wowzer bowzers!!! :o)
We received two Christmas cards today!
You puppers are on the ball!

Thank you to Ebby & Ceeley for their pawesome card & photo! :o)

And thank you also to Coco Rose & Puff whose card made my daddy laff!!! :o) Mewwy Chwithmuth!! :o)

I've gotta go bark at my momma so we can get our cards sent out soon too!


Mouse Party

November 23rd 2011 5:01 am
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The mice like to party late.
Every night
for the last three nights
at approximately 3:30 am
I hear the mice
scritching and scratching
underneath the house.

So every night
for the last three nights
I've jumped off the bed
and gone to investigate...
just in case
another one of them
decides to go rogue
and enter the house.

And every night
for the last three nights
the peeps have been awoken
by me jumping off the bed
multiple times
throughout the night
starting at around 3:30 am.

And every night
for the last three nights
the peeps have not gotten
any sleep
because the mighty huntress
(that's me!)
has been keeping them up
by patrolling the bedroom
for any illegal entry.

It's a good thing
*I* don't have to
get up early in the mornings. :o)


Wait... WHUT?!

November 22nd 2011 2:21 am
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Put on the brakes!
Dig yer heels in!
Whoa... hold yer horses!
I can't believe
I will be turning FIVE in January
F-I-V-E!!! How is that possible!?
Where has the time gone!?
I've still got lots of puppeh energy!
In human years, I'll be in my 30s.
OMD! How did this sneak up on me?!


Miss Manners

November 22nd 2011 1:55 am
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I wrote a thank you note
to the three pibbles
that belong to momma's coworker
who made the pawesome biscuits
and I got *so* excited,
I wrote 'for me' instead of 'with me'.
My bad... but my obscene cuteness
overshadows the grammatical error, right? ;o)
Thank You Note

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