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The Bellay Knows

November 3rd 2012 8:18 am
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Tonight we have to roll back our clocks
because of some "daylight saving" hoo-hah.
They might as well call it
"kibble starving" time.

Cos it's really means:
starve-your-pupper-to-death-cos-they-have-to-wait-an -extra-hour-to-eat time.

Thanks a LOT, George Vernon Hudson.
Not cool, man. Not cool.


I do like nursery rhymes

November 2nd 2012 5:09 pm
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Me and J were at the office the other day
and he was reciting some sort of nursery rhyme to me.

So I listened while he recited his rhyme.
I listened really closely to what he had to say.
I tilted my head one way
then I tiled my head the other way
and then I tilted my head again.
And when J was done with his rhyme
I straightened my big ol' noggin,
looked at him really closely
right in his face.


I don't like cry babies

November 1st 2012 6:30 am
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I go to work with daddy every day
('cept Fridays - that's my day off)
and sometimes, the little terror is there
(that's the serial killer nephew)
but he is much better now
(after some family drama)
so he's not so much as a serial killer
and he's grown up a bit more.

For two days now,
(let's call him J)
J has had some sort of hissy fit at work.
Both times he was caterwaulin' so bad
the sounds comin' from his mouth
did not sound human.

So I went up to investigate
this horrible, horrible sound
and when I saw that it was J making that nose
I started barking at him.

BarK BARK Barrrrrk!!!

Did it stop him, you ask?
No... daddy said it made J even more upset.
But I was just trying to make it stop
cos all that noise was really unnecessary
and it hurt my poor earses
and everyone else's earses too, I bet.

You're welcome.


*tap* *tap* *tap*

June 2nd 2012 7:53 am
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*feedback screech*

Oh, um, hi! Is this thing on?

*looks around*

So a rabbi, a priest, and a nun
walk into a bar...

ha ha! Just kidding!
Is there even a punchline to that joke?!

So pals, guess what?
The only way I could get my momma
sidelined enough to dictate my diary
was for her gallbladder to s'plode.

Okay okay, so it didn't actually s'plode
but it was very, very sick.
But it's out now
AND she's feeling much better.
AND she gets to stay home
and recover until next Wednesday!

So not only have I been able
to chill at home with momma,
but I've been available to help her eat her foodz too.

I must sniff and approve
everything that goes in her bellay.
And by "approve", I mean "taste".
I'm helpful that way.


It's my day in which I got GOTS!

February 2nd 2012 10:43 am
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Today is my gotcha day! :o)
Thank you to all my pals
for helping me celebrate it!
I wonder what I will have for dinner tonight?
My tummy's all a-grumble thinking about it!


I'm FIVE! I'm FIVE!!!

January 5th 2012 5:50 am
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OMD... how time flies! :o)
Today is my "guess-timate" birthday!
If it means frozen lamb medallions
fur dinner, then I will take it!
Heck, if it means frozen lamb medallions,
I wish efurryday was my woofday!
Thank you for all the woofs and wishes!
I still haven't even caught up
on all my thank youses for Christmas cards!
Sorry, pups! I am workin' on it!

Momma has had to go into the office
efurryday since she got back
which TOTALLY SUCKS (her words, not mine)
but I'm not stuck in my crate...
Oooooh, no! I've been able to go into work
with my daddy!! :o) It's been pawesome!
I get to hang out at the office
with Mee-Mee (grammy)and Bop-Bop (grampy)
the whole time momma was gone.

I've been a good office dog
and the grandpeeps have finally
seen the side of me that isn't crazy wild
but rather calm and sweet. :o)
They lurve me... even more now!


Christmas Card Thank Yous

December 9th 2011 4:26 pm
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More cards for me! :o) Thank you to the following pups for including me in their mailing this year!

~ Buddy, Molly & Scooter Morris
~ Bodhi, Levi * the Blaner Pack
~ Redford, Cooper & Pack
~ Austin & Doo
~ Savvy & her pack

Momma's got the big roll-y bag out and will be MIA for three weeks. I'll have to rely on Daddy conveying my stories for the time being, so please be patient. ;o)


I shouldn't rub it in...

December 7th 2011 5:20 am
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... but I *will*!!! :o)
I have received SO much more mail
than my peeps
in the last couple of days!

The peeps have had to watch me
open up each piece of mail
while they were left empty-handed.

Thank yous to these pups & their packs
for only hammering in the truth...
the truth that *I* am waaaaay more popular
than the peeps! ;o)

~ Zoe, Tux & Drover
~ Greta Grace & Roudy
~ The Papillon Pack (Scooter, Misty, Cutter, & Pepper)
~ Buddy & Peanut
~ Dylan, Tiberius & Jia
~ Clementine O. Possum (and Agadore & Beaner)


POTP to Braun Boy!

December 3rd 2011 3:52 pm
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Hey, Pals! Please send some
Dogster love to Braun Boy & his pack...
Brauny has been diagnosed with bone cancer. :o(
We are keeping his family in our pawrayers.


Om NOM NOM NOM *burp*

December 3rd 2011 3:23 pm
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It's true that kittehs and doggies
CAN get along...
especially when they're residing

Momma made me some
peanut butter, pumpkin &
cheddar cheese biscuits.

As momma was pulling
the biscuits out of the oven
daddy said, "Can Ella eat all those biscuits?"

And momma said, "Well, we can give some to Pal
and some of my coworkers if there are too many."

By which time, I jabbed daddy in the gut
and told him to shut it.

Of COURSE I can eat all those biscuits. :o)
It's not a matter of ability. Oh, I am able.
I was born to eat biscuits.

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