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May 11th 2013 3:39 pm
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Today, I motorboat'd a kitteh
The kitteh was just laying on our lawn
so I ran outside
and stuck my snooter
right in it's bellay
and started motorboatin' away.

Kitteh did not like
that I was snufflerizin' his bellay
so he gave me lots of scratches...
snooter, cheeks, and whiskers.


I can't help myself. :o(


*gurgle* *gwark* *gurgle*

May 8th 2013 7:26 am
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Those were the sounds
my tummeh was making
in the aftermath
of my dead bird meal.

no stanky pooters.
Not to say that there weren't ANY pooters,
but they just weren't stanky.

In fact, mah butt went
*peep* *peep* *peep*
kinda like a birdie!


Today I ates a baby birdie

May 7th 2013 2:52 pm
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But it was already dead
so it's not like I killeded it or anything...
in fact, consider it picking up the litter
that was on the driveway at work.

It's a good thing
I'm still on all those antibiotics.


Coocher Infection!

May 1st 2013 7:05 am
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So all that pee pee catching was for a good reason,
y'all are so smart!
I did end up going to the vet
and he even used the pee momma collected.
Dr. Kreeger said I have a very mild case
of urinary tract infection.

He weighed me (I gained two lbs! I'm a solid 48 now),
poked me in the bum with a thermometer,
and then gave me a shot
of amoxicillin right in the hind quarters.

I've got some more pills to take
and I'll go back and see Dr. Kreeger in two weeks.

But but but...
I'm feeling much better already, pals!
I really don't need to go back!
Srsly, nooo... I don't need any more plastic lids
shoved up underneath me while I pee
or any more bum holey-o checks.


Whut the WOOF?

April 29th 2013 9:16 pm
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I knew sumthin was up
when momma followed me out to pee.
Usually I am solitary in my business.
In fact, I am so particular about it
I go hide out in the long wheat
so no one can see me execute a class two download.
But momma followed me out to pee
so sumthin was up.

As I squatted down
she stuck a plastic lid
under my coocher.
WHUT the woof?!

I jumped up and quickly ran to another spot
and again,
I got another plastic lid
shoved up under my coocher.
Lady, pleeease...
give me some privacy, will ya?!


Lucy & Daisy Perez need help!

March 25th 2013 11:17 am
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Hey, pals! Many of you know Lucy & Daisy
and their momma Yvette from Dogster and Facebook.
Please check out this link to read what's been going on
and to see if you can help.
And even if you can't help monetarily,
please send your thoughts and prayers to the Perez Pack.
Thank you, pals!

P.S. Lucy and Daisy will have a new sister to hang with when Mama Perez comes home. :o)

Update: They are HOME! Safe and sound with their new sister :o)


1 + 1 +1 = Yum

March 17th 2013 3:43 pm
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Friday was daddy's woofday.
Momma was making him a peanut butter pie
and I was in the kitchen helping her.

First there was the cream cheese,
of which I got to lick the wrapper.
Then there was the peanut butter,
of which I got to lick the spoon.
And lastly there was the whipped cream,
of which I got to lick the tub.

All I needed was a bit of a graham cracker
and I would've had a layer of peanut butter pie
perfectly settled in mah bellay...
but unfortunately momma used
a pre-made graham cracker pie crust,
so the pie in mah bellay was crustless.


Don't make me put my butt on you!

February 12th 2013 8:41 am
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I'm a bit of a brat
I like attention
and all attention must be on me
and if someone new walks in
and doesn't pay attention to me
well... I'll... I'll...
I'll sit on your shoe
with my butt.
It's what I do.


Poo Poo Punched

February 11th 2013 3:41 pm
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Hee hee! I was a naughty girl today
I was out running around
in the mud and stuff
when I saw daddy
so I ran towards him
and jumped up with my paws outstretched
ready to punch him in the gut
but he had his hands out
trying to fend me off
so I pummeled his hands instead
and um... guess what?
Somewhere outside
in all the mud and stuff
I stepped in some stuff
and ended up giving daddy
a poo poo high five ;o)


Thank you!

February 11th 2013 3:38 pm
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Thank you so much, pals!
For all your sweet gifts
and messages for mah special gotcha day! :o)
I feel so loved!

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