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One 'Elluva Dog

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Pee Free Day

January 20th 2008 10:53 am
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That's all my peeps are hoping for.

Evidently in my prior life, I wasn't let out of the crate much. Therefore, any place *outside* my crate is fair game. That includes inside the house.

The peeps have a timer going on the microwave - it beeps at me every hour and tells me I have to go outside to potty.

We implemented that system after another mysterious puddle appeared in the foyer. As Izzy and her pack have hypothesized... it *could* have been daddy. I'm not confirming nor denying that possibility. Sorry daddy, you're on your own.


What A Day!!!

January 19th 2008 10:23 pm
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Wowzas! Today was an amazing day! I went shopping with my peeps and we went to Petsmart AGAIN! Different location this time. I loooved meeting the peoples. The other doggies, eh... not so much. I kinda grrrr'd at the big ones. Is that bad?? My peeps think so. :o(

My peeps bought a new collar for me!! It's kinda grrrly, but not grrrrly enough - it'll do for now, though. It's pink and brown and white - just like me! :o)

We came home, and all I wanted to do was play play play! I de-stuffed! I ran! I pee'd (oops)! I played some more! I ran some more! I pee'd again (outside this time)! I ate! I drank! I de-stuffed some more toys! I have been going on strong for almost seven hours straight.

My peeps are wondering who took their sweet, sleepy puppy and replaced it with this hell-hound?! Did someone pull a switcheroo at Petsmart?! They have never seen my wildness sustained for such a long period of time. Puppy power!

But now, I'm paying for it as I can barely keep my big head up. It went *plonk* on the pillow and I haven't moved since. Zzzzzz...


Accident Report

January 19th 2008 9:58 pm
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What: (Mysterious) Pee
Where: Livingroom

What: Pee
Where: Foyer


The Case of the Mysterious Yellow Puddle

January 18th 2008 6:00 pm
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A mysterious yellow puddle was noticed on the living floor this evening.

Not dry, by any means. Still wet. It wasn't a recent puddle. No, in fact, it was strangely... cold.

Daddy swears he hasn't let me out of his sights all day.

No one saw me do it. No one knows when it appeared. I'm not sayin' it was me... I'm not saying it wasn't me. I'm just sayin'... you don't not know that it wasn't not me.

But if you ask me, I blame it on Daisy.
She must be haunting the house.

Ghost pee.
Yep. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.


Doggie Superstore?!

January 17th 2008 9:33 pm
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My peeps took me to Petsmart on Wednesday night to find me a grrrly collar.

Oh. My. Dog. Why have I never been in this place before?! They had row upon row of treats and snackies - all at snout level!!! I picked out a lamb and brown rice roll and also sample-licked some other shrink-wrapped roasted bone thingies. Oh. I am not allowed to lick those? Oops.

We tried on all kinds of collars, but you know what color suited me best? PINK! Yes! But they didn't have my size - they were all too big. :o(

I have a big head, but evidently my neck isn't ginormously oversized. In fact, I've got a long, slender, graceful neck. Sounds like I'm gonna get a custom made collar. WoOoo!


A Good Day

January 17th 2008 9:16 pm
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Woo hoo! I love sleet, ice, and freezing rain cos both my peeps stayed home from work today due to inclement weather!! But I absolutely *hate* going outside to do my business when the weather sucks like this. Ick. I can run out, pee, and run back in before you can blink twice.

Both the peeps worked from home. I, too, worked from home. I took turns snuggling up beside them on the couch while they tapped away on their laptops.

It was a good day. :o)


Big Ol' Noggin

January 17th 2008 11:17 am
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Daddy says that the reason my head is so big is cos I've gots a big brain, therefore a big head is needed to contain all that smartness.

That sounds like a plausible explanation to me.


Accident Report

January 17th 2008 6:57 am
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What: No Accidents
Where: N/A

What: Pee
Where: Sunroom


Love Bite

January 17th 2008 6:56 am
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I nibbled on daddy's arm last night and got shunned. :o(

He tasted good.


Testing, Testing... 1-2-3

January 16th 2008 9:55 pm
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I've been a really exceptional doggie so far... minus the nauseating farts and the poopy crate incident. My personality is coming out in full force now:

I'm a big snuggle bunny. I will take all the lovin's you can give me. But I'm not obnoxious about it... if you wanna pay me some compliments and give me some neck scritchies, I'll stay for as long as you keep it comin'. If you stop, I'm gonna go lay down and catch up on my beauty sleep.

I love to play, but I'm not sure I even know how to play. I know I like my stuffed ducky that goes *honk* *honk*. I like to give him death shakes while I'm one thrashing around like a whirlin' dervish. Momma's afraid I'm gonna crack my big head open.

I love to run - even though I look like a wild hyena-jackalope while I'm doing the jumpy / kicky / bum scootch thang.

I am smart! Really I am! Sit? Got it. Stay? Pretty much. Leave it? Gettin' there. Come? Only when you use your "serious voice". But I do come eventually. Down? Just learned it today!

My peeps are finding out just how smart I really am. Way smarter than they are, but don't tell 'em I said that. I'm so smart, in fact, that I've started to test them. Yeah! Bring it on! We'll see who cracks first.

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