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One 'Elluva Dog

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Accident Report

February 5th 2008 6:50 am
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What: No Accidents!
Where: N/A

What: No Accidents... AGAIN!
Where: N/A

Okay, keep yer paws crossed for me, pals... that's TEN whole days of no accidents by yours truly.



February 5th 2008 3:43 am
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Strange things going on last night. Things were strangely quiet. I got invited up on the bed to sleep with the momma. That's strange. I knew it was strange. I was so restless. I couldn't sleep. So I would sit up in the bed and face the door, hoping that daddy would walk through it any minute.

No daddy.

So I sat up and faced the other way in the bed. I saw another doggie in the mirror and barked at her. BaROoF! Momma told me to shush and told me it was just my "reflekshun". I wasn't so sure about that, so I growled at it a bit before turning the other way to stare at the door again.

I paced on the bed.
I was simply restless.

*I* am supposed to be the meatses in the sammich. Where's the other piece of bread?!?! Evidently the other piece of bread had to fly to New York for a conference, so I guess it's going to be an open-faced sammich for the next few days.


Rain, Rain... Go Away

February 4th 2008 8:51 pm
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I don't like to pee or poo when it rains. My momma doesn't blame me... she wouldn't wanna doody outside while it's raining on her either. Icky.


Super Bowel

February 3rd 2008 7:15 pm
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My poophole has finally calmed down after the effects of the amoxicillin. The poop report? Firm. Firm enough to poke a stick at, according to my daddy. WOo hoO!

And a shout out to the little quarterback that could, Eli Manning - pawesome job!


Accident Report

February 3rd 2008 7:04 pm
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What: No Accidents!
Where: N/A

What: No Accidents!
Where: N/A

I think I may have turned over a new leaf!! :o)



February 2nd 2008 5:27 pm
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Welp, I'm official.

Official on Dogster.

Official with my peeps.
Paperwork was signed.
Money changed hands.
I bid my foster mommy g'bye.

I got my bath.
I got treats.
And now I sleep.

It's been a full day.


Got the~*CRaP~ Scared Outta Me

February 1st 2008 11:13 pm
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Daddy had to get tough me with cos I wanted to hump on the kitteh. Kitteh was havin' none of it. I was persistent. Daddy then got mean and held me down. I got all a-scareded and I'm not kidding - poo actually came outta my butt. Momma found three little bits in various areas on the kitchen floor (which prompted massive amounts of squealing, scrubbing, spraying, re-scrubbing, and re-spraying). It looked strangely similar to a raisinette. I don't fully recall when the exactly the raisinettes popped out, but there they lay... mini doggie land mines, just waiting for an unsuspecting bare foot or toe to sink into 'em.

Edited to add: okay okay... I really don't think daddy scared the sh*t outta me, but rather it was the effects of the amoxicillin. Fun.


Prolific Pooper

February 1st 2008 10:17 pm
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Should my peeps be concerned that I poop human-sized poops? Or maybe the peeps just have small poops?? Daisy had dainty poops, but she was dainty in every possible way - inclusive of poops. It's not that I'm eating "bad" food... in fact, I'm on a mixture of Nature's Variety Raw Instinct and Wellness Super5Mix. Maybe with all the stress of vet visits, teeth cleanings, and bum pokin's, my poops are declaring their frustration with these non-scheduled interruptions to my routine.

I think the peeps... they're just jealous.


Smear Campaign

February 1st 2008 3:18 pm
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I dunno what they did at the vet's office while I was knocked out for my teeth cleaning and x-rays, but I came home yesterday and couldn't stop licking my bum.

I would sit in my bed and lick my bum.

I would sit on the floor and lick my bum.

One time I sat on daddy's lap and licked my bum.

I got up and momma pointed at daddy's pants. Something got smeared on daddy's pants. I'm not at liberty to say what it was, but considering how many orifices I have, and which one was closest to his pants... you can probably guess where it came from.

Let's just say I didn't get to sit on daddy's lap anymore that evening.

Just spreadin' the love around. AroOoOoo!


Playing Catch Up...

February 1st 2008 1:40 pm
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Just posting stuff prior to my Dogster life.

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