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December 20th

December 20th 2008 4:57 pm
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It has been a pretty nice day. It was foggy in the morning and then cleared up. I went to the dog park and played with dog friends. It was very nice. My human friend at the dog park gave me my christmas present. It was two nice Ginger bread cookies. I thank Pat for the nice cookie. Tomorrow my family and I are going to go look at lights. I am very excited about that some people go to a lot of work to make there houses look so festive. Well going for my evening walk


December 18th

December 18th 2008 7:33 pm
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It is really looking and feeling like Christmas. The weather is cool and many houses are decorated. I think this weekend I might be going to look at house around the area. There are a couple neighborhoods were all most all the house are decorated. I think we will walk through them. It will be a lot of fun. There will be a lot of people and dogs doing the same thing.
I went running today, and it was fun. It was cool but good running weather. It is so much fun to run and get you legs stretched. I am going to train my human to run in a marathon. It will be a lot of fun.
I am looking forward to christmas as I have been a very good dog this year. I expect Santa will be good to me. I am hoping for some chews, toys and treats for Christmas. I alreasy have my christmas sock hanging on the wall waiting for christmas.
This will be Nikita's first christmas with us. She was seem snooping into the christmas tree twice. Everytime someone sees her she runs off. Nikita is really getting use to living with us. She likes to play at night, and snoop around. She likes sitting in a bathroom cupboard. One time she even went to sleep in the cupboard. She is a funny kitty.
Well, I am going to go get some dinner and play with my family


December 17th

December 17th 2008 4:48 pm
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My family finally got there Christmas shopping all done. They only have to get for me, Lucy and Nikita. They will not buy our gifts to early as they claim we snoop. I do not believe we snoop. We just look under the tree as it is so pretty.
Today is really cold, as there was frost and ice on the ground. It was kind of neat, but it happens a lot here. People think California is all hot and beaches, but that is not true. It can get cold especially in the mountains, and most people do not live near a beach.
Tomorrow I am going for a long run which will be fun. Ilove to run.
I am still on my diet, and I trying really hard to lose weight, but it is har. This especially true at Christmas time. Humans always are baking and eating or bringing something good home to eat. How is a dog suppose to not want to try some of that good smelling food? If you ask me we should not be on diets at Christmas time.
Well gotta go for a walk


december 16

December 16th 2008 7:41 am
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Congradulations to my fur sister Lucy who got diary of the day, then was name princess of the week at Pawty Palace. She really dose deserve something to make her happy. She has been so sad and lonely since her best friend in the whole world Sophie died. I hope these two honors make her happy
Well, the rain finally came. It rained a lot especially at night, and the mountains got a lot of snow. The people in the mountains and ski resorts are really happy as we had no snow, and they were worried. Now they will have a nice snowy christmas.
I was very lucky as I got to go to the dog park and play with my dog friends before the rain. I had a good time, and I also got a run in which is always fun. On Saturday I went to the a bake sale for the dog park. My human bought me some dog cookies. The lady who makes these cookies likes me and gave me two extra bags. So I thank my friend Bailey and her mom Karen for the great cookies. These cookies are make with peanut butter and taste really good. I gave some to the neighbor dog, and she likes them too.
Well, I looking forward to Christmas. The house and tree is all decorated, and my humans have been baking. Well, I guess I am going to get to go for a early morning run so I got to go.


December 12th

December 12th 2008 4:35 pm
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Today is cloudy and a little breezy. We will be having a big storm this weekend. The ski resorts are really happy and so are the skiers.
My family does not ski much. Mom is to much of a clustsy person to go down hill skiing.
I found out that I gained a lot of weight, and now I am going on a dog diet. I have to get more excersice and eat less. I do not mind the exercise, but eatting less I do mind. I can not sneak cat food or beg from the table. All which makes me very sad. The vet told me not to gain weight as it would be bad for my back. Anyway I have to lose the weight so my back does not get any worse.
I gotta go for another walk


December 11th getting ready for the storm

December 11th 2008 5:48 pm
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The storm is coming this weekend. Everyone is excited about the big storm coming this weekend. We are expected to get a lot of rain, and the mountains are expected to get a lot of snow. We need this storm. However, I know my outside activities will be stoped. I planned on going to dog fest, and walk with a group a nigh to look at lights. Oh well I guess it is best to get rain.
I got to go running today, and it was so much fun. I ran with my human for about 1 hour she is going to start training for a marathon, and I will do my best to help her.
Lucy is doing much better the shot she got yesterday seems to have helped her breath. She is no longer wheezing and we are all so happy. She even looks better. Nikita and I are still sleeping in the same bedroom. Last night she did not roam around much so I got more sleep.
I am so happy with the picks that Obama has been picking. I think they will make an excellent cabnet eventhough they are more conservative than I am, but I am glad he is our president. There is only 40 more days until we get Obama for president. I can hardly wait. He seems like he cares about us regular families, and that makes me so happy.
Well going for another fun walk. It is dark so maybe I will see some homes that are decorated.


December 10th

December 10th 2008 4:09 pm
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Well, the sun is finally shinning outside, but it is cold down in the upper 30's until around noon when temps begin to rise and by 4 the temps is in the low 50's. It is still nice. I enjoy the cooler weather. I really enjoy running, playing and walking in this type of weather. It is better that 100 degree.
We are going to get some rain starting Saturday-Tuesday. It is good as we really need the rain. There is suppose to be snow in the mountains which is good for us, and skiers. They say if our nights stay cold we might get some snow flurries. That is pretty exciting
Last night I had rally-obedience class,and it was cold outside. I had a lot of fun, and I did really well. We had two new dogs in our class, and that was fun to meet them. One is a mixed breed like me. I am not sure what breed she is, but she is really nice. The other dog is a boarder collie. She is also very nice.
Lucy had to go to the vet as her asthma is getting worse. This morning she did not get up to eat her breakfast. That is very strange as both Lucy and I love our breakfasts. She finally did get up and eat, but she was wheezing pretty bad. I feel sorry for her, and hope the shot makes her feel better
Going to get ready for a evening walk.


December 6th 2008

December 6th 2008 7:22 pm
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Once again it is foggy. It is so foggy you can hardly see across the street. The fog is so thick it has made the streets all wet, and yard damp. The temperature is not to bad around 46, but the dampness makes it seem colder.
Well, I did not get to run in the race today. It made me very sad.
I got up went for a nice walk, then came home to get ready for the race. I was so excited that I was jumping out of my skin. I was barking and my tail was a waggin. I got in the car sat down and went down the road for awhile. Then we arrived at the park. That when it hit me we were in Roseville, and dogs are not allowed in there parks. I was so sad when I found out no dogs allowed. Fortunately, in a show of support my humans did not run the race and we went home. That will show Roseville if they want a lot of people at their races they need to include dogs. After all we are part of the family. Plus who ever heard of a park not letting dogs on the grounds. It just does not sound fair.
Because I did not get to run my mom took me to the dog park to play. It was fun and I got to see my friends. Althought there were not to many people at the park, but the ones who came had fun.
The rest of the day I did errands, and rested. I am going for another walk later today


December 5th

December 5th 2008 4:09 pm
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Well, the fog has finally lifted, and we got to see the sun. It was still cool as there was frost on the ground which is kind of pretty. I went for a long morning walk, and I did not mind the cool weather. There were a few houses that were decorated for Christmas which made the walk pretty. I saw a big blowup christmas santa, and barked at it. I was laughed at by the owner of the house, but it did not make me stop barking. I barked until I got a few houses down from the decoration
Lucy's asthma seems better, but she has to take her medicine twice a day, and she does not like doing that. She puts up quite a fight. I do not mind taking pills. Mom just puts the pills in the food and I take along with my food. I have been know to take a pill without any food.
I guess I am just a good dog
I have been practicing my rally obedience drills, and I am doing good, but mom is still a clumsy person, but hopefully she will get it right someday. I have class on Tuesdays, but last Tuesday it was to foggy to attend, I hope it is not foggy next Tuesday.
Tomorrow I get to go to a race I am so excited. I can hardly wait. It is going to be fun to get out and run again.
Well going for a run



December 4th 2008 4:42 pm
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Well, it has been foggy for the past few days. I beginning to wonder what happened to the sun. Oh well I love the cold weather it is really run and play in. It is a lot better than the heat which zaps you the minute you go outside. We still need rain, and I do not even like the rain, but realize we need rain to make everything green.
I found out today I am going to start to try my human for the Disney World marathon. I do not really want to as I will not be able to go to Florida to watch. I not sure when this Marathon is suppose to happen, but I believe it is happens in a year. I think my human should take me to Florida as I am her coach. Who heard of a coach staying home while the athlete goes to the marathon? Oh well, I guess I do my coaching job and hope she changes her mind.
My fur sister Lucy is sick. She has Asthma and is wheezing. She takes medicine, but it does not seem to be helping her. I think she has to go to the vet and get a shot and different medicine. I am sure glad that I do not have asthma. It would not be much fun.
Well, I am going to go for a evening walk.

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