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The Life & Times of Miss Phoebe Buffay

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:-O Dog of the Day?!?!?!!!!

October 31st 2011 5:12 am
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Oh my dawg!!!! I'm so excited!!! I never thought I'd ever be Dog of the Day!!!!!!! :)))) Yeah....I logged on this morning fur just a minute to check on my furends and .....well......I'm still not 100% sure on how to navigate on this new format Dogster tossed at us......I know, I know, it's been furever since they did it and I should know by now.....(hangs head with embarressment.....) guess I should put in a little more effort. Anywoof.............I clicked on Community....then clicked groups....and then............Hey, another change? maybe....I don't remember my profile pic being on the community I had to click back and :))))) NO it's not another change!!! It's me cuz I'm
Dog of the Day!!!!!! Wow how pawsome is THAT!!!?!! Geezzzz I NEVER thought I'd be Dog of the Day :) and ya know....hummmm....I wonder if this is a sign.....oooh ooooh ooooohh!!!! Today is the day Petsmart announces the 25 finalist in their Monster Cute Photo Contest....what if I really made it to the FINALS!!!!!!!!!! Oh My Dawg, Oh My Dawg, Oh My Dawg!!!!! What if I really make it to the finals and I win!!! and I'm on TV in a commercial :-O!?!!! OH MY DAWG!!!! What a PAWTASTIC Day this is!!!!!!
Dog of the Day....WhoooooooHoooooooo!!!!!! I better go wake up my dad and bark him "I'm Dog of the Day, Dad!!!!!!"
I'm a happy boxer, I'm a happy boxer, I'm a happy boxer........well I'm always a happy boxer but today is MY Special Day :)!!! I'm a Happy Boxer!!!!
Thanks Dogster and Happy Howloween Pups!!!!!!


Petsmart Monster Cute Photo Contest

October 8th 2011 5:22 am
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Hey Pals!!!
Ok so mom puts me in this strange getup and tells me "Look like a Lion, Phoebe" ??....................geeeeezzzz mom :( the things I do fur that humom of mine.
Anywoof, I did it, just to make her happy and let her take a picture of me in the darn thing.... So now she's posted the dang picture on the internet......... so everypup can see me in my shame :( and it's in a contest, so pups I don't even know are woofing at me.
Oh time I'll be able to walk with my head held high again, pups will furget, cuz we don't hold things inside fur long, you humans do.
So I'm asking fur my pals help, the contest is the Petsmart Monster Cute photo contest and I'm in the Most Original category, with my full name, Phoebe Buffay. You can vote once a day and I'd really appreciate your support in the contest. First round voting last till October 24th, so there's not that many days left to vote. Then if by some chance I make it to finalist, I might have to ask fur a little more help :)
But I keep telling mom not to get her hopes up, cuz there are over 5000 etries in the contest, yeah I know, chances are slim, but thats why I'm asking fur a little help :)
Here's the link: do?op=detail&entry_id=4619

Hopefully (if mom did it right) it should take you straight to my VOTE page.
Then all you have to do is click the VOTE button :)
Thanks fur you support Pals!!!!


Round Two...........ding, ding!

January 15th 2010 8:39 pm
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Ok pals, looks like my Mom's at it again. Sometimes when she gets started on something she gets a bit carried away. I know......I know, but I have just learned to live with it. I don't know if she plans on entering every darn week of this contest or not, but she's entered me in week two, so if you don't mind bare with me on this.
Here is the new link fur The Bissell MVP 2010 Photo Contest.

B efur this is over, I might just have the most diary posts' on Dogster.

Thanks to all my pals fur voting fur me and thanks fur being my pal :).
You are all some of the nicest pups around.


Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest

January 9th 2010 5:37 pm
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I almost furgot!!!
Mom entered me in the Bissell MVP Pet Photo Contest, again this year.
Her and Dad took me to the boat ramp at Lake Houston, where there was a dock that I could sit on. They took pictures of me to send in for a local boxer rescue, Lone Star Boxer Rescue, calender, that furiends of mine, Spencer & Mya barked me about.
I did make the calender and so did my pals Spencer & Mya ;)! YIPPEE!!!

Mom thought she would use one of the pictures for the Bissell Contest.
So if you would like to help me out and cast a vote fur me here's the link.

V oting fur this period is now through Thursday, January 14th.
And since Mom furgot to remind me to tell my pals, I only have 1 vote :((! guess she's got a lot on her mind.

I appreciate all of my pals support and if you ever need mine, I'm there, just let me know.

Enough about that..................DAWG!!!! It's COLD here!!!!!! I don't think I'm cut out fur this kind of weather!!!! I know I complain about the heat of Southern Texas but this stuff gets in your bones and hurts!!!!!
I'm ready fur spring!!!!!!!


Merry Christmas

December 25th 2009 7:45 am
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I just wanted to wish all my Dogster pals and their families a Merry Christmas!!!! I hope your's is a good one with lots of gifts of toys & treats ;)! and BEST of all family & furiends!!
All my pals are just the greatest here on Dogster, I am so lucky to have all of you!

Merry Christmas!
Phoebe Buffay & family


The Holiday Season

December 16th 2009 1:19 pm
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Well pals, another holiday season is upon us. Which means our humans are gone fur long periods of time, :( without us! When they finally come home, they have lots of bags full of "stuff" ;), only they won't let us do our normal bag inspection, which isn't very nice, if ya ask me! Then they put paper all around the "stuff" and sit it under a tree they brought inside the house and they expect us to leave the paper covered "stuff" alone!?!

Lots of smells wrapped up in paper under that indoor tree right about now!!
So fur I've left the stuff be.......... no guarantee on how long that will last!

I bark ya............those humans got a strange way of doing things!!!

I want to wish all my pals a Very Merry Christmas and a Pawsperous New Year!


Happy Thanksgiving

November 25th 2009 7:28 pm
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Happy Thanksgiving to ALL my Pals and their families :)!
Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday.
I am so thankful fur all the great furiends I've met here at Dogster, what a pawtastic place to hang out:)!

Hey everypup, tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, NBC airs The National Dog Show, right after the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.
My pal Jesse, the Jack Russell Terrier, his Mighty Dog commercial will run twice during the show!
So, after ya get stuffed with all that yummy turkey & dressing with all the trimmings :), you can sit down and take a break and watch the dog show AND the commercials :)..............then after, you'll have room fur some of that yummy pumpkin pie!

Jesse is also a finalist in Dogster's 5th Annual World's Coolest Dog & Cat Show!! If you'd like to vote fur him, here's the link.

Vote Jesse ~CGC~ for Best in Show!more: dog pictures & breed info

Oh! one more thing..............................this is BIG!!!!
My good pal :) Jesse and his Momma have a part in Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.....................isn't that PAWESOME!!!!! Yeah, he's gonna be in the scene about The Beverly Hills Dog Show and he's in the talent part and his Momma plays his on screen dog owner!!!!!!!
I just can't bark ya how doggone excited I am about this!!!!!!!
Mom, Dad and I are all so proud of Jesse and his Momma!!
Way to go Jesse & Heather!!!!!


Thank You

August 13th 2009 1:14 pm
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Well it's been a ruff month or so around here.
Everypup knows about my precious Mima having that stooopid "C" and Mom having to leave me all by myself :( to take her to appointments and treatments, just cuz they DON'T allow dogs at those places! Stay strong Mima, I love you.
Then my Dad had to have three stints put in three of the main arteries that go to his heart, woofever all that means!?!
I am happy to bark, he's doing much better now :).

Then my Aunt D, thats my Mom's sister, went in the hospital, she's had heart problems fur some time, but this turned really bad, really fast.
My Aunt D lost her battle with heart disease on Saturday, August 8, 2009, with her Mom, her sister and her niece by her side.

I remember she thought it was so cool when I was on The Worldwide Fido Awards with my Mom, her lil sister, she actually couldn't believe Mom did it, ha ha! Ya see, my Mom is a bit on the shy side and my Aunt D didn't think she would get up there on that big stage in front of all those people, she figured my Dad would have to walk up there with me. I think my Mom did it, just to show Aunt D she could! I'll bark ya one thing........Mom was more scared than me, she thought she was gonna trip going down all those steps and she almost did, hee hee, cuz I saw Dad in the audience and I started pulling on my leash, really hard, but she held tight and kept her footing, probably cuz she was so darn tense. Anywoof, my Mom came through without a scratch and my Aunt D was happy to be able to see her lil sis and her pawtastic dog :), that's me ya know, on t.v., although everybody thought it was a bit crazy...............getting to be on national t.v. just cuz I look so darn good in a bikini!
Well some of us got it :), and some don't.

We are all gonna miss my Aunt D, but we know she's in a better place and she has no more pain and she is watching over us and keeping us safe.
We love you Aunt Dee.

We want to thank everyone and everypup that kept us in your thoughts and prayers.
And all the sweet messages and gifts, you are all so kind.


I Love My Pals :)

August 2nd 2009 7:50 pm
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Well I've been gettin to hang out with Dad a lot more lately :)! Unfortunately it's because he's had some heart issues :(. Yeah, he had to have three stints put in three of the major arteries of his heart, he apparently has already had a heart attack sometime, a mild one, cuz he didn't even know he had it. But he's getting better each day :)!!! Now he's even walking me in the mornings, he's taking it slow, which is fine with me, dawg, it's hot out there!!! I don't know how that could be good fur ya, I can hardly breath!
Thank you to all my pals that have sent get well prayers & wishes to my Dear ol" Dad. That is very thoughtful of you all.
How lucky I am to have so many sweet, talented, beautiful, pawtastic and very photogenic pals, I love all my pals!!!!

Just to let everypup know, my pal Jesse the Jack Russell Terrier that I wrote about in my previous entry, well guess what!!! HE WON!!!!! he placed in the top three, I'm really pretty sure he was #1, if you watched his video I'm sure you agree.
Anywoof I'm just so excited fur him, I can't wait to see the movie.
Love ya Jesse :)!!!

Now Orson the Bulldog actually has his own Hallmark Card, bark me, How Cool is That!, I can't imagine having my picture on a Hallmark Card !!!! Mom bought some to support Orson, the one that sells the most cards, wins the Grand Prize. Mom broke out her camera and snapped a shot of me sending out some of them, she posted that picture on my page, Mom and that darn camera, I'm a fan of all my pals but NOT that CAMERA!!
I just love that silly picture of you,Orson, Good Luck:)!!!

Also my pal Zeus is in a photo contest right now fur Cutest Dog!!
I've never told anypup this....... but.....well I've always thought Zeus...... is like .......well, one of the cutest pals I've got, love ya Zeus and I'll be casting my vote fur ya everyday!!!
Yeah, it's so cool cuz you can cast a vote everyday, just click on the thumbs up under his very handsomely cute picture. It's as easy as that, ya don't even have to enter your name or email address.
Pawlease take a minute and vote fur Zeus, here's the link: 5AE4722A5594F598D6BEB2CEC659&page=1

I really appreciate your support, especially since I kinda have a crush on him, but don't bark him that, cuz he doesn't know!!
Don't furget, you can vote everyday :).
Good Luck to ya Zeus!!!

Bark at you pups later, I gotta go catch some ZZZZZZZZZZZ's after my long weekend :)!


My Furend~Mighty Dog Jesse

July 4th 2009 9:19 am
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Hello furends :).
First I'd like to wish all my pals a happy*fun *safe Independence Day!!
I hope everypup's having a pawtastic summer and it's not too awfully hot, wherever you are.

I am so excited to tell you that my good pal Jesse, The Jack Russell Terrier is one of the top ten finalist in the Mighty Dog Nation competition, he could actually be the Star in The Mighty Dog Nation Movie, isn't that pawsome !!!!!
Jesse has worked very hard to train his owner and I think he's done an extraordinary job! I think you will agree that he certainly deserves to be "The Star" of the movie.
The number of online votes he gets helps decide whether or not he advances to the next round.
After you watch his little skit, I think you'll enjoy watching it, he is such the little actor :)!!!!, if you wouldn't mind casting a vote fur him.
This little guy works so darn hard at acting and pleasing his owner he really really deserves to win this.
Thank you all in advance!

And GO JESSE!!!!! s.aspx?id=0b8a1daa-b661-41d1-9858-9bbf58042816

Ok pups, my Mom is definitely not known for her computer savvy, she cannot get the above link to work correctly!!!!!!
There seems to be a space in "Details" that she can't get out.
When you copy and paste if you would just pawlease take that space out, thank you. Dog, I sure hope this works!
Now I gotta go stop Mom from pullin her hair out!!!!!

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