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Shepherds of Thuringia

Shepherds of Thuringia part II

November 30th 2012 4:11 am
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The Shepherd relationship is through the Shepherds of Thuringia that were part of the foundation stock in Every German Shepherd. You will never hear of Elkhounds in German shepherd makeup, and German Shepherd Breeders will deny it. But the Elkhound influence is a large part of the makeup of the Shepherds of Thuringia, which is documented, and will then give you credibility when you make a claim to German Shepherd breeders that they ARE related. One of the founding breeders who was using the shepherds of thuringia, also happened to breed Elkhounds! Coincidence? I think not! Some of the problems with the Thuringia dogs is, that damned curly tail, that still crops up from time to time in the breed and gives GSD breeders fits. Another thing they didn't like about the Thuringia dogs was that they tended not to have as high a drive and strong of a work ethic. (wonder where that came from!) and tended to be far more independent minded (hmmmmmm) And these undesireable characteristics were usually associated with the curly tail, which is why the GSD breeders wanted to breed out the curly tail. The dogs with the curly tails also may have carried stronger elkhound traits that the GSD breeders wished to do without. Hence they picked on the tail :) What was bad news in the GSD was GREAT news in my life. My elkhounds are working dogs., They work for a living. They have to work to get breakfast. They have very strong drive, but when I ask them to stop working they dont have that insane quirky nervous nature. They lie down and go to sleep. To me.. there could be no better dog. They are just right. But I laugh when I look at the traits in the GSD that dismayed early GSD breeders, and definitely see those traits in the elkhound that they tried to breed out. Never the less.. GSD breeders can't deny the Elkhound influence. Elkhounds also have a strong natural herding tendency. (Something desired in the GSD) so I guess the Shepherd has some of both. The Shepherds of Thuringia were well know to be GOOD working dogs if trained and socialized very early. (This is true of the Elkhound as well. They generally tend to be very independent, stubborn at times, and to harness their working capabilities as a working dog.. early socialization and channeling is very important if you want a serious working dog relationship with an elkhound)


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