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September 27th 2010 1:44 pm
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OMD, I sure hopes Hanna doesnt get in trubbles for exposing a heavenly secrets!!!!!!!!!!! Do you think she will gets in trouble for this expose????

Hi pups!
As you know, there are many many things that you all wonder about before you get to Heaven, like why is the sky blue, how come food tastes soooo good but we cant eat all we wants (more on that later!), how comes all the good ones leave earth earlier than others, and on and on~ Trust the Banana, it will all be crystal clear soon enough, so enjoy your time on earth and dont cry for us too much, cuz we will all be together again,

Anyways, back to my point, I has special authorized permission from da big guy hisself to tell you this BIG Heavenly secret!

You knows how sometimes you gets a big sneezer going on?? Sometimes there is just one, sometimes a whole bunch of them in quick succession! (sorry, I cants go into the particulars of what/how many they mean right now)

You may think that it's an occasional tickle in da snozzola, or maybe even an allergy, but it's NOT! What you say???????

What that REALLY is, is one of us angels sprinkling angel dusts on you!!!! I KNOW! I had no idea either when I was earth-bound! Now I gets to fly around and sprinkle heavenly angel dust on you making you sneeze! Come on, you gotta admit that a good sneeze (or sprinkling as I like to call it!) feels really good! Mama has a cold right now, so I has been giving her EXTRA dustings lately! We dont likes when you is feelin all stuffed up, so we likes to hep you feels betters!

So theres you have it, and nows you know, whenever you do the sneezes, it just means that we are close by and watching over you!!! There are different types of sneezes/dustings for different things, but I cants go into all those details now (Heavely securities reasons!) So now, you pups look for a sneeze from me really soon!

Heavenly hugs and angel sneezies!


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