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The one and only.

The one and only entry - 02/08/2008.

August 2nd 2008 5:49 am
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Irish - Dancer Von Gavarol was known by many names, but the nearest and dearest to my heart was her baby puppy name that I called her most affectionately by - "Bub."
"Bub," later progressed to "The Original Bub," when she became the foundation bitch of "Rahkantra - House of Beauty and Greatness."
She lived a very healthy 6yrs, 8months and 11 days, never suffering from one stiff joint of arthritis or any other ailment.
Bub had good hips and elbows for her breed. She was an incredible unnerving judge of character - if she didn't like someone there was always very good reason no matter what. As a brood bitch she bestowed upon her offspring good looks and exceptional temperaments.
Every dog I now own has a part of her within them. Why would I ever want to own a dog that didn't have a part of her living within them?

Tonight she has passed over to the Rainbow Bridge and I am reflecting on the special parts of her she has left behind as a living legacy.

Abigail - protector and guardian of her household, just like her mum.
Bella - who has her mother's beauty and gracefulness.
Misty - who has her mother's couragousness.
Jack - who has his mother's strength, her eyes, and slightly east west feet.
Crystal - the playful one who has her mother's indomitable spirit and unfathomable love in her heart for her family.
Lily - the fighter with immense courage and the will to survive against whatever life throws her way.
Blackie - the alpha, the leader of the pack.
Holly - the pleaser who wants to obey and do what is right.

In life she was one of a priviledged few who never suffered abuse. She never knew what it felt like to endure any physical punishment. The harshest words ever spoken to her by me were - "Get your butt here now," as I pointed my finger down at my side, and then she knew she had been VERY BAD.
She was loved unconditionally from the moment she ran up to me as a five week old puppy begging me to be her mistress - her soul mate.
I fully confess to overindulging her with love, watching her weight more than I've ever watched mine, getting her up at 5am to walk for an hour before I went to work - not for my physical fitness, but hers.

Now my precious soul mate has stepped through the doorway between life and death to the Rainbow Bridge leaving me behind.
I know that she will be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge and that destined future appointment of my life with death suddenly seems to have lost even the remotest fear or uncertainty.
Until that wonderful day when I pass through that doorway I will stay here trying to be to the best of my abilities a wise steward of the precious gifts she has left me in her son, daughters and grandaughters.

Remember me until we meet again, my love, my soulmate, my most precious one, dearest to my heart.




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