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♥LIVIN' OUR LOVE SONG♥ ~ the romance of Merry & Georgie

TIME FLIES WHEN YOUR HAVING FUN !!!!!! From Morocco, to- Spain, to Texas.. to my BIRTHDAY !!!!

October 2nd 2010 9:42 am
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These last few months have been just a whirlwind of fun and adventure in my life!

Yesterday was my 3rd Birthday! What a wonderful day I had!!! Thank you to all my friends for thinking of me, sending me messages, gifts and rosettes, baking cakes.. making pictures.. and I even got a Prada bag! BOL !!! But it is not the material things ... what I am cherishing is the love and friendship...thank you all... Also.. thank you to my handsome husband George! I LOVE YOU !!!! From the beautiful pictures he made me..a diamond necklace, the breakfast in bed, a party in our group, to champagne & a toast in the evening and a rose picked from our garden with his own paw ...he made me feel so loved and special. Georgie .. I love you and will eternally.

That old saying is sure true in my life... *Time flies when you are having fun* .. The last few months have been a whirlwind for me. I may not have written but thats not because I had nothing to say is because I was too busy to transfer my travel log to my diary because I was having the time of my life with Georgie!!!!

Let me backtrack a bit. In February, when Georgie and I were in Iceland, he asked me to marry him again. We began making preparations for our Vow Renewal while at the same time I was planning my real "live" trip out to see him in California!

After I returned home from California at the beginning of May..Three weeks later on May 23, 2010 .. Georgie and I renewed our vows at our Doghouse group in front of our family and friends. It was the most amazing celebration with the exception of our first wedding!!!! We both wrote our own vows and pledged our love again, eternally.

We held our vow renewal celebration in Morocco at the Casbah. George and his brother Tom purchased this beautiful castle some years before and we come here for very special events. This being one. Our guests were flown first class on our private jet to Morocco for the ceremony and reception afterwards. I have to admit something... I almost missed my own vow renewal!!!! For whatever reason I thought it was at 5pm Dogster time when it was to be at 4pm ... now with me being on E.S.T. time combined with whatever time it was then in Morocco.. it was an easy mix up..

I had spoken to George via instant message and told him I was going to grab a bite to eat..well he saw the time .. only a half hour till the ceremony.. he thought that I was cutting it a little close .. but didnt say anything..he knows how I am if I don't eat !! I finally come back and i'ts a little after 5pm... I then I told him I seen early guests arriving ??? He quickly told me I was LATE and to high-tail it over there quick!!!!! I RUN and throw on my wedding gown and rush into the back doors of the Casbah seeing all the guests sitting there waiting. I sure hope that I remembered to brush my hair and put on some lip gloss...!!!!

Then I saw George.. standing there waiting for me ..OMD how handsome!!! I was spellbound .. and then he looked over.. he saw me.. and his eyes lit up with love, I knew then by his look that all he cared about was me.. and not what I looked like... !!!! We each walked across to the center .. and then he took my paw in his as we walked up the aisle as the song Then played... This song reflects how our love has grown in the past two years....

"And now your my whole life.. now you're my whole world...I just can't believe the way I feel about you, Like a river meets the sea, stronger than it's ever been. We've come so far since that day.. And I thought I loved you then....."

The ceremony and the reception were simply perfect.

When we decided to renew our vows we had asked a couple friends to help us out. If anyone has ever thrown an event on Dogster before you know there is so much behind the scenes things that need attending to. If you are busy posting your music/food/pictures you may not have not much time to interact with your guests.. Both George and I were so appreciative for the help we received. We were able to enjoy our special day with no worries.

After our vow renewal George and I left for our 2nd honeymoon in Spain taking a short flight from Morocco to Madrid. We spent the summer touring the whole country. It was wonderful!!!! In Madrid we visited many famous sites such as the Royal Palace or Palacio Real in Madrid. We had connections so were able to spend the night here. And even though it was off limits, we even snuck into the throne room!!!I thought George was going to faint when I made him sit on the throne and put on the king crown!!! We also attended a flamenco show at one of the oldest and most famous flamenco show restaurants in Madrid called the Corral de la Moreiria. We even got onstage and danced..

Next we headed to Valencia. Beautiful beaches and a cosmopolitain city! One attraction we visited, which is a World Heritage sight, was The City of Arts and Science Complex consisting of multiple buildings. One is called the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sophia and is an opera house. George and I had the privelege of seeing the "Barber of Seville" and we were asked to take over the leads that night!! What an experience!

From here we drove down the Costa del Sol to Gibraltar! We stayed at the Rock Hotel on the Rock of Gibraltar. We took a cable car up to the top and spent time investigating the caves and the nature preserve. George did not think we going to have time but on our last morning there I arranged a helicopter flight to take us to the Pillars of Hercules at Jews Gate! Georgie was so surprised as he had really wanted to see this!!! Afterwards we headed off to Seville.. but not before being stopped at the border due to a stowaway in our trunk.. you see I fell in love with a baby Barbary Macaques monkey who had no mommy. I offered to adopt him and named him Sam! He is now living happily with us in Texas on our Ranch. I have to say .. George almost fainted when he heard him in the trunk.. I promised never to do that again BOL!!!!

We had a nice drive to Seville and had made arrangements to stay at the Hotel Alphonse XIII. Many famous dignitaries and celebrities stay here while in Seville. We spent a couple weeks in this city. One day we visited the Cathedreal of Seville, which is the third largest in the world. One evening, George surprised me with a trip to a top notch Jewelry Store and he bought me some beautiful pieces I will treasure forever... We also went to the most amazing place... The Royal AndalucĂ­a School of Equestrian Art in nearby Jerez. One part of this school is training the horses how to dance and they perform in a show. Now with us being horselovers this was a spectacular sight to see..I do think this was my favorite experience while in Spain. I fell in love with the Andalucian breed and found a white Andalucian stallion for sale. I bought him for George. I took him to the stables under a different premise.. then surprised him telling him the horse was his. I never seen him so happy!!!!He named him Snow Angel... I made arrangements for him to be sent home to our ranch in Texas and he was be waiting for us when we returned home.

Besides all of our touring of historic spots we made time for lots of honeymoon fun !!! We stayed in the most beautiful hotels with luxurious accomodations and had private candlelit dinners or went to fancy restaurants, we spent time at the spa being pampered ;) One evening we watched the Perseid Meteor Shower from our patio and we had many breakfasts in bed.. It was a dream come true. To finish off our honeymoon we flew to the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain in the western Mediterranean Sea and rented a beach house on Formentera. It was the perfect way to wind down before heading home to Texas.

We finally got back home to Texas last week and let me tell you what a homecoming we had! Georgie and I had a barndance with honky tonk music and drank lots of Jack!!! It lasted till the wee hours when the cows came home !! BOL !!! While we love wearing fancy gowns and tuxes ... bikinis and bathing suits .. there is nothing like putting on your boots and spurs and well worn jeans!!!! Ok so mine were short short jeans BOL !! Georgie and I are down home country Cowboys at heart.. and WOW how I love my Cowboy's heart!!!!!

We had the time of our life in Spain but are so happy to be home in Texas and we can't wait for our next adventure: To ride the range out to the wild blue yonder with my Arabian filly, Ebony and Georgie's Andalucian stallion, Snow Angel.....stay tuned !!

Barked by: ♥ George P.P.Pie *SHM* (Dogster Member)

October 2nd 2010 at 3:44 pm

It was beautiful to be sure Pomshe, all of it. Thank you for putting this account of our vow renewal and second honeymoon. I love you wife and would do it again.. xoxoxo You are and always will be my wild, red rose.

And I thought I loved you then...
Barked by: MerryBelle Noelle Pie SSW (Dogster Member)

October 3rd 2010 at 1:42 pm

Oh Georgie... xoxoxoxo ...I love you husband and I would do it again too! ♥...and you will always be my Cowboy. ♥


MerryBelle Noelle Pie SSW


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