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In Tribute to the Dee’s – Her Life and Times

May 14th 2010 7:27 pm
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I am a lucky dog who was blessed with knowing Dee Dee. As with many other unforgettable dogs who have touched our lives, the Dee’s was quite a character and one of a kind.

Her beginnings were cruel and unkind, but thanks to a human who cared, (Auntie Chris’ daughter) she was snatched from that home, literally, and came to live wiff my Auntie Chris who took care of her and tended to her every need no matter the cost.

It took some time for the Dee’s to get over her beginnings. First she was afraid of feet, which she feared may punt her like a football at any given moment, as she had been treated like before and resulted in some spine injury which could not be repaired surgically. But meds and rest would reduce swelling and she could get on wiff her Dee-like ways. It was an ongoing thing. Mostly good days, but the occasional flare-ups would happen. She would also freak out if left alone. This too eased, especially after she got other little pals to share the alone time wiff, even if she didn’t want nothing to do wiff them BOL!

Mom met Dee’s not too long after her rescue from her former owners, and before she had other little pals. (I was yet to be a twinkle in my daddy’s eye) When Auntie Chris needed to go somewhere and she thought Dee’s would be better off left behind (Dee’s usually went most everywhere wiff Auntie Chris), Dee Dee would stay wiff mom and they would hang out. They got along real good, but when Auntie Chris came back, Dee’s would furget all about mom BOL! Dee’s love for Auntie Chris was a thing of greatness. ♥♥♥

Dee’s was always the Top Dog. No one messed wiff her. Not another 8 pound dog or even up to an 80 pound dog. It just wasn’t allowed. And she could be really bossy! When Dee’s would spend the night wiff me and mom (and even before me when it was just mom, and mom was in between having her own dog), she would hog the bed, hog the pillow and snore like a lumber yard. She would get mad if she was disturbed while she was sleeping. Mom would almost be afraid to turn over BOL! But if Dee’s snarled at her, she would just tell her to hush and go back to sleep. Auntie Chris thought it was odd that Dee’s didn’t want to sleep in her own bed like she did at home. What can me say? Even though her bed was there, she wanted nuffing to do wiff it. I thinks she just wanted to see if she could be the boss of the bed, and she pretty much was BOL!

It’s true the Dee’s did get somewhat spoiled. *snickers* Well maybe a little more than somewhat. She wouldn’t eat chips unless it had dip on it and liked ketchup on her fries. She liked to be held and carried and if she couldn’t be in someone’s lap, the humans made sure she had a short chair fixed up fur her or something else comfy. Dog forbid she should have to lie on the ground! She also liked to go horseback riding wiff Auntie Chris. Sometimes she’d just sit on the horse by herself and wait until Auntie was ready to go. She loved to get dressed up (I hates wearing clothes myself) and she had lots of outfits. Even a string of pearls! Of course there were the traditional Howloween costumes too. Auntie Chris would take her Trick or Treating to a couple of the local businesses and she would score on the treats…

A lot of folks around town knew Dee Dee. She’s the only dog I know who’s had a tour of the vault at our town’s bank. Dee’s used to hang out at the business when we were open and a few folks would stop by just to see her! *rolls eyes* There was this one time the girl who works at the Vet’s office called up and asked if we were missing a dog. No, mom says. The girl says “Are you sure? A couple just dropped off a dog they found wandering around and I’m pretty sure it’s Dee Dee” laughing. Sure enough it was… Auntie Chris about had a heart attack and rushed off the get her. Dee’s was covered in stickers and weeds but none the worse fur her adventure.

Dee’s was never in a hurry to do anything, except maybe chase a squirrel. That’s the only time I ever really seen her run. *snickers* Then she would take her sweet time coming back. She would wander around like she had all the time in the world. Yet one minute, there she’d be and a minute later *poof* couldn’t find her. Mom would panic when she’d do that while mom was watching her. She’d even tell me to help her find the Dee’s. She was never very far away, poking around and taking her sweet time about it, and mom would say in a stern voice “Dee Dee Louise” (mom gave her the middle name of Louise to let her know she was in trouble *snickers*) “you get your happy @ss over here!” And the Dee’s would be like yea, yea, I’m coming, don’t rush me. *snickers*

The Dee’s didn’t do tricks, oh no, not her. But if she wanted your attention, she would yap and yap and yap like there was no tomorrow until she got what she wanted. Come to think of it, she also yapped at the lawn mower, but maybe it was because it was louder than her. She did do this really cute “thing” however… When she was in a particularly good mood, she would put her back legs behind her and skootch back and forth rubbing her belly on the ground. They said she was doing the “frog girl” *snickers* She was good at it, I must admit…

Mom is probably going to get mad that I told you this, but she would sing a little song to Dee’s every once in a while when she didn’t think anyone was listening. If you remember (if not look it up) the song “Oh Sweet Pea”, mom would change the words a little… It went something like… ♪ ♫ Oh, Me Dee’s… ♫ ♪ *rolls eyes* I used to wonder why mom called her Me Dee’s sometimes, then one day I heard her singing it to the Dee’s. shhhhh… You didn’t hear it from me, K?

I think it was about a year or so ago, that the Dee’s stopped coming to work. She had started these coughing fits after getting a drink of water usually and she would literally pass out fur a quick moment. No one liked seeing her “hit the deck” nose first. Auntie Chris thought it better to leave her at home. She had little buddies by then to keep her company at home. Then a few months ago, I heard that she started getting worse. Having a hard time breathing, coughing… She had tests done, and the Doc put her on meds to help her. That did help fur a while. I’s not sure if’s it was her heart that was giving her trouble, but me thinks it was. Her heart was HUGE fur such a little dog when it came to love. ♥ And she had a few other troubles here recently too. It came as a shock, but my furiend the Dee’s just couldn’t fight it anymore was called to the Bridge by God. He was in need of an Angel who had the tremendous capacity of love in her heart that she did, in spite of her troubled beginnings.

We cry because we’ll miss her, we smile because we knew her, and we celebrate the life she shared with us, making our lives that much more…. God Bless the Dee’s….

Barked by: Miss Molly (Dogster Member)

May 14th 2010 at 8:50 pm

Reba what a wonderful tribute to Dee she would be very proud of you and your mom .
Barked by: Flicka ~ CGC (Dogster Member)

May 14th 2010 at 9:09 pm

This is the most wonderful tribute to a wonderful girl DeeDee.

Reba.. we have only known her through you.. but we feel honoured.

Run free DeeDee... so loved and loving.

The heavens have another star


Flicka Δ,,Δ Lucas /..| Cleo (I.M) Δ,,Δ & Pam X
Barked by: Sadie KCGCDS(G) (Dogster Member)

May 15th 2010 at 6:13 am

what a lovely tribute you have given to the Dee's - we didn't know her but we feel now as though we did. RIP Dee

Barked by: Checkers 1994-2009 (Dogster Member)

May 15th 2010 at 11:29 am

What a beautiful tribute to Dee Dee and what a way to remember her in your heart. Hugs to all those who have loved her and will miss her.

xoxo ~ Checkers
Barked by: Minster Jr. (Dogster Member)

May 15th 2010 at 11:49 am

Just beautiful Reba...What a nice a nice tribute..Hugs Min..




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