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Husky Tracks in the City

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Happy holidays to everywoo

December 25th 2012 12:19 pm
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Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas (if you celebrate) and a Happy Holidays.

Happy holidays to everywoo


Camping trip to the national forest

September 30th 2012 2:29 pm
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It has been a long time since I wrote on Dogster.

Surely, way way too long.

I do apologize.

Here's an article I just wrote about my camping trip this summer vacation. I can't believe fall snuck up on us like this! This article is only part 1.

(This link will take you to my blog t-1/

Hope everyone is doing well.


Nike and Michael Vick -- Boycott Nike and No, we're not moving on

July 3rd 2011 5:36 pm
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I usually don't copy and paste from my Enterprising Husky Society blog but since this is pretty important, here it is.

Nike signs Michael Vick, convicted felon and dogfighter, to be its spokesperson

On July 1st 2011, it was reported that Nike had signed Michael Vick to endorse its products.

In 2007, when Nike first dropped Vick, Nike issued the following statement: “we consider any cruelty to animals inhumane and abhorrent.”

Now that it’s 2011, I guess things are somehow different for Nike.

Michael Vick didn’t just kill dogs, he killed them brutally. He electrocuted them (some reports indicate that he attached jumper cables to the dogs’ ears and then threw them into a pool), hung them and drowned them. There were also undisputed reports that he and his colleague killed dogs by slamming them repeatedly into the ground — Michael grabbed the dog’s front legs, his colleague grabbed the dog’s hind legs, and together, the two men swung the dog over their heads like a jump rope and slammed the dog into the ground. When the dog did not die, they continued slamming him into the ground this at last, the little red dog was dead. Is this Nike’s idea of a role model?

Reports also indicated that Vick put ‘family pets’ into the ring with the trained fighting dogs because he thought it was “funny” to watch. In dog fighting, bait dogs are often muzzled and thrown into the ring, making them completely defenseless as the fighting dogs attack them. Some fighting dogs have their teeth filed into points, and some females have their teeth removed altogether when they are used as bait dogs, so as not to injure prized male fighting dogs. Is this Nike’s idea of a role model?

But Vick was more than just some lowly dogfighter, performing many of these acts hands-on. Even worse, he bankrolled these dogfighting operations, helping see to it that his Bad Newz Kennels and this regime of abuse and illegal operations would continue and grow. Is this Nike’s idea of a role model?

A prominent animal rescue in Utah, Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, has said that Vick’s dogs are the most emotionally and physically abused dogs they have seen. Many of the dogs are still recuperating and being rehabilitated, and individuals involved in this process have said that it’s clear that Michael Vick “went to a lot of trouble to make the dogs this way”. What kind of man gets empowerment from mutilating, terrorizing, beating and electrocuting dogs until they are emotionally and physically destroyed? Is this Nike’s idea of a role model?

Michael Vick’s actions are deplorable, and his acts of “redemption” are little more than staged PR stunts. His remorse has been inauthentic. Many people agree that not only were his actions evil, but his intentions as well. He quit his dogfighting ring because the law made him do so, and if he had not been caught, it’s not hard to believe that he would still be doing it now. Is this Nike’s idea of a role model?

Nike, do you think parents want their children to see Vick as a role model?

Let the Nike boycott begin.


More info to come.
Facebook Fan Pages:

No to Nike and Vick

Boycott Nike for Signing Michael Vick el-Vick/23331789002611

Pictured here is Gypsy, one of Michael Vick’s dogs that was used as a bait dog. Somebody found Gyspsy discarded on the street and brought her to medical care. Gypsy died of her injuries shortly afterwards. Click on this image to download this image and share with your friends. Permission to crosspost and share.

What you can do

Boycott Nike.

Contact the officials at Nike. Send them your unwanted Nike merchandise and pictures of your Nike merchandise in the garbage.

Call Nike: 800-344-6453. Choose option 5, then option 9.

Email to Nike is

Nike USA Inc.
Consumer Services
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453


Graphic image (poster) and original blog post is here:


Letter back to my mom

March 13th 2011 8:22 pm
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Yesterday, my mom sent me a letter.

Today, I wrote her back.

Dear mom,
Wonderful update and it's great to hear from you. Is it true that our favorite local bagel shop on the Upper East Side with the yummy lox (salmon!!) has now gone out of business? In response to your semi-existential conundrums, here is a link from the Onion that might be helpful to you -- you are not alone:,19442

xoxo, your
Red and White Sassy Girl


Letter from my mom

March 12th 2011 2:44 pm
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Today I got a letter from my mom. As you know, my mom is back in NYC (without me) on a business(?) trip. She lives near Central Park and wanted to go for a walk in the park but realized that she had no dog to walk, which made her sad. It reminded her of the awful period in her life right after her first dog died and she was living in the city by herself. I told her to enjoy sleeping-in while she can because that is going to come to an end when she returns back to dog life.

greetings, dear cairo.

i've slacked off since thursday afternoon, so i apologize for not getting back to you on skype -- just been inundated with a lot of "getting my affairs in order" here in ny/nj. i hope to do some catching up on sunday.
am having a bit of a mind-brain-cognitive crisis of a nature that i can't put my finger on. so annoying. being back in ny, i'm using this oppty away from dogs and home life responsiblities to Think Deep and work on my 3 year plan and my 7 year plan (since i'm 32 and my next milestones are 35 and 39). it's never a smooth process and, as usual, they're not exactly writing themselves. in a burst of inspiration (and because my office supplies and rest of belongings are stacked away in storage), i bought a 16-pack of crayons to map out my future plans and literally "draw up" my thought process. [Company name] work is going fine and i like web stuff and especially the design stuff and i heart technical projects and planning and analyzing but i was at the barn (my oldest and most expensive son is now 12!) and i had a realization that i would not likely make 7 figures doing this kind of work, so now the question is, how can i acquire assets or develop businesses that throw off streams of income, so that 'what i do' and 'how i make money' do not have to be one and the same. how? how? how?

Actually, I have a suspicion that she actually wrote this email to a peer or friend of hers, which she copied and pasted to me, for my benefit. Regardless, I'm glad she's trying to use her time away to do some productive thinking, instead of frittering it away shopping or barhopping.


A different kind of puppy

March 11th 2011 7:20 pm
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Do you ever wonder what your mom does when she leaves you for 11 days to go on a "trip back east"?

Yes, I was quite concerned too, which is why I secretly installed an app on her iPhone that monitors her text messages, her Google Maps "current location" at all times, the words that she is searching for on google, and also all her ingoing and outgoing email activity. In other words, I'm spying on her the way Google already does. Okay, jussssst kidding. I don't know what Google does with everyone's information. But anyway, all that info gets ported to my iPaw which I check when D is away at work during the day.

Anyway, I discovered that when my mom is back in New York City -- and not being a mom and taking care of me and my little brother the mini dachshund at home -- she is doing very un-mom like things like texting her friends "Check out my outfit" with pictures of herself wearing a medium-striped sweater over a thin-striped shirt accompanied by a wide-striped scarf. (The friend responded, "very frenchy stripes, yvonne"). I mean, who cares? Is that what moms do when they have no dogs to take care of, engage in meaningless dialogues like young dumb singletons over subjects like fashion? I bet she's also wearing makeup too. I bet she is also leaving the apt without keeping a mental timer of how many hours before she has to be back to walk me.

My mom also got to see her oldest son, who I am a bit scared of, to be honest. He is 1200 lbs and has giant feet and he makes weird snorting noises when he sees dogs. He's not like me and my little brother -- the biggest difference is that he doesn't eat meat. Apparently he is well-loved by everyone at the barn and one of the girls said that he is a total sweetheart, he's like a big puppy. She said, he's like a big lab puppy.

I'm sure she meant that as a compliment.


Paying tomorrow for today's fun

February 21st 2011 4:04 am
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No, I'm not talking about America's consumer debt problem.

I'm talking about, I think whoever walks me tomorrow morning is not going to be pleased. Between all the salt water I drank at the beach today and the big pig's ear that a I gobbled down (offered as an olive branch after today's unwelcome visit to the doggie self-wash), I think there might be some diarrhea. They say that salt water is the culprit but I pay them no mind because I like to take bites out of the ocean. The simple solution is to take me to oceans made with fresh water. So far, that has not happened yet. There were a lot of girl huskies out and about at the beach today, just random coincidence, I guess. My mom was quite self-congratulatory about the fact that all of us got along so peacefully with one another because when a bunch of bossy adolescent and young adult female huskies get together, you never know what kind of interesting drama might ensue. Well, you might be able to guess the nature of the drama, which is why you usually try to avoid it.

Anyway, I was a good girl, I listed to Mom even though I got a litttttle too close to a golden retriever's stick. I was nice and tired after my day, I curled up in Husky Donut and slept soundly on the car ride back.


Ice Cream

January 9th 2011 4:29 am
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One of the things I like most about my mom is that she shares her food. Somewhere along the line, she learned that it was okay to give her dog "table scraps", and she has been doing it ever since. I must say myself that it's worked out wonderfully. Now, this wouldn't work out wonderfully for all dogs and all people, in all situations, but luckily for me, there are zero to few small toddlers in my life, so it's no trouble for me to have people food from the table. There is a small 13-lb miniature dachshund in my life, but my mom has a strict policy of always feeding me first, and him second, so there is never any confusion about which dog gets what, and we all wait patiently.

My favorite food? Boy, tough question... I like so many things. Well, today we went for a walk downtown and got gelato from the local gelato store. For those of you who don't know what gelato is, it's a richer and denser form of ice cream. I didn't get to lick the cup due to math reasons (2 dogs and only 1 ice cream bowl, means no dog gets an ice cream bowl). It is delicious and satisfying. Or, according to my mom anyway, because I personally never get enough ice cream to be satisfied. My mom likes gelato more than ice cream because she says the flavor is more concentrated, so she can eat less but still feel more satisfied. Her logic did not make any sense to me. How can you eating less ice cream be more satisfying than eating more ice cream? Strange woman, she. The flavors? Chocolate (which I didn't get), mascarpone cheese and lavendar. (...this is Los Angeles, weird flavors is what they do.) I got to lick some off the back of the little plastic spoon. Yummy.


My Christmas day and I got a wrapped gift

December 25th 2010 9:22 pm
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Hi everyone,

I hope everyone is having a nice holiday. I got a wrapped gift for Christmas, take a look at the video of me unwrapping it.

I haven't had a chance to write in my Dogster diary in months because I started a husky blog and then didn't have time to write in that one either. I hope next year to stay in better touch with my Dogster friends to share more stories and pics.



ta da! a fun website created by huskies for all dogs

July 16th 2010 1:30 am
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whew! well, everyone has been asking me why i am not getting up until 10:30 or 11:30am these days. i explain it's because i get to bed around 3am. why? well, finally, after burning all that midnight oil, here it is ... i've been working on a husky-fun website and it's finally up! i officially launched it today, with the help of my good husky pals Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey, who have put up with my late-night rambling and indecisiveness. most people would have found it maddening but Demon Flash Bandit and Angel Zoom Smokey have put up with my zany antics, dog bless their hearts.

anyway, to see more of my zany antics (so far i am the main star in all the photos), go to

The site was created by siberian huskies and is meant for dogs who like blogs and husky stories and pics and opinions. It is a fun site meant for all dogs, not just huskies. There's also a section on huskies in need (adoptable adorable rescues).

Ok, that's it for now. now i can finally start going to bed at a reasonable hour and Double D won't grumble at me for tapping away at the keyboard so loudly into the wee hours of the night.

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