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A Dog's Life by Blue

What Chili taught me to do today

November 28th 2004 5:03 pm
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This morning Chili showed me how to dig holes! That is sooo much fun! Daddy wasn't so happy though, go figure. Mommy wasn't amused but asked that the next time we dig the holes in the back yard not the front. Chili and I just wanted to make sure everyone sees how good we are at making holes.


But I'm not broke!!!

November 4th 2004 6:14 pm
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Mommy and Daddy told me tonight that I couldn't have a bedtime treat because I'm going to get fixed tomorrow. I'm not broken!!!


Wow, what a big water bowl!

October 2nd 2004 5:04 pm
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I like to play in my water bowl. It is my most favorite thing to do. Mommy doesn't like it, she even tells me no. This morning daddy told me that we were going to the other dog park. I didn't know what he was talking about but it involved a car ride. I think I have this car ride thing down now because I didn't get sick again. Yay for me!

We finally got to the dog park it had a huge water bowl!! I was afraid because there were way more dogs at this park than at my other park. I barked at a few of the other dogs because they came at me to fast and I wouldn't leave daddy's side. He walked with me over to the water bowl and I sniffed the water. Then I ran back and hid behind mommy. The other humans laughed at me. :(

Chili, being the great big sister that she is, stayed with me and let me run with her until I got used to everything. After awhile I was off running by myself and playing with the other dogs. I made many new doggie friends.

At one point I was on the other side of the water bowl and mommy and daddy were on the opposite side. I wanted to get to them, so I ran into the water and doggy paddled my little heart out. About half way to them I got tired and daddy came to the side of the water bowl and showed me a shortcut. Again, the other humans were laughing at me. Humans are sooooo weird!

We finally left after 2 hours. Mommy told me that the big water bowl was actually a pond and that when we got home I shouldn't play in my water bowl anymore. Yeah, right mom! >:-)

She also mentioned someting about a bath. Not sure what that is all about but it can't be that bad. Right??


First trip to dog park

September 25th 2004 2:09 pm
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Because I have officially have all my needed shots, Mommy and Daddy said that it was OK for me to the dog park. I wasn't sure what it was all about but hey, I'll try anything! It was a special day at this park because it was the official opening of the park. Thirteen acres of fenced area to run, run and run more! Mommy says that I did really well playing with the other dogs. I hope we go back again soon!



September 19th 2004 10:13 am
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I went for a car ride today. I didn't get sick!! Yay for me!! Mommy and Daddy were so happy that I a got a Good Girl treat when we got home.



September 16th 2004 11:37 am
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I finally jumped onto Mommy and Daddy's bed all by myself this morning. Watch out world, I'm getting bigger and more brave every day!

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