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The Good Life

It's been cah-ray-zee...

January 12th 2008 7:32 pm
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...since I last wrote!

See, FM took in a momma and her newborn puppies so that they would have a chance to live. It was a big change for me, but FM says that she is SO PROUD of how I took everything in stride. I growled a little bit at first, but now I'm totally cool with Holiday.

I have been a really great boy and I've been able to be a much more involved member of the family in the past few weeks. I get plenty of exercise, play with all of my toys, and get lotsa cuddle time. FM says she better start regulating my food because, believe it or not, I'm CHUBBY!!!!!!!

FM says that I'm going to be featured in the newspaper sometime soon as an adoptable dog. The newspaper spot has been really successful for the shelter in generating interest in dogs. Since I'm sorta plain and not in the spotlight for potential adopters, FM would like to drum up interest in me! She says I will go to furever that same week (hopefully). She says that will be nice because then she'll have more time to work with Holiday (that dog is as clueless as I was!). But FM says that she's gonna have a good cry when I leave, more so than any of her other fosters, because she loves me. A lot. She says I remind her of her Maxwell. She says I'm a great "Teddy Bear" to cuddle with and hug. I get concerned when she's upset, so she says I'm a true friend. I've also done a complete 180 and she says that that makes her proud.

My scars are all gone... except for the tip of my tail. There's 2-3 inches of a scar that looks like my tail was dipped in acid (but who knows what really happened). FM says she wishes that us dogs came with a book that told of our past. But anyway, my nose is completely healed. My ears are still just a teensy bit rough around the edges. But no one would know that I had those awful scars unless FM told them.

Oh, hey! I got the coolest new toy. I went to Petsmart (we stayed there for HOURS and all these people came and pet me! And some of 'em gave me treats!) and I found this stuffed quail that squeaks. FM showed it to me, gave it a squeak, and then tossed it onto the floor. I looked at it for a second, then pounced on it, picked it up, and pranced through the store. FM immediately brought me to the checkout aisle and pried the quail from my mouth. The cashier quickly scanned it and FM tossed it back to me. Now it is my FAVORITE toy and I love to play with it. FM will hear a "quack quack quack" that reminds her of Wiggles and how she loved the "squeakity squeak squeak" of the loofah toys.

Sooo... that's pretty much it!



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