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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

Another surgery... but I'm okay!!

January 23rd 2009 7:46 am
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Hi everybody!!

We gotta' be real quiet, 'cause Mama doesn't know I'm up here on these keys!!

We sure had a yucky night. There I was, in my lil' pink crib - prancin' 'round with Mommy tellin' me how pretty I am - when all of the sudden, my mouth started feelin' really weird!

So I licked n' licked n' licked some more...... it felt like there were lil'
sandy pieces inside my mouth n' it was pretty gross....

Mama kept singin' so I kept dancin'!! Before long, I forgot 'bout my sandy mouth.

After a while more of playin' n' runnin' all ovah' - - it started buggin' me again and so I licked and licked and licked some more!

Mommy thought I had me some fuzzies stuck in my strings so she scooped me up to take a peek.

THAT was when I knew somethin' bad was wrong........ 'cause Mama almost never says naughty words, but she sure was sayin' 'em when she looked inside my mouth!

Welp - we were off..... Mommy was on the phone and was swingin' me all over the place gettin' this and grabbin' that! Next thing I knew, we were at the dogtors again! ugh!

The dogtor says that my strings broke open (and it was ALL MOMMY'S FAULT 'cause she gave me fuzzie blankets n' stuffies!) so parts of my new face fell down!

Mommy was cryin' n' tellin' me how sorry she was - 'cause she just knew that my brand new palate was all yucked up. I told her it was all okay n' that I'd be just fine.... I licked up all her tears from her cheeks n' we waited for the dogtor.

The good news is that my new mouth roof is A-OK!!! The whole thing wasn't near as bad as Mommy first thought. The bad news..... I
hadta' go to sleep again so the dogtor could do surgery to gimme' new
strings. =(

Soooooooooooo I took a nap n' Mama says they put that tubey thing in my lungs again n' that's why I have a wee little sore throat today. I didn't figure it was worth fighting those dogtors to stay awake this time, so Mommy says that part was much easier! (but I'm here ta' tell ya'... if they try doin' that to me ONE MORE TIME they dern sure gonna' have a fight on their hands!!) But I was sleepy anyways, so I let'em think they got one over on me!

Thank GOODNESS my Doc surgeon was still there that late at night!! We just had gone to see her yesterday morning for my check in after my other surgery - n' she said I was perfect!!

Guess my perfect didn't last long - - - but I'm all fixed back up again now!

Mommy stayed with me through my whole surgery again and I was happy to open one eye when it was all over n' see her! I wasn't even awake enough yet from the goofy gas to move my lil' feets - but I knew my Mama would be there so I fought and fought to get that one eye open just to be sure!

And yep, there she was - holdin' n' rubbin' me to get me warm!
It took every bit of pup power that I had but I stretched right up and
licked my Mama's eyes (just to be sure there were no tears I missed
while I was sleepin'!) Mommy kissed me right back - and soon, we
were snugglin' outside the cold surgery room and gettin' ready ta' go

So, home we are!

Mommy stayed awake with me all night long 'cause I guess I just wasn't tired after my nap at the dogtor's.

I love my Mama so much - but I gotta' tell ya' - - - - I think this new "plan" she has is just CRACKED!!! **stomp x's four**

She won't let me have ANY toys.... NO stuffies........ NONE of my soft blankies.... NOTHING!!!

Nothing but dumb ol' boring (not even WARM) sheets!!! SHEETS!! Did
you HEAR ME??? I said I can have NOTHING but SHEETS!!!


(okay, well - sheets and my heat disc.... big deal)

I simply cannot stand for this! I mean, really - how long does she expect me to endure such an existence??? (or lack thereof)

It's not fair.... it's JUST NOT FAIR!! I'm a good girl.... I ALWAYS pick up my toys!! I NEVER cry or complain.... WHYYYYYY can't I have my TOYSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! **sigh**

She says "better safe than sorry".... blah! I say "better FUN than BORING!!"

I begged and I pleaded but Mama won't break.... no toys for me! =(

I feel okay outsidea' all that. The dogtor says I'm in better workin' shape now than I was before since my nose breathe hole is all opened up now like she wanted it to be. So I guess it's kinda' good that my strings fell out - 'cause now I prolly won't hafta' deal with all that bad trouble with my nose squishin' in and makin' me sick with infections!

Mom says everything happens for a reason. I agree with her mostly. But she is SO WRONG on this NO TOY thing! **pffffffffffffffffffft**

I gotta' go now, 'cause I'm startin' ta' get a lil' sleepy.

I love you my friends!


Love, Emma

Ohhhhh, I snuck over to myspace too and put ups some pictures of me after my surgery last night. Well, the surgery was last night, the pictures are today!


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