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An Ornery Dog's Life

Cap'n Itchie Day

April 26th 2009 7:25 am
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It was just 2 years ago today
Cap'n Itchie came home, here to stay.
He'd been in the shelter twice, oh my!
So he hoped it was for good, this time.
Now let me sing a song of joy
For his Mommy's Itchie pride and joy.
Cap'n Itchie's Happy Gotcha Day

It's Cap'n Itchie's Happy Gotcha Day!
He's gonna have a treat or two.
Cap'n Itchie's Happy Gotcha Day!
Might even share with Roxie, too!

Cap'n Itchie's Gotcha, Cap'n Itchie's Gotcha,
Cap'n Itchies Happy Gotcha Day!


Ode to My New Sister Roxie

February 28th 2009 5:09 am
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You ain't nothin' but a Bichon
Blitzin' all the time.
You ain't nothin' but a fluff ball
whinin' all the time.
Well I stole your squeaky bunny
cause you ain't no friend of mine.

Well they said you were high class
that's a stoopid lie.
Well they said you were pure bred
that's the reason why
I hid your squeaky foxy
cause you ain't no friend of mine.

arf arf arf arf arf arf arf

You ain't nothin' but a Bichon
Prancin' all the time.
You ain't nothing but fluff butt
Whinin' all the time.
You try to eat my kibble
so you ain't no friend of mine.


Wild Kingdom

December 24th 2008 8:57 am
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You wouldn't think we would have too much trouble with wildlife living in South Jersey, about a dozen miles from Philly, but nature is full of surprises. Our furiends already know about our adventures with the squirrellys and mousies that we do constant battle with (we have to keep them from getting in the house, don't we?) But what you didn't know is that I have a kind've Mexican standoff with a ground hog that occasionally decides to stroll through the yard. Mom still can't figure out how he gets under the fence cause he is so pudgy. And now there is a new menace. Giant pumas, or wildcats, or sumpn right in our yard! Mom looked out and saw a mother and 2 kittens (big kittens) walking through our back yard. Aha! We spotted them at the same time and tore through the doggie door. Imagine our amazement when the mother wheeled around, stood up on her hind legs (she was HUGE) and started hissing and batting at us with her enormous claws bared. The kittens ran under the shed, and when their mom was sure they were safe, she jumped on top of the 6' fence and continued to glare down at us. We ran round and round the shed (we can't fit underneath) barking and digging, but we couldn't get at em. Then Mom got our leashes (she was afraid we would get our eyes clawed out) and brought us inside and blocked off the door to give the the kittens time to get away. Geez, Mom, we coulda handled them (not so sure about the mom, though). After a while she looked out, and there were those nasty kittens laying right in front of the shed like they owned it. Oh, they were slick...they knew we couldn't get outside. If Mom only coulda heard the taunts they were hurling at us. And all we could do was sit at the door and seethe in frustration. Of course, it all ended peacefully enough. They eventually tired of their teasing and leisurely strolled away. Grrrrr! And Mom finally let us out again. We searched and searched, but they were gone. But of course, Roxie and me are now on alert to the new danger threatening our homestead, and are ever vigilant and on guard.


Itchie's Revenge

December 17th 2008 8:06 am
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Last Christmas was my first in my new home. My Mom adopted me from the shelter the previous May, when I was a year old. She takes great care of me, gets me lots of good food, toys and treats, and even got a nice new 6' wooden fence all around the back yard. Now, behind that fence are 3 big trees, and in those trees live lots of crazy squirrels. They drive me nuts! They would run through the yard and get me to chase them, then jump up on the top of the fence and into the trees. Sometimes they would just run along the top of the fence to tease me.

Then last Christmas morning, there was a beautiful stocking with my name on it, left by Santa of course. And peeking out from the top was the most beautiful, realistic looking stuffed squeaky squirrel I ever saw. I grabbed it and started right in on the squeaking....whoopee! I was in heaven. Then, when it was time to go out, I wanted to take it with me. Mom wouldn't let me cause she didn't want me ruining it on the first day. I kept trying though, taking it to the back door over and over again, cause I had a plan. Finally, she relented, and let me take it out. Imagine her surprise when I ran right to the back of the yard up to the fence with squirrely in my mouth, looked up at the trees, and shook and squeaked as hard as I could. Now, we all know squirrels aren't too bright, and they didn't know it was a toy. So I stood there squeaking, and shaking, and shouting at them. "Look, I finally got one of you, you stinkers!" It felt sooooo good.

Of course, the squirrels still tease me (and now my new sister Roxie, too) and run along the fence. But for a little while at least, I really felt like king of the yard. And best of all I made Mom laugh. Cause that's what we're here for, isn't it? To bring happiness to the lives of those who save us, and feed us, and keep us safe and warm, and best of all love us like we love them.

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