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A Dogs Life By Minnie

Rainbow Bridge

May 12th 2006 5:56 pm
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Today (05/11/06) we had to send Minnie to the Rainbow Bridge, she had become sick and could not hold on any longer. Minnie meant the world to her momma and
there will be a void in her heart forever, she was her mommas shadow. All she wanted out of life was to spend every waking moment with her mom, they had such a good 10 years together. Minnie will be missed forever, but we will meet her again one day at the Rainbow Bridge, where everyone will be happy.

Enjoy your life at the Rainbow Bridge, it must be a beautiful place since
this is where God sends all Dogs that pass on, you are in Gods hands now.
We all know that you, Fluffy and Candy are all together again and are
truly enjoying being reunited. Take care Minnie, We All Love You Dearly.


A Dog's Life By Minnie

October 19th 2004 4:45 pm
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Well my story starts out with me living with this old woman that breeds poodles. She kept me in a crate almost all the time and I didn't get to socialize with the other dogs to much. One day these nice woman came to our home looking for a new poodle companion. Luckily I was out of my cage and ran right up to them, my owner swiftly picked me up and returned me to my crate. These woman looked at all the puppies and then ask if they could meet me again. This was the beginning of a happy life for me because they decided to leave the poodle puppy and take me with them instead. I got to my new home where I met my new sisters Candy (Maltese) and Puffy (Poodle). We got along so well and had so much fun playing together. Then one day Candy was gone and about one month after that Puffy passed away also. I know they were both old but I really wasn't ready for them to leave me yet. For a couple months I was a only child, but then one day my momma brought in this crazy new puppy for me to play with. His name is Toby and he never leaves me alone, always wants to play and hang around me. I am alot older than him and don't care to play much anymore but learned to put up with him. Shortly after Toby arrived my momma brought in the cutest little poodle named Muffy. He is a sweet doggie and he is as playful as Toby, so thankfully they play together all day and leave me alone. I truely enjoy their company though, but exspecially enjoy my quiet time with my momma(which is hard to get with them around). But we all have a good life and our momma adores all of us, which is the most important thing. Just wish they would find their own bed to sleep in instead of all of us in mommas bed at night. I guess momma doesn't care, so I shouldn't either. Good Night :)

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