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From the mouth of babes........

Our Daughter Rose Found Her Calling

October 13th 2011 11:35 pm
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Hello all our friends. We have some incredible news for you about our daughter Rose. A friend of grandma Nancy's told a Nursing Home Admins about our daughter and how she and all the pups here warn her when her Diabetes is starting to spike or crash. Two of them came to see this group of pups. They watched all of them but their eyes and attention kept going to our daughter Rose. While all the pups went wild playing, our daughter was laid back. She went to the two Admins and waited for them to pick her up. She laid her head on them and snuggled. Before they left they said they would like her to come to their Nursing Home and see how she relates to the Residents.

She went and she was wonderful with all of them and the Staff. They all fell in love with her. They said they would finance her to go to Service Dog School. They want her to train at the School and work for them. They have a 89 year old Resident that was not responding and slept all the time. Rose ran to his room, jumped up on his bed and gently walked to his head. She laid down next to him and looked up at him and gently gave him kisses. He stirred, but she gave him a couple more kisses. He opened his eyes and saw her, smiled and reached over and stroked her head. The Staff was watching shocked. This little girl of ours has found her calling.

We are so very very proud of her. She has made her rounds to all the Residents rooms and she has brought so much love and sunshine to them. Many who were brought there and left to never see their families again, this little girl made them smile. Isn't it amazing how a little girl can bring such happiness to so many who had just given up?

We just wanted to bring a little sunshine to Dogster. Thank you for listening to us brag on and on.

Tassy, Rose, Sadie, Pearl and Todd

Barked by: Amazing Grace (Dogster Member)

October 14th 2011 at 3:58 pm

This is the Most Exciting News we have heard in a very LONG time! Pawtastic! Yippy! We knew Miss Rose, when she was just a pup....How much LOVE she will bring to all those people........ hugs and kisses, Mazy
Barked by: Tassy Susanne (Dogster Member)

October 14th 2011 at 4:13 pm

There is so much sadness on Dogster that I thought this news would cheer the pups and kitties up. She is doing so well and we are so very proud of her. We know she loves us but she takes her new job with so much pride. OMD she loves the Residents and the Staff. We miss her so very much but knowing she is showing so much love for the Residents, makes it easier. She has an 84 year old woman out of her wheel chair and walking the halls with her. She watches her real close. The woman fell and Rose ran to the desk and bounced up and down and barked once. The Nurse went with her and helped the woman up. She still keeps a close watch over the 89 year old man and won't leave him until he goes to sleep. He got out of bed for the first time and went for a walk with Rose on his lap. OMD this baby girl of ours is incredible. I know, it is a mommy talking but we love her so much and so proud of her. Now they are watching our Cricket close. She is following Rose's paw prints. Auntie Natalie takes Cricket to another Nursing Home to visit now and they adore her to. But she goes home with her after each visit.
Hugs and love
Tassy, Riley, Rose, Pearl, Sadie & Todd


Tassy Susanne


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