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Isabella Blu's Diary

Pebbles, Mommy's !st Kitty

July 29th 2011 2:48 pm
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Mommy lost her kitty, Pebbles, today. She was 17 years old.


Pumpkin, Flowers brother

February 24th 2011 7:44 am
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Pumpkin, missed his sister too much after she passed, and today 3 months later he followed her to the rainbow bridge. Mom is not taking this well at all.


Mommy's Kitty

December 9th 2010 5:11 pm
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Flower passed over the rainbow bridge today after a long battle with Hyperthyroidism. Mom is so upset she can barely type.


Pink Christmas

December 9th 2010 7:06 am
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In honor of my beautiful friend Barb Bartley (Paris's Mom, who lost her battle with breast cancer last month, I've decided to fight the tears instead of allowing myself to fall into depression. I know Barb was a fighter until the end and she would never want me to cry over her. So...First I created a beautiful PINK page to honor Barb, those who have lost the battle, and for those who continue to battle this horrible disease. I'm also hosting a contest, in Furballs and Friends.
Check it out! Hope to see you all there :)


Giving Thanks

November 19th 2010 5:27 am
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I have a little request of my pals...
As some of you already know, my dear friend Barb Bartley is gravely ill. She is the mom of Paris Hilton Princess pug. I would love it if all of my pals who intend on decorating my page with Thanksgiving gifts, please place them on Paris's page instead.

Here is the link to her page.

Thank you, this means a lot to me.

Isabella Blu & Mommy Too


Nice hair!

January 2nd 2010 5:59 pm
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OMD!! Where ever did you get that hair??? Is it from the Donald Trump collection??? BOL!!!


"Sugar-Coated" Just got a whole new meaning...

January 30th 2009 12:46 pm
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Mom baked cupcakes this morning for her niece Kristen's 18th birthday. Normally when Mom is baking, I never go in the kitchen, because she always shoos me away. Well, today she wasn't paying attention and I snuck in and hid under the table to watch what she was doing. I saw her putting stuff into the Kitchen aid mixer, and then heard that awful noise going again. I really don't like the noise the Kitchen aid makes, but today she didn't have it turned up really loud. Mom was making the icing for the cupcakes when I came into the kitchen, and that is when it happened. She was putting the powdered sugar into the mixer, and getting ready to turn it back on, at that moment, I came out from under the table to go near mommy to see if I could help her with anything. There are 2 switches on the mixer, one is to lock it down in place and one is to turn it on. Mom hit the ON switch first and pushed it full speed by accident and all of a sudden...............
WHITE POWDERED SUGAR WAS EVERYWHERE!!! It came up over the sides of the bowl, all over the counter tops, the coffee pot, the cabinets........dropped down to the floor, and hit me on the way down! I was covered from head to paw in WHITE POWDERED SUGAR!!
Mom stopped the mixer and rushed me to the bathroom to clean me up. She didn't even THINK of getting the camera to snap a few photos. Mom was laughing so hard, she actually started to cry. I must have looked really really cute for her to do that. Boy was that fun, I can hardly wait to do it again :)


Hollywood Look A Like Contest

November 23rd 2008 9:49 am
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My mommy insists I look like Phillis Diller! Each and every time Mom gives me a bath, my hair stand on edge for days! I mean what's a girl to do? She puts conditioner in my hair but then it just goes flat and limp and Mom's says I don't look like a Pom at all when that happens. Now that it's winter and I'm constantly changing sweaters, and coats to go out with, the static cling look is just the norm for me.

Phillis Diller (born Phyllis Driver, July 17, 1917)is a Golden Globe-nominated American comedienne, considered to be one of the pioneers of female stand-up comedy. She created a stage character persona that was a wild-haired, eccentrically-dressed housewife who made jokes about a fictional husband named "Fang" while smoking from a long cigarette holder. Another distinct characteristic is her cackling laugh, one of the best-recognized in comedy. Diller is given credit for opening the doors for the stand-up comedy field to women.
Here is a photo of Phillis Diller. Tell me what you think.




December 9th 2007 6:12 am
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My First Birthday

Oh My Gosh! I don't know what to say....Mommy took me to Bridget's house on Sat, Dec. 1, the day after my Birthday. She told me we were going to a Holiday party. Well to my surprise...they were having a Birthday party for ME! WOW! Lots of balloons, table decorations, gifts, children, and food. Bridget, and her sister Ginger the Rottie were there, their cat Sir Isaac, their cousin Daisy the lab, and Kristen's bunny. That darn bunny kept following me all over the place. He's so annoying. Mommy doesn't like me to play with the bunny at all. She thinks bunnies are outside pets.
Kristen, Paul, Chyna, Megan, Justin, and Cheyenne were all there playing with me.
We had Chicken, macaroni and cheese, and spinach for dinner. For dessert, we had cupcakes that Kristen and Megan made. There were lemon bars too, but Mommy said I couldn't have them. I got another new coat, a cute sweater with a hood and little pom poms on it. 2 new food bowls, a pearl necklace, a gift card, money. Mommy bought me a new designer purse and a squeaky monkey. She said I have way too many toys, and thinks it's time to cut down a bit. I tried to explain to her that I play with all of them, and I really don't think I have too many. I mean, my toy bin is not even full yet. Anyway, we had lots of fun, and on to my First Christmas. I can hardly wait.

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