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My life as a rock'n'roll pup

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Not so great day-after-birthday...

August 28th 2012 6:32 am
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Sunday was my birthday and it was super fun! Yesterday was not so fun... Mom brought me to the vet!! OMD! I didn't like it at all...

I decided to have Zeppelin checked by the vet because he has been acting odd over the last month. His symptoms were a bit of a mixed bag. It wasn't his usual allergy symptoms and I wasn't confident that it could be attributed simply to anxiety. He has been chewing his feet, licking his bum, whining a lot, sleeping A LOT, has a reduced appetite, has lost interest in playing, sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night and pants very very fast, excessive shedding, erracticaly runs to a corner and drops to the floor and has several sores that look like pimples.

So, after xrays and a full blood panel chemical profile, here is what we found:

He has a compressed spine in three places. :( This is very painful to him, particularly if you press on the areas, and explains most of his behaviour (decreased appetite, whining, increased sleep, waking up in the night and panting). The xrays didn't show any tumors or lumps, which is good. The blood panel was very good, nothing out of the ordinary, which is more good news. We have a prescription for a muscle relaxant (Methocarbamol) which should help the pain in his spine. For now, he needs to rest and we're back to the vet in two weeks to check him again.

Our vet believes that he is also having an allergy attack, although we don't know to what. That would explain the itchiness and chewing of the paws. It can also explain the sores. The vet said they were "hair follicle cysts". We have a prescription to help ease the reactions (Vanectyl P) and a cleaner and spray (Dermacool) to use on his paws. There is inflamation between his toes due to his constant chewing and licking.

My plan of attack to help his allergies: diet change (eliminate anything added in the last month, I keep a journal of his meals since he is on a prey model raw diet, so I know what to remove), wash all floors (woopee!) and bedding was just washed. I'm hoping that this, combined with the meds, will help him get back to normal.:)


It's my birthday!!

August 26th 2012 7:18 am
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yay today is my birthday and Mom said she's going to spoil me silly! Wow! And, to make it even better, Dogster says it's National Dog Day. Aren't I lucky?
Thanks for the birthday wishes everypup! woofs 'n' howls


Yummy yummy raw!

January 24th 2012 1:29 pm
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Hey there pals!
I've been eating raw chicken for a week now and I LOVE it! Am I ever happy Mom decided to take the jump, wow. I am starting to feel a bit better too, but still itchy. Mom says I'm going to the groomer tomorrow, so a good bath will do me some good. We may not have any snow (which makes me sad), but at least I've got raw meat!!



Oh yummy! Chicken thighs for me!

January 14th 2012 1:21 pm
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I haven't been feeling too great lately... very itchy and it's driving me crazy! Mom knows I have allergies and is working really hard to try to find out what it is. Dogster pups have been great at helping her not get discouraged, thanks!

I overheard Mom saying that I'll be getting a special diet for a little while... and guess what it is: RAW CHICKEN!! OMD it's awesome! I got a chicken thigh last night and another this morning: yummy! I'm loving this raw thing!



November 24th 2011 5:50 am
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Oh my Dog I can't believe it! I passed the Canine Good Neighbor test, with Mom's help of course. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Thanks to all the Dogsters who rooted for me!
Zeppelin, CGN


About time for an update

November 3rd 2011 2:22 pm
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Hey there pup pals!
First of all, we're really sorry that we haven't been around a lot in the past. Mommy's been pretty busy planning her and Daddy's wedding and now that that's over, we can hang out on Dogster again! woopee!

So here's a quick update, Mommy's gonna take over:

For those of you who were following us in the Health Forum way back this spring, we were talking about having Zeppelin's anal glands removed due to recurring issues. Finally, I made an appointment with the vet simply to discuss the surgery: risks, recovery time, etc. I had gotten loads of information from our fellow Dogsters and that really helped me understand the surgery better. The vet made me feel very comfortable with the surgery and answered ALL my questions, but I wasn't 100% decided yet. While we were there, he did a quick examination on Zeppelin and found, GASP, a broken tooth!! Did I ever feel terrible!! I can't believe I didn't notice it sooner... It was a pretty bad break, on one of his back top teeth with the nerve exposed. :( So, that had to be repaired ASAP. Since that would require anesthesia, we decided to have his glands removed at the same time. Everything went well: tooth was repaired, glands removed with no issues. :) He healed up very well, although it was a rough first 10 days or so. We are happy we went ahead with it though, he is very obviously more comfortable now and a much happier puppy!

On a romantic note, my now-husband and I have recently gotten married and to Dogsters delight, our four legged family members were in attending. Zeppelin was even our ring bearer (being the most well behaved). Layla and Jagger were both very good as well, although I had to shush Jagger while I was saying my vows because he was howling at me!! BOL

Zeppelin, Jagger and I have started taking Introduction to Rally-O classes and we love it. It's really fun and not too complicated. I'm practicing with Layla at home too. I don't think we'd be able to compete anywhere close since none of our dogs are purebred, but it's a fun activity and we get to make new friends.

Speaking of activities: Zeppelin is training for his Canine Good Neighbour test. Test day is November 12th, so wish us luck! He's doing really good so far, but I'm still nervous! Gonna need some tips from all you pups, so I'm off to the Training forum!

Thanks for reading. Hope everyone is tail-waggin' and slobberin'!

Zeppelin & Mommy


We've missed you!

May 13th 2011 2:30 pm
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Hey there pup pals!
Just wanted to drop by and tell you that we're still around. Mom's been pretty busy with all sorts of stuff and hasn't had much chance to hang out on Dogster these last months. She misses it though! Hopefully she can fit in a few minutes here and there to keep in touch.

rock on

howls and grumbles



And now this is my ordeal...

June 26th 2010 9:44 am
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Wow, what a day we had yesterday... It really all began a few weeks ago when Mom thought I was acting very strangely. She said I was neurotic! But the she got scared that I was having anxiety problems, since I get a “little” beside myself when Mom and Dad aren’t beside me but I can still see them... Ok, fine, it’s more than a little, I go nuts!! I mean, c’mon, why wouldn’t they want me by their side??

Anyways, I don’t want to tell the rest of the story because it’s scary... (and typing with furry fingers is pretty hard) Mom can take care of it.

Thanks for the intro Zeppelin. So Zeppelin has always been a little odd and whiny, but lately he has been very weird. I honestly thought he was having anxiety attacks, WHILE we were around, which didn't make sense. We know he has some separation anxiety when he sees us but can't get to us, but this was different. Wednesday I was cleaning his bum because he licks it ALL the time. I always thought it was something with his nerves, like a bad habit, so I was looking into getting some Sour Apple Spray. But, while I was wiping him, I found a lump on the underside of his tail, right at the base. It is hard and doesn’t really move around. And there goes Mom panic mode! I called the vet that treated Jagger for his slipped disk (see Jagger’s new diary entry) and got an appointment for Friday.

We saw Dr Drmac this time and he was very nice. Poor poor Zeppelin has an ear infection, a bacterial skin infection on his bum and allergies. The vet wasn’t sure what the lump was but suspects it was caused by Zep nibbling on the base of his tail so much. He now has a total of 5 prescriptions!! He has antibiotics for his ears, anti-inflammary for his bum, a supplement for his skin and coat to help with allergies, drops for his ears and a spray for his bum. Wowza! We are going to see the vet again in 10 days, and he hopes to see a change in the lump on his tail. He believes his nibbling/licking will stop once the medications kick in. He recommended we bath him often (once a week) during spring and summer. The shampoo will remove any pollen or seeds stuck in his fur (since he’s got very long fur) and should help with his itchy skin and overall well being.

While we were at the vet, they cleaned his ears and trimmed the hair in them, emptied his anal glands and shaved the fur around his bum. Now that the fur is gone, it’s very obvious there is infection and I feel terrible we didn’t notice it before. We really thought he had a bad habit...

Yesterday and today he is just a wreck and can’t seem to settle. I imagine he is itchy and hurting all over from the allergies and I’m sure his bum doesn’t feel to great without any fur on it! I don’t want to overexert him, but I still want to wear him out so he can sleep. We’re going to bath him this weekend too.

We love our dogs, but these last few months have really tested us. Layla is currently the only dog not taking any meds, although she still smells a little skunky! Thank Dog this kind of stuff doesn’t happen every year; we just hope we can get Jagger and Zeppelin’s conditions under control.
Thanks for reading

Jagger, Zeppelin & Layla’s Mom


Zeppi-poo is now stinky-poo!

April 29th 2010 6:59 pm
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Last weekend we went on a camping trip. Mom and Dad packed the VW and off we went to visit some family. Jagger and I love camping, and it was Layla's first trip. We had lots of fun running in the field and jumping in the stream.

Saturday night Mom let us out of the camper to go pee one last time before we settled in for bed. I was being good and minding my own business when Layla zoomed off into the woods. I had to protect her, so I ran after her and noticed a black animal with a big white stripe on it's back. Uh oh! When Layla got close, it growled at us and then peed on us!! When we got out of the woods, Mom said "Oh my Dog they got skunked!"

Mom and Dad weren't very happy... we had to sleep in the garage because we stank so much. The next day, we had to have a bath outside with funny soap and really cold water because they wouldn't let us in the house. :o( I hope I never meet a skunk again. I was lucky because I didn't get sprayed that bad, and the mixture Mom made got rid of the smell. Layla still smells bad, just don't tell her I said that!


Flyball, training and new games

February 14th 2010 9:24 am
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So, our flyball is all done for now. Mom wants us to take the next level of class when it's offered... I said I'd think about it. She still hasn't posted my cool action shot of me jumping over the hurdle. I'll have to do something about that...

Since we're done with that, Mom and Dad have been bringing Jagger and me for long walks every night. It's really fun; we even get to go in the woods and run around without being on a leash (as long as we stick close by). So that's fun! Dad found a new game for us: he calls it "snowbank climbing"! He climbs a really big snowbank, brings treats with him, and gets us to climb up to him to get a treat. It's lots of fun and really gets me thinking. BOL

Oh, AND, Mom's been feeding me most of my meals in this magical red bouncy ball. I need to roll it around to get my supper out... I don't mind, actually, it's quite fun! I am getting really good at it. hehehe!

Thanks for reading! I'll get Mom to post my cool pic soon!


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