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I am NOT a snack....Scooter's Adventures in South Korea

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Blah, Blah, Blah

July 20th 2008 12:47 am
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Soo, Mom has been writing in my journal, but she hasn't been typing it up and posing it. I've gotten on her case and she is going to get with the program.

Tuesday, July 1

Mom's insomnia has been BAD. I've been staying up with her, so I'm not getting my beauty sleep and I'm tired too. We had just gotten to sleep when Mom's clock went off. We had to go to base to see the neurologist. They discussed the insomnia and Mom has a few things to try before going the medication route (something she wants to avoid). We also booked her next Botox appointment.

Dad was on the bus. I was soo happy to see him that I chortled. At least I didn't bay. Seriously, I have learned to "Meow" like a cat. Mom thinks it is cute and has me walk up to Dad and do it around the house since he's a cat person.

Our Crayfish look like they are growing and Dad's beetles are slowly transforming.

Monday, July 7th

Dad has the day off. Mom hasn't been feeling well, so we haven't been going anywhere. She had heard that there was a pet store between here and DongDaeMoon. She and Dad rode over there to find there wasn't a store. They came back and we took the bus to base. The ride was long enough for Mom to realize she felt really crappy. We did pick up an external hard drive

Dad's bugs are still morphing, but the crayfish bit the dust. They got into a fight and one must have injured the other. It died and released some sort of something that killed the other one.


The 63 Building and Aquarium

June 28th 2008 1:21 pm
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My visit to the tallest building in Seoul...

Sunday, June 22

It was supposed to be rainy, but it cleared up. We headed to the front gate to catch a cab (though I wanted to ride the bus). Dad made Mom tell the driver where we wanted to go. Dad told Mom wrong. It took a minute, but they got it sorted out. I was ready to go. Mom had amped me up by telling me all of the things I'd get to see....Nemo, Dori, Sponge Bob, Patrick, Jelly fish, Lion Fish, Crabs, Penguins, Seals, and Sea Lions.

It was crowded. We got stopped twice within ten yards of the door. The first guy told Mom she'd have to carry me. She showed him my ID and he said we were good. Same thing with the next guy. Evidentially, about the time he said something, the first guy got on the radio and told everyone who I was. After that it was all good.

We went to the aquarium first. We had a drive by petting and the kid's parents got him in line when they saw my vest. Otherwise, Mom was quick with the purse as a block. Lots of really little kids running around.

Dad took pictures of the sign that said "Jack Ass Penguins". He thought it was funny. Mom says he's a perpetual 15 year old. The were playing in the water and could see us. I wasn't overly impressed; they reeked.

The Sea Lions couldn't see us. Mom realized that when we sat down on the ledge to take pictures. She let me sit up there. Generally, if the animals can see out of the glass, they come over to give me the eyeball. The otters were sleeping. We missed the seal feeding...too many kids. They couldn't see out anyway.

Once that was over, we headed to the "Sky Deck". Mom got my sling out while we were waiting in line and put me in it before we got to the elevator. They pack you in like sardines for the ride to the top. We were at the glass looking out. I wasn't thrilled with watching the view. I finally got comfy, only to be let out when we got to the top. I was soo thankful I couldn't see out unless I stood on the little step thing that ran the length of the building.

There was this elevated platform that you could step up on and then look out over the edge. Mom picked me up for a picture and I could see how high we were and I let her know I wasn't a happy camper. I was fine when she got me away from that .

The pawrents got 360 degrees worth of pictures. The memory upgrade Mom talked Dad into, paid for itself right there. Over 180 pictures on the card and it was nowhere near full.

I rode in my sling for the ride down. We grabbed a bite to eat at one of the Korean fast food restaurants. It was some sort of Mc Donald's knock off. Dad got a shrimp burger and Mom got 2 fried chicken filets. She said they were spicy like a Wendy's Spicy chicken. We walked around a bit then took a cab home. Mom and I ran into the mini-commissary to get some meat for supper.

Once back inside, Mom thawed me out a chicken leg and we watched BSG on skinamax. Mom has been slowly uploading my pics to my photobucket account


Going to Nam Dae Mun and Dong Dae Mun

June 28th 2008 1:19 pm
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Sunday, June 15th

We took a taxi to Nam Dae Mun. Unfortunately, some old dude burnt the historic "gate" down several weeks before we flew over. They have it blocked off. Mom got to see another of the gates when they went to Dong Dae Mun (the East gate). She hasn't taken pics of it though.

We did a ton of walking and I wore my cooling jacket. Mom stopped frequently so I could have water and to check that my coat was still wet. What I didn't drink, basically got poured on my coat.

Mom did get a purple hat without speaking a lick of Korean and the people totally not understanding too much English. She pointed to the hat she was wearing and then to the color she wanted. Dad found it all very amusing and just let Mom work it all out.

It was also funny that as we walk, men will whistle at me, but the moment they see my patches on my vest, they stop and get all apologetic. Small Service Dogs are not the norm.

Friday, June 20th

Between insomnia, headaches, and over sleeping (when she does finally fall asleep), we haven't gotten anything done this week. We didn't even make it to class due to a really bad migraine.

Dad took today off and we went to Dong Dae Mun after we made a quick detour to base. The pawrents were looking for "critter keepers". Mom saw a collapseable metal crate big enough for Bretta and made a comment about buying a couple of doe rabbits. If only she could find someone with a male. MMMMM, Hossenfeffer.

I didn't get to see the gate; Mom had other plans. She wanted pictures of me on the river. I refused to cross it; she wanted me to go rock jumping. The water wasn't too my liking. Bretta would have had a blast. Instead of throwing a tantrum, I just gave Mom "the Look". She sighed, took off her flip flops, handed them to Dad, and picked me up. Yeah, I know how to work the eyes.

We saw puppies for sale today. Some sort of wire/rough coated ittie bittie terriers, a Cocker, a Pom, and some that we have no idea what they were (and Mom is pretty good with dog breeds). I stayed far away from them. We've heard horror stories about the illnesses they can have. Something about the parvo over here being worse than at home.

We also saw Roosters and chickens. Some of them were darn near turkey size; bigger than me - I was about breast high on the one. It was funny, I've never been up close to chickens before and I stood there and looked at it and looked at Mom. She figured I might bark or something. Yeah, I get it, it was a walking version of what I like to eat.

We went into a couple of fish stores. Lots of goldfish tanks outside. Oh, and these really little turtles. They were tiny. Dad asked Mom if she wanted one. She told him no. Something about them being illegal at home due to the size. She told him if she wanted a salmonella risk, she'd either get a snake or another dragon. I vote dragon; I don't care for snakes.

Mom finally spotted what she was looking for. Dad had decided he wants an exotic pet. He did his homework, convinced Mom that he will take care of it and that it won't be a mess, or be an escape risk. He ended up with 4 pets. 3 look like grubs and the fourth looks like a baby alien from the movie of the same name. Evidentially, they will grow up to be Rhino Beetles. There is a big trade in them over here, as well as legal staged beetle fights. The word fight is a misnomer in this case; they don't hurt one another.

Mom spotted a Crown Tail male Betta. The man tried to tell her they were half-moons. Sorry; NOT. Mom knows her Bettas. She and Dad had some nice ones before the move. Mom can buy generic Crowns all day long for about $6 in the States; over here they want 20,000 won (about $20US) each. Mom isn't paying that much for a generic Betta. That is close to what the Black Plakats were going for at home. She's hoping to pick up a couple of them. From what she's seen, they are bigger bodied. She's hoping that they are cheaper over here. Plakats are the basic no frills version and more aggressive than the ornamental ones. Some of the nicer ones were going for close to $100 at home.

We did end up buying 2 blue crayfish. The guy called them lobsters. If they grow to be as big as the ones in the other tank, I may have enough to make a meal. Right now, they wouldn't even be an hor' devours.

We had to walk quite a way to get to where we could hail a taxi. While we were waiting, one of the public buses pulled up just past where we were standing. When the rear door opened, I was ready to get on it. Mom and Dad laughed. Mom knows I need more work when it comes to riding that kind of bus vs the base shuttle. I'm use to getting on the base shuttle, counting seats and hopping up when told. The public buses are more crowded so generally Mom has to stand, so I go in the sling. There is no room for me on the floor.

Anyway, Dad was pretty quick in getting us a cab. It was hot out. Mom had been offering me water frequently. I finally got her to take off the cooling vest and just let me wear my regular gear.

So, we get home and Mom starts setting up the tank for "Blue" and "Pah-Lah-Shaen" (means Blue in Korean and if Mom thought that a Hangul font would show up, she'd have used it). She quickly realizes that some more stuff has been lost in the all of our filters and a 5 gallon acrylic tank.

Off to the PX we go, conveniently catching the shuttle. We go to the main building first to peruse MP3 players. Mom didn't see what she wanted. Dad wanted to go covet the PS3s, but Mom told him NO!

Saturday, June 21

The weather sucked. It was rainy, so we couldn't go to the 63 Building. We played inside.


Mom is on Bretta's soap box

June 14th 2008 3:46 pm
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You can read all about it on Bretta's Diary


Monsoon season is here...

June 9th 2008 11:06 am
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Saturday, June 7th

They left me at home! I really shouldn't complain; it was hot out and Mom did set me up with some awesome hide-n-go-seek goodies, but still. I was left home like a common dog. It chafes. Especially when they didn't find what they were looking for.

Mom gave me the low-down. She got mad at Dad and almost grabbed a taxi back by herself. He didn't want to ask directions and Mom would have had to look up the words and it would have been in "broken" Korean since she hasn't a clue about all of the intricacies of proper sentence conjugation. Sentence structure in Hangul is completely different than in English. Dad was being a PITA and said asking about dog food wasn't as simple as asking about dog food.

Mom declared BS on him. He was trying to say that if he asked wrong they would think he was referring to dogs as food (dog meat). Mom said NOPE. She does know that phrase.

There is a shallow river that runs through the market area with paved paths along it. Mom wants to take me down there to take pictures. She said there are places where we can stand on stones in the middle of the river and it will look cool.

Sunday, June 8th

They went back. They found the pet area, but no dog food, dogs, or supplies. Lots of fish albino African Clawed Frogs, Blue Crayfish, various crabs, cockatiels, parakeets, love birds, finches, small bunnies, Guinea Pigs, hedge hogs, ferrets, iguanas, and kittens. Oh, and chickens. There aren't supposed to be chickens in the city since they culled them last month.

Mom had to stop Dad from trying to pet kittens. They looked at fish. Mom brought over a couple of small tanks, but they didn't find any Bettas that they liked. Goldfish are out since Mom gets attached and can't take one when we go back home. Mom said they saw some crayfish that were maybe we will end up with one of them....then if it misbehaves I can convince Mom to let me have it.

Dad had to go to work. He got drafted in going to the airport to pick up someone. He was gone until midnight. We waited up for him. Mom has been doing her homework, Bretta has been working on her new kong, and I've been sacked out in my living room bed since Mom has some stuff in my papasan chair.

We did ride the bus to base with Dad. Mom is out of kibble for Bretta and our last shipment from Pet Food Direct hasn't shipped. Mom is a little ticked with them. It should have shipped and been here. She's in the process of taking that up with them.

It was starting to drizzle when we left, so I was glad Mom had brought my sling. It started pouring on the ride over. Mom let me out of my sling once we got to the entrance of the building and stowed my sling in our pack. Mom picked up the best stuff they had (which isn't saying much) and grabbed me a nice pork roast, some salmon fillets, and got us some more yummy yogurt. (I have to help Mom eat every individual serving of yogurt she opens, but if she tries to give me the stuff she buys for Bretta, I turn my nose up at it.)

We had a little more than 20 minutes in turn around time or we'd have to wait another hour plus for the next bus. We made it with time to spare only to have the bus driver try to question Mom about me. It was still pouring, so I was back in my sling. Hello, the water in the parking lot was 1/2 inch deep. I would have been soaked to the bone.

It was a long walk from the front gate of the compound to our building. Mom carried me and all of the stuff. She had put all of the groceries" in our big backpack and had Bretta's food in one of those "green" bags.


To sling or not to sling....

June 6th 2008 12:02 am
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Tuesday, May 27

Mom was sick all weekend. Between her sinuses and her headaches, we laid around. Dad still wasn't feeling well either. Dad had Monday and today off.

We (the three of us) rode the bus to base and they had a late lunch. Then we took the Post Run to check the mail. My Mutt Muffs were there! Mom had to try them on me. She got them on and Dad got behind me and called me. I didn't hear him. That got Mom excited. This means we can go to concerts now (and the movies). She and Dad were talking about how the new Indiana Jones movie would be at the base theater this coming weekend.

She also said I have a pair of Doggles coming.

She and I went to our language class. It is down to six people. I alerted durng class tonight. Mom was glad she had made a point to let the instructor know that if she gets up and leaves, it isn't anything he has done, we just have to GO or that if I do alert, she may take meds and stay and that I may or may not crawl into her lap at that point. I ended up in her lap tonight.

Mom chose to wait for the bus. Thankfully, it was a quiet ride home.

Thursday, May 29

Mom officially has the CRUD. She's been sleeping a lot again, but she needs it. We snuggled all day Wednesday, she couldn't get warm enough even after standing in a really hot shower.

Dad wrestled with me when he came home. Then, close to supper time, Mom asked me if I wanted ground beef or Bulgoggi (thin sliced beef). Bulgoggi, Please. She also gave me a heaping tablespoon of organ mix. YUMMY.

So, today, as we were going out to catch the bus, we ran into Daddy. My Doggles had come in the mail. Unfortunately, they were a size too small. Mom will send them back and get me a new pair.

Mom couldn't fully participate in class tonight. She could barely talk. I'm excited at starting the next level.

We got out of class and met a rude Shelti. It growled and barked at us even after we got on the other side of the road and up the Dragon garden path. (I still want to run across the fenced in grass area, just once. It is soo lush looking.) We cut through the building to stand in line for a taxi (strike is still on).

Mom was concentrating on staying upright (due to the sinus infection) when I saw the rude dog. It was staring me down. Fortunately, the owner picked it up to walk by us (because at this point, Mom didn't care if it belonged to the BC, we weren't moving). Then again, she could have taken it to the sidewalk on the other side of the Dragon's driveway instead of walking it through all of the pedestrian traffic going in and out of the hotel.

It didn't break eye contact and it growled at me, which made me stand up on my hind legs and growl right back. I got into trouble. Mom made me sit, stand, down, stand, ect until we got to the front of the line. Times like this, I miss my sixty pound pittie body. I could just give other dogs "The Look" and they would stop all the BS.

Dad had fed Bretta for Mom and had cut up my bird. When we got home, I got a Cornish Hen thigh/leg quarter. I snuggled up between the Pawrents on the couch.

If Mom is feeling better, I think we may try to go to one of the historic markets this weekend.

Sunday, June 1st

We went to the movies and my Mutt Muffs work GREAT! Mom put them on me before the movie started. I did shake them off when Mom and Dad (and the whole theater) stood for the National Anthem; I thought we were about to leave or something. As soon as it was over, Mom got them back on and I left them alone until she and I got up to run to the restroom. She fixed them before we left the RR and I left them in place until the movie was over.

I laid on her feet so Mom was confident that I really didn't hear much. I didn't get startled at any of the sudden loudness. No flinching. Mom is soo happy they work. This means we get to go to CONCERTS. (I may even get to meet some famous people). There is also hope that I may even be able to handle fireworks. The down side is that Mom has to remember that I can't hear her while I'm wearing them.

Monday, June 2nd.

Mom looked at her day planner wrong. We showed up for an appointment that is actually tomorrow. I just sighed. Silly woman.

Tuesday, June 3rd

Mom had an awkward doctor appointment. There was a lot of talk about weighing risks versus benefit. Mom had to point out that she was being blind-sided (she doesn't smoke and this is the first we've hard that the pill and migraines don't' mix); I thought she was going to have an anxiety attack, so I was watching her very closely. We walked out with the doctor writing a scrip for six months worth of "No little Brother or Sister" goodness.

We met Dad while we were on the Post Run bus. I yodeled and chortled when he sat down across from us. Mom has never heard me be that loud when greeting Dad. Everyone turned to look and all started smiling or laughing when they saw what my commotion was all about. I was just soo happy to see my Daddy!

We got off at the bus station and walked over the bridge to the Dragon. There were protesters under the bridge. Don't know if they were protesting the importation of US Beef or if it was something else. The pawrents ate, then we caught a taxi home (which was weird because Mom and I have class).

Mom gave me my supper (again, strangeness) then she and Dad had a closed door meeting! She and I did catch a bus and go to class. She had failed to work far enough ahead in the book, so she had some problems. It had started to rain right after we left the compound and Mom had left my sling at home. Mom got to carry me. Her arms will be sore tomorrow.

We had an hour and a half wait for the bus. We decided to go get in line for a taxi. Close to an hour later, we caught one and got home about ten minutes before the bus would have even picked us up. Mom has vowed that my sling will now go everywhere. It has now been declared a necessity; especially since Monsoon season is just weeks away.


Boring week

June 5th 2008 11:18 pm
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Tuesday, May 20th

We met Dad on base and the Pawrents had dinner while I napped. Then Mom and I were off to language class. Earlier in the day, we had met up with one of Mom's friends and went to lunch so they could have some girl-talk time.

Dad is sick. He went to the doctor yesterday and found out he has pneumonia. He's lording it over Mom that she has shared her botulism.

Wednesday, May 21st

My cooling vest came in the mail today. Mom will have to take some pictures.

Thursday, May 22nd

We met Dad again. Then we made it to the ACS building in time to sign up for our Level II language class (for next month) before going to class.

Friday, May 23rd

There was a compound wide cleaning day. Dad didn't get off regular work like most of the other people. We (Mom and I) slept through it. Mom isn't in any shape to be best friends with Mr. Manuel Labor right now (and that is what our building was assigned to do). Plus, we had a neurology appointment to get ready for.

We lucked up when we got done at the hospital, we only had to wait 5 minutes to catch a bus.
I'm liking my cooler more and more. I like it better when Mom doesn't make me wear my vest over it. I think that the layering makes me look fat. We went by the Gallery to order me some more patches, so Mom can trick out my cooler. Then we walked over to the PX. Mom picked me up a new journal for my diary entries.

We had a long wait for a bus home. Dad even beat us. I made a B-line to superman onto the bed when we got in the door. I didn't know Dad was sleeping, so I woke him up, but he didn't mind.

Supper was YUMMY. I had a chicken leg and Bretta had fish.


OSAN...I had to hit the deck.

May 19th 2008 6:20 am
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Saturday, May 17

We got up and Mom got us together. I got breakfast while she got a shower. The three of us caught the shuttle bus to base. Dad got our tickets for the Osan bus while we waited outside. He then ran over to the Gallery to pick up a computer cable he had ordered while I took care of business. We quickly hit the PX so the pawrents could get some reading material and a drink.

The bus that goes to Osan is bigger than our shuttle bus. It also has more leg room and curtains. I spent most of the ride looking out the window. It was like going to the 'burbs via the interstate (except the left lane is buses only). We finally hit a small area of boonies. Instead of corn or wheat, I saw rice paddies.

We got there and all Mom could say was "Wow." It is small compared to Yongsan and much, much flatter.

We must have timed our arrival just my book...wrong. We had the BX (Air Force version of a PX) in sight and only needed to cross a road when the parade started. Now before it started, we had heard full automatic weapon fire in the distance. Mom looked at Dad and raised an eyebrow since it was the weekend, but figured it was no big deal. I've been taught to stop moving when I hear gunfire up close (or see a weapon ready to be fired).

So the parade starts and we are stuck. Dad saw something he thought she would want to look at and moved us around. The parade came down the road we needed to cross then made a right at the corner and came back by us. He had seen the K-9s and thought that Mom would want to look at them. That is when we heard the automatic fire again, this time very close. I hit the deck and was trying to get Mom to hit it as well. Hello, someone was shooting at us or at least that is what I was thinking.

That is when "it" came into view. An armoured personnel carrier type thing with a full auto .50cal machine gun mounted on the top popping off blanks.

Yes, as a Service Dog, I've been "bomb proofed". However, random loud noises have NOTHING on a .50cal at less than 20 feet. Plus, not even "Program" Service Dogs are subjected to tanks, armored personnel carriers, or full auto weapons fire. Even the K-9's were ducking a bit when it was being fired.

The K-9s all walked by us to go back to their vehicles. They had several Mals (all smaller than Bretta), but the majority were GSDs. I stood very very still when they walked by. Mom told me to be a statue since she had been watching them and could see who was typical high strung/looking to either bite or fight. Since they passed within 6 foot of us, Mom wanted me still so as not to provoke them.

I was still a little rattled when it all ended and we could go on our way. Mom had to get onto Dad about not coddling me. She reprimanded me when I kept checking our "six". I was back to normal once we got to the BX.

We looked around and Dad tried to call his buddies. No one answered. We decided we'd come back to actually shop since they have a bigger store and a better selection. Dad wanted to take Mom off base to browse.

We stopped outside the building so Mom could water me. I was drinking from my sippy cup when a lab and two small dogs came up. The little guys were wearing mesh vests that said "Adopt me". The person walking the lab wasn't paying attention and Dad had to step between us and them.

It was about a mile walk to the gate. The area outside is sorta like Itaewon, but different. Mom found a D & B bag for us that she liked. We went back for it after we looked around.

On the way back inside the gate, there was a group playing some music (with a huge drum). Several people were doing what might be interpretated as dancing, though it looked more like they were having some sort of spasms. It was loud; they were spastic and I wasn't in the mood for it. Mom made me stand there once we got by it. When she finally let us walk the remaining ten yards to the checkpoint, I was happy.

Mom and Dad had been offering me water every fifteen to twenty minutes since it was soo warm out. If I didn't drink, they wet down my ears and armpits. I'm glad my cooling vest will be here next week.

We walked to Chili's (yeah, just like at home). Had to spend nealy 15 minutes to get a table because I'm the first Service Dog they have ever had. In the end it was straightened out and we were shown to a table. While we waited, one of Dad's friends walked in. They were all working this weekend and asked where we were last weekend.

I slept through the meal until Mom woke me up. Mom told me that all of the Korean staff paraded by to look at me. Most of them had never seen a Service Dog and couldn't believe I was under the table asleep.

We walked back to the BX and shopped. Then we went to the bus station to get our tickets and wait. Mom fed me some freeze dried liver while we waited to hold me over until we could get home.

I snoozed on the ride home, except when I woke up to alert Mom. I watched her take some meds and drifted back off to sleep. We pulled into Moyer Bus Terminal with less than 15 minutes until our shuttle bus left for home.

A bunch of middle and high schoolers got on at one of the stops. Dad was texting Mom about the conversation we could overhear when the driver didn't take an expected turn and Mom looked over to Dad. We kept getting closer to the North Tower.

Dad has a wicked sense of humor. He texted Mom "We're being kidnapped to NK". Mom rolled her eyes at him. Then he texted her "Welcome to Pong Yang". About that time, some of the kids started getting a little concerned about where we were going. Dad finally told Mom that he had been this particular route.

We got in and I ended up getting my feet washed before Mom would feed us. I conked out early. It was a tiring day.

Sunday, May 18

It rained. At one point it was even thundering and lightning. We played inside.

Mom ordered me some stuff. She had an opportunity to go to a concert last Friday night and couldn't because it would have been too loud for me. So I have a pair of Mutt Muffs coming as well as some doggles. (Bretta is getting some too.)

Bretta and I got to try duck for supper. YUK! Not impressed. Bretta liked it. I convinced Mom to give me some steak.



May 19th 2008 6:16 am
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Mom forgot to post about last Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday, May 13

Mom dug out her "warpaint" and finally found something to wear. It was an icky day. Had rained all morning. Mom dug out my sling so that I wouldn't get all wet and nasty. She packed her language book since she figured we'd be out until class time.

We took the bus to the Dragon where we got Mom a drink and sat down in the common area. She studied her cards while I tried to nap. It was noisy with all of the high school kids in there. There was a creepy teacher there as well. He was overheard to make a comment about me being in the hotel. Mom wishes that people would stop making assumptions about what I do and just ask.

Mom was in that grey area where she could easily get a headache. I'm starting to warn her about that.

We had a 40 minute wait for a cab since the one group was completely on strike. It was a very cold 40 minutes at that. Thankfully, Mom had planned ahead and brough one of my sweaters. Yeah, I was wearing a sweater in the middle of May. I was also more than happy to get into the sling since it kept the wind off me and was better than standing on the cold hard concrete.

We weren't that late to Dad's function. It was packed. He had to stand up and introduce himself. He got a good laugh with the whole "where are you from" (basically which bases have you been at) thing. Some people have moved all over; not Dad. It was funny. Overall, the function was a little uptight since there was some big-wig from one of the "Alphabet Groups".

I started alerting part way through. Mom decided to head to the ladies room so we eased out and down the aisle. One our way back, a couple of suits asked about me. The place was sorta cool though. Mom though the room we were in would make a cool herp room. It had a huge picture window facing a man made waterfall with a pond. Lots of tropical greenery. The inside walls were made to look like rocks with some greenery sticking out. It was big enough to make a dozen awesome open type pens for some Beardies or a huge area for a small iguana colony.

Snacks were then served, though I didn't get any. Dad did try to drop a hot wing on my head.

We had to walk down a freakin mountain to get back to the PX and Four Seasons. Mom didn't wear sensible shoes and Dad has a sprained ankle. They were out of poop bags so we headed to the bus station.

Some old woman was feeding the flying rats. The government here has killed 6 MILLION birds (mainly chickens and ducks) over a recent bird flu outbreak (the bad kind) and some crazy old woman is feeding the vermin.

Then we saw a soldier carrying a 6 foot tall teddy bear. He got on our bus and the bear almost needed two seats. It was sorta cool looking.

Dad told us "Bye" and we (Mom and I ) got off at the Dragon since that is the closest bus stop to class. We were early so Mom had a chance to study her cards. She had done her homework. There were some new people, so Mom gave them her cheat sheet copy for pronunciation. The guy tried saying parts of it were wrong. Mom asked if he spoke the language. No. He had someone else trying to teach him. Mom pointed out that some of what we are learning isn't the same as what they teach at DLI (the all-branch military language school). That got the usual questions of how Mom know this stuff. Gees, because she and Dad had the same conversation. When he heard that, he shut up.

We did catch a taxi home after a 15 minute wait. That beat waiting an hour for the bus.

Mom got me fed and Bretta demanded her attention. I thought she was going to alert since she hugged Mom, but all she wanted was to show Mom that she had hurt her paw. Mom may have to take her to the vet.

Wednesday, May 15

Mom left me home and went off with Bretta. She said they were going to the vet, but they came back smelling like they had been several places; including the food court. I guilted Mom into some extra loving and some Salmon for supper.


First City Bus Ride...Busy City...Coex Aquarium

May 16th 2008 4:50 am
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Thursday, May 15th

Mom had a really bad migraine so we didn't go to language class. I was bummed since it was cooking night and Mom had promised me Bulgogi meat (thinly sliced beef) for supper. I did get RAW, but I had been looking for ward to my Bulgogi.

Mom did stay up long enough for her and Dad to discuss kibble. Mom needs to order some more. Dad wants to see if they can find the place that is supposed to carry EVO. Mom found another place that has a web site full of stuff.

Friday, May 16th
Mom found two more vehicles for Dad to call about. He came home and double checked the address and directions to the one place, only to discover it is an internet only company. So they decided to head to the other one.

I got to ride on the city bus. Dad made Mom bring my sling since he's been on the city buses before and knows how busy and crowded they get. Mom had to stand for about half the ride, then someone got off and she grabbed a seat. Floor wise, it was a mess. There is no way a little guy can sit or stand on the floor unless their handler is seated so they can be protected.

When we got off the bus, Mom put me down so I could walk. If I thought Itaewon was busy, I had a rude awakening. If there are really 20 million people in this city, I swear I've now seen a million of them.

We couldn't find the place and when Dad tried calling, the number had been disconnected. (It worked last month, just couldn't ever get anyone to answer.) Dad thought the Coex Mall was down the road. Mom was game to go. Yeah, his sense of direction isn't his strong point. We hailed a cab to get there and it wasn't where Dad thought it was.

The mall was Huge. It has a huge convention type center and amphitheater plus an aquarium. Guess where we went. Yep. I got to go to the aquarium.

Mom was sorta suprised that we didn't get asked for ID when we walked in the building. It took a few minutes for us to find the general direction of the aquarium and a bit of a walk (inside) to get there. On the way, we passed a dozen different groups of preschoolers through early elementary school kids. Most were in little uniforms and were sorta cute; all paired up. They were just leaving the aquarium.

We walked in and had to pass several hostesses to get to the ticket line. At first, they thought Mom was blind. Mom got our ticket and one of them asked Mom if she was blind. Mom told her no, that I was a medical alert dog. She asked if Mom had a problem with her eyes (not understanding). Mom says No (and shakes her head NO) then points to her head. The girl's eyes got big. Dad told Mom after we got to the the first exhibit that the girl thought Mom meant she was crazy. Oh well. She had read my vest.

We didn't think to bring the camera, so all of the pics came either from Dad's phone or Mom's.

I didn't know anchovies could open their mouths soo wide. Another tank was full of sea horses and another full of Mom's favorite, the Japanese Lion fish. I like watching them. A huge round glass tank full of Cardinal Tetras looked really cool the way they had it lighted. There was a natural looking tank of trout and the big tank with all of the carp. Then we hit a room with small tanks of the usual non-colorful freshwater stuff.

The next room was all goldfish. They had some cool setups. A set of smaller tanks showing the different fancy fish, a tank of "mutt" goldfish. They have the fancy bodies, but are tri-colored. They also had a huge "pond" that was maybe 2 foot deep that had a lot of the bigger koi, including some pretty yellow/gold ones.

We hit a room full of innovative tanks. A glass front washing machine turned into a tank, a glass tank headboard, a microwave set up for a huge crab, ect. They had three Bearded Dragons in a cage that was too small. Two were about to face off; lots of head bobbing and black bearding before the one went after the other. Mom wishes she could speak the language well enough to get a point across. She's had a couple of Dragons through the years (she and Dad had to rehome Jimmy Choo when Dad's orders came through). They aren't social creatures and the cage was barely big enough for one, let alone 3.

Then we hit an amazonian room. They had a small cage of monkeys. Dad tried to use Mom's phone to take a pic. She will have to see if she can download it; sometimes her phone is weird. Mom felt bad for them because there was half a dozen in a really small glass-like cage. We then saw Pacus, more catfish, turtles and then the one thing Dad couldn't get a good picture watching the Otters. They were small compared to Florida Otters. I was enjoying watching them. They have the a ledge that is low enough I could put my feet on the ledge that kids stand on, and see everything. When we started to walk away, they stuck their heads out and chattered at us.

The next exhibit was a beaver. It was bigger than I am. He was laying on his back taking a nap in his make-shift "cut away" dam den.

Then there was a Nile Water Monitor. He was shedding. A big tortoise (looked like a Russian), a big tank of electric eels, and a saltwater croc that was maybe 4.5 foot. Mom didn't let me look at him. He could scent me and started moving around like he was trying to figure out where I was at. They also had a big round tank of piranhas. Mom thinks they didn't have them in the more natural type exhibit because people are dumb enough to try to put their hands in with them.

We walked through a tidal type room where you could touch the starfish. Dad rescued one off the step thing for the kids. After watching one kid chunk one back in the pool, Mom was surprised any of them were alive.

The next room started the saltwater goodness. A big tank with a small hammerhead, some black tip reef sharks, and some fish. Then there was the tank with some small nurse sharks and at least two kinds of rays. One was the normal flat ones Mom is use to seeing off the Florida Coast. The other ones looked more like small Eagle Ray. Mom just wanted to go snorkeling with them like she has the wild ones in Florida.

Then we got to the area with the fake reef system before getting to the sharks. Mom and Dad took me to see Strange Wilderness when it first came out. So of course, there is a Sand Tiger and all Mom and Dad can do is laugh like they are kids. I took one look at it and wondered why it didn't go see a dentist. HUR HUR HUR. There was also a big sea turtle, a giant grouper, and several other kinds of sharks in the tank. As we walked around, we could see a couple of big nurse sharks and some sawfish. We finally got around to the "tube". It has a very slow, very flat people mover on it. Mom made me ride it for the practice. Since it was flat, there was no chance of me getting anything caught. Mom noticed that the water wasn't very deep above the tube. That kept the bigger guys on one side and let the turtle and smaller stuff that didn't need more than a foot or so of water to go between the two tanks.

The octopuses, various jellyfish, and the crabs were last. It ended at the gift shop. Mom got a picture frame. She was bummed that they didn't have dolphins. She thought it would be cool for me to get to see one.

We caught a taxi home. Mom was starting to feel a little off. She didn't drink enough, and is a bit dehydrated from the headache Thursday. I finally alerted around 8PM. I hope this headache is a light one; I'm ready to GO.

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