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Sydney: The Incorgiable Corgi

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September 25th 2012 7:39 am
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Unbelievable news here at the Bridge. The pawrents have a new puppy. They are over the top happy.

His name is Seamus and he is eleven weeks old; another Cardigan Welsh Corgi. I see he is doing the same things I did as a pup. He likes to nip at heels and is full of energy. He chews everything. He has already stolen the hearts of Mom and Dad.

I am happy the pawrents found someone to help heal the holes in their hearts. But they need to realize that I won't be forgotten and that their hearts are big enough and strong enough no matter what happened with me. Because if you don't open your heart, even when its been broken, you never experience the joy of life. As you learned with Olive and me, life is short.

Have fun with Seamus Mom and Dad. I'm still here with you.



July 16th 2012 7:07 am
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Happy Birthday dear Sydney! We miss you so!

Today you would have been 12 years old down here. I would have made you one of your favorite treats, Frosty Paws, and made you wear a silly hat. It would stay up for a minute then you would shake your head and it would turn around so that the pointy part was hanging under your chin. You didn't mind too much as long as a treat was invovled.

Just like you always liked it, the day would have been all about you. But that was how every day was with you. You demanded attention and you got it. You always made me laugh, even as I know write this with tears in my eyes.

Whereever you are, you will always be a part of me.

Love, Mom


Happy Father's Day Dad!!

June 18th 2012 5:54 pm
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I miss you very much.

Love, Sydney


Another Girl

June 15th 2012 7:57 am
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I've been gone from earth a little more than three months.

I know its supposed to be special here at the Bridge and there are some good things about it. My dumb legs work again so no more cart, sling or stroller. That's all good, but there are some things I don't like. For example, no pets from the pawrents! I miss Dad touching the side of my mouth to get me riled up; I miss Mom pushing down my ears and rubbing my temples.

Plus I have heard some disturbing news. There is talk down there of a new puppy. What??? As if I am replaceable.

Dad you think I don't know what you are doing, but I do. He even has a name picked out for the new Cardigan girl puppy. You know I am irreplaceable, Dad and don't you forget it.

Actually, I know he and Mom will never replace me in their hearts. I make sure of that. Why just yesterday Mom came across a YouTube video of a corgi singing "Call Me Maybe". The little corgi barked the tune. He/She sounded just like me when I was in my stroller. I keep reminding them of me this way.

I know they are just trying to fill the enormous holes in their hearts from my passing. They are great pawrents and some lucky puppy will be happy. I know I can't be selfish and keep them only to myself, even though that is my personality.

Ok Mom and Dad, you can get another puppy. But save some treats for me. I'll be watching.

Love, Sydney

Love, Sydney


Starting Over

May 15th 2012 3:34 pm
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I read a diary entry on Cookie's page. Her dad was remembering how he met Cookie and how she really changed his life.

Sydney changed my life too, very similar to the way Cookie changed her Dad's life.

Before I met Sydney, I was single and happy. I wasn't looking for anyone or anything. But then I met Sydney and got so much more. I never anticipated falling for another dog and her Dad.

Sydney took right over my life before I knew it. She walked right in my garage and into my living room like she owned the place. She eventually did. And she took over my heart as well.

Cookie's Dad found this quote: "Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything."

You changed everything for me, Sydney. I can't imagine my life if you hadn't walked into it. Thank you.

Love, Mom


And I Love Her

April 13th 2012 7:31 am
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I've been thinking of Sydney a lot lately. Finally, time has made it so I can think of her without an immediate lump in my throat and tears in my eyes. However, I know this diary entry will bring both.

I keep thinking about her in her cart. The memory of her without it is hard to remember now. When she first got it, she walked up the street with it, her little back legs moving back and forth as if they were supporting her. She had to wear her booties then. She went throught a few as she 'knuckled', but she looked so cute in them. When she wore them and still had the strength in her back and front legs, she could drag herself all over the house.

But later on, her back legs gave up. They knew they weren't doing anything, so they just hung there. It was always hard to see. If she were in her cart, she would run over them, so we had to prop them up on the bars. She still walked like crazy in that cart. She went over big cracks in the sidewalk. Maybe not the first time or even the fifth time, but she did it. But eventually, even that was too hard and she would just slump down. Then Dad helped her.

As time went on, even her front legs got weak. When she slumped over, she couldn't get back up. If she had some momentum, she could go forward, but when she slowed down, down she went. That was really hard.

Then we got the stroller, but we knew our time was limited and it was. We are giving her cart to her physical therapist, who was so good to her and us. We hope she can use it to show disabled doggies they can do it. Or maybe she will donate it to someone who can't afford a cart of their own.

Everytime we walked with her in the cart, people would stop to ask us about her and marvel how her disabilty did not stop her. I know there were some who thought we we nuts for spending so much money and time on a dog. I don't regret a penny. She taught us so much and we cherish every moment we had with her.

There's a scene in the movie "Babe, Pig in the City" where the little cart dog gets hit by a car. For a minute he is at the Rainbow Bridge, running without his cart, but he is called back. I like to think of Sydney like that, if I only could remember her without her cart.

The tears have come, so that's it for now.

Miss you Sydney.

Love, Mom


Eight Days A Week

March 6th 2012 7:25 am
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Dear Sydney,

Its been eight days since you left us; actually it was a week last night.

We picked up your ashes last night. It was very emotional. Ruby came with us. You are in a beautiful cedar box with your name engraved on top. We weren't expecting that. We think the vet may have ordered something special for you because you were a special dog.

It seems Ruby has had a hard time with your passing. She seems quieter and more skittish than usual. It could be she is reacting to the sadness around her, but I think she really misses you. You were her alpha dog for so long until you became disabled and then she looked to you to know what was going on. Even Dad noticed she wasn't the same, so he is giving her lots of love and attention.

We've been going for walks every day. It sure is different. I used to walk with Ruby ahead of Dad and you were bringing up the rear. Then it was you and Dad behind me with you in the stroller. The walks were much slower but we liked it. Now Dad holds Ruby's leash and he and I walk side by side. Ruby isn't used to it; she walks back and forth on the sidewalk so I have to move from right to left and back or else get caught up in the leash. I don't mind, but I sure miss our walks with you.

Last night we had a funny incident. Ruby pulled to look under a car. A cat was there, so she tried to get under the car and Dad let her. Next thing we heard was a hisss and Ruby jumped back quickly. You would think that would be it, but that's not all. That cat came after Ruby and chased her for a couple of yards, even though Ruby had backed off. We quickly got out of there. We thought the cat might chase us up the street, but she finally stopped and went back under the car. Ruby didn't seem to mind that a cat won that fight.

This morning we let Ruby sniff your box. She sniffed and licked the top. She misses you but she is going to be alright.

Dad misses you terribly. You two were inseparable. Last night he spent about an hour going through pictures of you on the computer. I am so glad we took so many. You were so photogenic and it brought back so many wonderful memories.

Rest in peace Sydney. We will never stop loving you and missing you. As my mom used to say, when they made you, they threw away the mold!

Love, Mom



February 28th 2012 7:58 am
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Sydney is physically gone from us, but never far from our hearts. That little dog was really something special.

For too long, she was not able to physically do many things; so long its hard to remember when she could run and walk. I find some comfort in thinking that whereever she is, she is running around going corgi crazy like she used to love to do.

I'm having a hard time - I keep seeing her laying at the vet office. To try to get it out of my mind, I am trying to remember all the cute things she did and how much joy she brought into our lives.

I remember she always wanted to be with her people, even when we took a shower. We used to say, "Sydney, shower time." She would come running to the bathroom and lay on the rug outside the shower. When she could no longer walk, if we didn't bring her to the rug, she would cry until someone did. Later, it was just too hard and we had to leave her out of the bathroom. She would bark and bark...

She loved her Daddy more than anything, well maybe except food. He used to chase her around the house. Sydney would dart in between the furniture, run down the hall and lose her footing on the hardwood. They played rough too, much rougher than I played with her. Dad would pretend to try to grab her muzzle. How Sydney would snap her head and growl! She sounded so ferocious!

When we went for walks, before and after her stroller, she was a peeing machine. She was a girl, but marked all over the place. If Olive or Ruby peed, Sydney would have to find the spot and mark over it. She was such a funny dog.

She would go 'corgi crazy' in the backyard. One of us would see her and say "Sydney's going corgi crazy" and yell and clap. That made her go more 'corgi crazy.' She would run around the perimeter of the backyard, through bushes, leap onto the patio and turn on a dime to start all over again.

Boy did she love her treats. We always bought one for each dog, but Sydney did not rest until she had all the treats. She would easily steal Olive's and cry until she could get Ruby's. Then she would happily sit with all three treats and pretend like she would bite you if you tried to take one away. She never did, though.

She was a real people puppy. Not too interested in other dogs, but people she loved. When we walked, she always had to go up and greet people, especially children. They were the right size for her and they loved her too. We had to be careful because she liked to jump up like a torpedo and one time a little girl lost her balance. Sydney licked her face and she felt better. Sydney loved everyone and everyone loved her.

Sydney had her photograph taken a lot too. Many years ago, we had a portrait painted of her, Olive and Ruby. The painter wanted to get to know her, so she took lots of pictures of her. She said she liked to think about how the dogs would live if they were people. She thought Sydney was a star, a diva. And she was right.

I hope Sydney is somewhere running free without limitations. I hope she knows we love her very much. I hope that someday I can stop crying.


I wuv you Sydney

February 27th 2012 1:55 pm
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We've made the hard decision to put Sydney out of her misery. The vet cannot stop the bleeding. She is totally incontinent. She can hardly move herself or hold herself up. She seems to have lost her undefeatable spirit. She didn't want to eat this morning, but did when I hand fed her. That's not like her. We are bringing her to the vet this afternoon for our last trip together.

There's a huge and horrible lump in my throat and my eyes are filled with tears. But we know we can't be selfish and keep her with us any longer.

We had a 48 hour all Sydney days this past weekend. She got all our attention and lots of bones and treats, including one filled with bully stick - her favorite. She had visitors and went for her last stroll in the stroller.

Life is not going to be the same without Sydney, but she will forever be in my heart. We had such good times together!

I wuv you Sydney!!!!!!!!!



I'm happy just to dance with you

February 23rd 2012 7:56 am
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Yesterday was a tough day for the pawrents. I saw and heard lots of crying. Things are calmer today so I am glad.

I went to the vet last night. Turns out I do have a bladder tumor. They are very rare, but usually when they show up, they are cancer. Dad doesn't want to put me through any more tests or surgery to find out exactly what it is at this point. I've had enough surgery!

The dogter said that there is a medicine that might help me for awhile, at least make my care more manageable. So we started that last night. Mom went on the internet to learn more about it and it looks like it that the best case scenario is 6 months max.

The dogter also said I should be feeling better in a few days and if I'm not, then the pills are not working. I slept like a champ last night, but this morning I was still bleeding. Keep your paws crossed I get better after my 2nd pill tonight.

Don't feel bad for me. I'm a happy girl and thankful just to be with my people. They are so good to me! I sense a 48 hour all Sydney weekend coming up! Plus the treats have been coming like crazy!

Peace and love,


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