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My hard life


November 12th 2010 10:21 am
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Well Fall is here and that means getting every thing ready for winter including raking leaves. Well Mommy and Grandma and uncle Kevin raked up leaves and mad BIG piles to scoop up how ever b/f they got scooped up I got gently tossed into this ginormous pile of leaves and then to top it all off I had my picture taken. I was happy just watching and supervising but instead I got tossed in the leaves. Mommy said I had to check things out. What things it was a pile of leaves!! if have my picture taken several times wasn`t enough mommy went and put the pictures on my page. Then Halloween night came and it was cold out and mommy made me be a prisoner and Nikki was my guard !!1 I wanted to be an Ewok but NOOO I had to be a prisoner. I did get attention tho so i guess it wasn`t too bad plus I got to sit on mommy`s lap and be nice and warm under a blanket. Plus i did get some snacks for being good . Next year I will be an Ewok and I will not go outside when the leaves are being raked up. I just thought of something next the snow will be here UGH !!!


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