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Happy 10th Birthday Winston!!!

December 1st 2013 9:44 pm
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Today is Winston's 10th birthday!!! You came to live with us when you were 5 years old, after having lived in New York your whole life. Then you lived in California with us, now we've moved to Oregon! It has been fun to watch your transformation from a nervous only dog, to peacefully living with other dogs & people. You always let me know you're my #1 lil man and manage to always sit next to me. We are just about joined at the hip all of the time. Which is alright with me. You're a wonderful companion, a great traveler, a great brother to your brother & sisters. You are so funny about your walks - you try to tell me where we're going, and you love walking in town and on the beach. You are a grumbly lil guy, no matter the situation, you have to have the last word or sound LOL! You talk to everyone on our walks, whether it's a dog or a person. We can stop in stores, and people welcome you in because you're such a well behaved guy. You certainly stand out because you're SO handsome, even if your beard is turning white! You have the same energy as you did when you were 5! Now that you have a daily wrestle with younger Lily, I think you'll just keep it up.

We're SO happy you came to live with us. I love you lil man! Happy Birthday!

love mom


Not just schnauzer pals!

December 3rd 2012 12:56 pm
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Thank you to Abbie and Jakie too for the presents and birthday wishes!!!!

love ya!



Birthday Outing

December 2nd 2012 6:29 pm
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First of all, thank you to all my schnauzer pals for wishing me a Happy Birthday and giving me so many presents! You guys are the best! That's like icing on the cake, or a cherry on top or my preference a steak!!!

I wasn't too sure what kind of birthday I was going to have because it has been raining for 2 days, but we woke up to sun & no rain! It was cold in the 40s but it was a nice break. Then mom took me into the shower with her and made me take a bath!!! Dad rescued & dried me, and let me run away. But Lily had to take a shower too BOL!

Then mom and I took off in the car. Of course she made me wear my raincoat. First stop was Bullard's Beach. It was SO windy my hair was blowing at a 90 degree angle. It was also a little drizzly and about 50 degrees. We stayed off the beach though because the waves were really big and it's kinda dangerous. That was ok with me.

We headed back to the car and a big rain burst down on us. But we were in the car, just in time. Mom wrapped me in a big, warm, soft blanket and put me in the dog seat. Then we went into Old Town and walked on the boardwalk and through town. We saw rainbows!!! Then we went to another 2 other beach overlooks. At the first one, we went for a walk. I got to sniff and pee on everything. At the second one, it was SO windy there that I kept trying to walk towards the buildings across the street BOL. Mom finally got the message that I didn't want to be outside anymore, so we went home. Everyone was happy to see me, especially when we got to share treats.

It was a fun day. I love getting to be the only one with mom or mom & dad. They treat me like I'm a little prince, as they should BOL! Now I'm all snuggled up in a fleece throw, with a nice fire and a full tummy. Thanks for a happy birthday, mom!



Happy 9th Birthday Winston!!!

December 2nd 2012 12:58 am
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Happy Birthday to my little man, Mr. Winston!!! I can't believe so much time has passed. You joined our family in 2007 after growing up in New York City. You were an only pet, and came to live with us with 3 other dogs, 3 cats and 2 parrots. You came for a weekend visit, and it worked out so well that you never left. You immediately just started running, chasing the other dogs and squirrels. You've always loved walks, and still do. You said goodbye to Molly, Georgie and the 3 cats, but welcomed NeeNee and Lily into the family. You also moved from California to Oregon. So much change in just 5 years. You've been pretty adaptable but certainly let us know what you are feeling. You are such a talker!!! And you're a smart one! Always watching, planning and sneaking around. One of the things you always do when company comes to visit, is find someone who doesn't know we don't throw balls in the house. BOL! So much fun.

You are in incredible shape, all muscle. Every time a vet sees you, they mention that fact. Wrestling the other dogs seems to be your specialty. You're are a little stinker though. You do love to tear up Lily's toys! Remember the time you tore up a toy, and then swallowed it along with peanut shells that the parrots threw on the floor? That was our biggest health scare with you, but you made it through just fine.

You survived your training with Uncle Matty. You didn't want any part of it, and protested! But you have beautiful manners, at least when you want to!!! You do have that stubborn schnauzer in you. But now we live in a rural area, and you can walk off leash. You are the best walker out of the bunch, always within eyesight and always listening to commands.

You're a special little man. You've always been so independent, but the older you get the more you cuddle with me. I love that about you, never shy about asking for loving.

It's raining so hard this week, but maybe we'll have a break and we can do something special! We always do on your birthday, because you're such a special little dog.

Happy Birthday sweet Winston!!!



Thank you for the birthday greetings and presents!

December 2nd 2011 6:13 pm
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Thank you to everyone for all your birthday messages and gifts! My awesome friends really made it a special day.

Mom, Dad & just me had an outing today! We went down to the harbor. I got to sniff and pee on lots of stuff on our walk! It was a cold windy clear day, but I wore my new fleece shirt so I was warm. Dad pointed out the seagulls and their poop - Georgie's favorite scent BOL. Then we went to the doggie store and picked out some treats. We took them home and I shared with my brother and sisters. Mom of course got me another ball for my present. We played chase the ball today.

Another super birthday! Thanks again, everyone.


Happy 8th Birthday Winston!!!

December 2nd 2011 12:14 am
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Happy Birthday Little Man! We love you so much and are so glad that you came to live with us. You have brought such life to our pack with your spunk, playfulness and love for others. You're always ready with a ball in your mouth, or a wrestle with one of the others. You've taught Lily all of your bad habits, LOL, but are such a great playmate to her and Finnegan. You weathered our move out of state, even though it made you nervous when we started packing. Once we got into our new place, you settled in nicely. Now we have 2 yards for you to run in, and you get walks off leash. You're the best walker now! You continue to adapt to whatever comes your way!

For your birthday, we're going to explore the harbor and beach! I can't wait to show you off, you're such a little charmer. Maybe we'll go by the doggie store and get a treat!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little buddy!

love mom


My Photo in Fido Friendly magazine!!!

July 18th 2011 7:40 pm
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Mom entered one of my photos in Fido Friendly magazines Tongues contest. I got an honorable mention!!! All the winners and honorable mention recipients are in their current July/August 2011 issue. If you go to, scroll down a little way to PREVIEW, then go to page 23 you'll see me!!! I'm the 2nd dog in from the right hand lower corner!!!

Arrrooooo!!!! I've been published. It's a photo taken by my mom's nephew in the backyard. It's on my page too. We received the actual magazine today so that mom can keep a copy. She's so proud. Dad said "too bad he didn't have a better haircut" BOLBOL!!! He is proud though too.



All Healed Up

February 2nd 2011 1:28 am
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I went to the vet today to have the stitches removed from my back. The lump turned out to be benign. I healed 100% perfectly. Except I kept licking my leg where I had the IV inserted. It started to look irritated. So I had some medicine put on it, and had to wear the cone of shame! Sheesh! But only for the day. Mom says she's glad because now I can have a bath. It's always something, isn't it???



Happy 7th Birthday Winston!!!

December 2nd 2010 1:03 am
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Happy Birthday to my lil monster, my little Winston T (for Trouble), my sweet boy!!! I can't believe you are 7 years old. You have the energy and spirit of a teenager, but today in dog years you're 21 years old!!!! BOL - definitely old enough to vote, so I guess I should listen to your position on things more carefully! Old enough to drink alcohol, but OH NO not gonna let you do that. I promise to give you more treats instead, ok? Since you are old enough but you are not driving, I promise to take you on more rides and trips with me, ok? More beach time, I promise!!! And I'll continue to throw a ball for you and take you for walks. But I promise to find more interesting places to walk.

You are such a joy as part of the family. You're such a little instigator, but you're so smart you know how to get the others blamed for your naughtiness. You're so quick at learning. You love running, chasing and wrestling with Finnegan. I love how you always have to have the last word, no matter what you're being told, even if being reprimanded. You're such an independent little thing. But you're also a little love. I remember the first year we couldn't even touch you without you snapping at us. You were so nervous. Now you crawl into my lap and love being loved. You've come a long way, little man. And we all look forward to many more years together.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet boy. Your momma loves you.


Schnauzer Day at the Vet's

November 17th 2010 4:56 pm
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I had to go to the vet today for my annual physical exam. Dr. Porte is a really cool guy, he loves how muscular I am. He also thinks it's funny how I bark and talk all of the time. It's a guy thing I guess because mom isn't so amused by it! My mom showed him a bump on my back that has developed recently and has been growing in size. I'm going to have a dental cleaning in December so he's going to remove the bump the same day. It's either a benign adenoma or a melanoma. We'll see. Mom says she's not going to get all weird on me, but you know how they get when they start worrying. Other than that, I'm the picture of health!

Today I met another schnauzer at the vet. He looked just like Finnegan. He is 11 years old and has diabetes, but he arroooo'd just like we do. We played with each other in the waiting room until our leashes got too tangled. Then when we were getting ready to leave, there was another schnauzer! He also looked like Finnegan. Guess I'm one of a kind around these parts. Annie was the only black and silver they ever saw at this vet's too! It's kinda nice to be special.

I got some extra treats for being good today. I liked the treats, but I think I could pass up the temperature taking and blood drawing procedures. I told them so, too!


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