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Life is good...

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Oh My Tummy...

September 2nd 2009 9:45 pm
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I spent the day at the vet's today. For a few days on & off, my food has been coming up. Mom got worried and said I shouldn't be doing that, and I was getting dehydrated. So dad took me to the vet today. All my blood tests looked good, but my xray showed something that looked like stuffing from a toy!!!! Mom did find stuffing all over the floor the other night. So besides the IV fluid, they decided to give me some medicine like ipecac that makes you upchuck everything. And boy did I upchuck - toy stuffing, along with peanut and sunflower seed shells. YUCK!!! Mom says I've been sneaking from the food the parrots throw out of their cage onto the floor when they eat. Dad says my 'sophagus is too small for those shells. Anyway, afterwards I felt MUCH better. They wanted to keep me for observation overnight but dad convinced them he & mom could watch me. So I got to go HOME!!!

Finnegan was pretty worried about me. He told me mom had gathered up a lot of our toys and won't give them back. All she left were the toys we can't tear up. He's not happy about that either. But I got to eat a little rice and chicken, and drank a lot of water and went for a very short walk. I'm happy to be home with my family!!!



I'm Back!!!

September 6th 2009 9:32 am
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Wow, what a long week it was!!! I started getting sick last Saturday, but just kind of on & off. I ended up with dad at the vet's all day on Wednesday when they found out I had a partial bowel obstruction from toy stuffing combined with shells from peanuts and sunflower seeds. They got that stuff up out of me, but on Thursday I was having tummy pain. So mom took me to the hospital Thursday night and they really didn't want me to go home. They gave me medicine for upset stomach but it didn't work. So on Friday that did something called a barium enema - yes it is as awful as it sounds! They didn't see any further blockage - whew! Whatever was in there must've come out with the barium - YUCK! So I finally got to go home. I've been regaining my strength and am almost back to eating regular sized meals. I have to take medicine now and am still on a restricted low fat diet. I can walk the same distance but not quite at the pace I usually do. One thing mom and dad have said is that my bark has returned BOLBOLBOL! They said it was unnaturally quiet around here for a few days.

So my recommendation is that you dont eat the stuffing in your toys, and if you do, don't combine it with shells that can get stuck in it!!! We'll see if I remember in the future. I did notice a lot of toys missing around here though. Oh well, mom says better safe than sorry.



Doing OK Today

September 10th 2009 11:59 pm
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I had a minor set back yesterday. I woke up sick again when I woke up in morning. Mom & dad discovered I was sick during the night too. So mom held my food and stopped my antibiotics. I sure was hungry but mom kept telling me Dr. Morgan said I would be better without it! We think it was probably the antibiotics. And they were right! Today I had some chicken and rice for breakfast & cottage cheese & rice for dinner. For dinner tomorrow, I'm going to get some kibble. YAY!!! So today was a good day. Arrrooooo!



Our 9/11 canine heroes

September 11th 2009 12:29 pm
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We will never forget.

Here are photos/articles to remember our canine heroes. 915a.htm he-911-rescue-dog.php welfare/blog/the-heroic-dogs-of-9-11/

http://www.our.home ntelacrossamerica/blog/2009/sep/11/remembering-911s-heros-au dio


Travelin' Man

September 19th 2009 3:41 pm
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Mom just received a new sherpa carrier for me!!! I immediately jumped in and stayed for over an hour. I can jump in the top, or go in through the end. Mom says she can tell I've traveled before. Maybe now I'll get to meet that woman everyone calls Granny who they say lives on the east coast!!! We'll see....


K9 support team project

November 11th 2009 5:28 pm
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What they do:

The most important thing the K-9 Team does is adopt military dog teams, just like Angels adopt service members through the regular adoption process. That means sending a letter a week and at least one care package a month. The difference is, the care packages are for both the dog and the handler. For example, a package can include a chew toy and treats, or even hygiene items like shampoo or clippers, plus the regular snacks and goodies for a service member.

The K-9 Team also works as a group to raise funds for major canine equipment purchases such as cooling mats/vests, doggles (goggles for dogs), and booties, and develops relationships with local pet shops to get discounts or conduct item fundraisers.

Love our military K9s! Winston


Happy Birthday To Winston!!!

December 2nd 2009 10:05 am
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Today is Winston's 6th Birthday!!! Woo hoo!!! He has been with us for 2 years now and what a joy it has been. We are so glad he has fit into our pack and family. He had some adjustments to make from NYC to California and a new family. He has a very vigilant demeanor and doesn't trust new people. It took about a year before he would allow us to pick him up or move him over without his protest. After all this time, we can finally hold him like a baby with his belly up for a belly rub ~ a real testament to trusting us!!! He even asks for his belly rubs now.

Winston is definately a barky boy. He was partially debarked by his former owner because he was living in an apartment in Manhattan. But he is strong willed and now he has a persistent loud bark, and boy does he have a lot to say! He was the only pet and he didn't have a back yard. Now he can run & run & bark & bark, chasing Finnegan & bark at everything! We worked with a top notch nationally known trainer and Winston is VERY smart. He was a bit stubborn at being trained but now he'll do what we want so he can get back to what he wants - chasing his ball! The trainer even said that if we don't ever want him, he will take Winston. Good luck Uncle Matty - he's ours furever!!!

Winston's obsession is chasing balls. He always has one nearby and always brings it to you "just in case". He runs like the wind and loves to chase Finnegan. In fact, sometimes we repeatedly ask him to chase Finnegan ~ to wear both of them out BOLBOL! He does think he is the boss of Finnegan although he's outweighed by about 8 lbs and a few inches. He has a strong little personality and knows how to use it to get what he wants.

Occasionally, Winston will chase squirrels. Usually he barks to tell Finnegan that there is another squirrel on our lawn. See how smart he is? He gets to bark and he gets to tell Finnegan to do the work! BOLBOL! One thing he does like to do is follow scents on the ground. One time he followed a scent right to a skunk - PEEYEW!!!

Winston did travel quite a bit with his first owner. The first time I brought out a sherpa dog carrier, he jumped inside and claimed it. Recently, as I was packing for a trip, Winston jumped into my suitcase and settled in. He was ready to go. We sometimes take family vacations with all of the dogs, and Winston is the first to get in the car. He is ready for anything.

All I can say, is our family is very lucky to have Winston. He's a joy and a comic. He's a reminder of how even a well loved dog who is rehomed can have issues. But with constant love and affection, good training and consistently being there for him, he has turned around to be a great member of the pack and our family.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY WINSTON!!! And may we enjoy many more with you. We love you!

love Mom


Thanks for being great pals!

December 3rd 2009 9:16 pm
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Thank you to everyone for your birthday wishes and presents!!! You've helped make it an awesome day. I got to spend the day alone with mom, one of my favorite things. We went to the pet specialty store and the park ~ of course I got a new toy (and I just got one 2 days ago!), treats and a raincoat. And I got to hang out while she went on errands. It's been a great day, and you all have made it that much more fun. Thanks!



Another exciting weekend - skunked again!!!

February 20th 2010 11:42 pm
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Well, it's that time again when the stinky black & white cats are out and about!!! I cornered one in the plants by the pool tonight...and I had my mouth open barking of course BOLBOL! So as that skunky scent wafted by I got sprayed. YUCK!!! I ran into the house and started rubbing my face all over. Then I started SPITTING on one of my blankets. Mom had never seen that before and didn't know what was going on.

Needless to say, I had to have the de-skunking bath tonight. After I was dried, mom & dad said they could still smell that pee-yew odor. Mom opened my mouth and boy did she almost fall over. So the toothpaste came out. Mom also just brought home some samples of dental chews with doggie toothpaste in the center so she made me eat one of those. I've been pretty closed mouthed about the whole thing....I'm saving it for the next time I meet that darn skunk!!!

Finnegan had my back...he was helping me corner the skunk, but fortunately for him he was on the other side of the pool fence. Just far enough away to miss the spray. But I know he would've helped me get that skunk!

Mom says the dog door has to be locked as soon as it gets dark now. We're waiting to get outside again to go relive the experience! Woo hoo, what a Saturday night!!!



March 7th 2010 12:16 pm
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Walks are for me! Mom tried to hook me up to her bicycle with the WalkyDog like she does with Finnegan. I sure didn't like it. The only way I would tolerate it was to have mom walk between me and the bike. Guess that defeats the purpose of bike riding BOL!!! So I get to walk, which makes me very happy. Today she walked while she carried Nisha in her Doodlebuggy carrier!!! I just pretended she wasn't there. How is a guy supposed to look cool when your sister is being carried around like a baby!!! But mom says she's enjoying it, and I can't deny fun. So I guess it's ok for you to come along on my walks Nisha!!!

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