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New family

October 16th 2007 7:27 pm
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Well, I've been with my new family for 4 days now. There sure have been a lot of changes. First, I'm not the only dog anymore! There are 3 other dogs in this house, plus 2 noisy parrots, and 3 outside cats. Finnegan is my play buddy. We chase each other, steal each others toys, fight over who is top dog. It's pretty intense sometimes but most of the time we're just running. We both like to be chased when we have a toy. We have a really big yard, something I didn't have in New York. I don't have free access to the yard like everyone else, or to the house when my new mom & dad are away. Doesn't seem fair. But I'll show them I can be trusted. Afterall, I'm a very smart schnauzer!

Georgie just tolerates me - I think she likes that I challenge Finnegan because she can go about her business without him bothering her. Molly is pretty mellow, she puts up with it all. The parrots throw food on the floor and make a lot of noise. They call Georgie, Molly and Finn. I guess someday they'll say Winston too.

I love going for walks in my new neighborhood. The streets are tree lined and there is a lot of grass. I'm used to sidewalks in Manhattan! Finnegan and I walk together pretty well, but he gets pretty goofy around squirrels. I just don't see the point in that!

I'm really excited to see mom & dad when they get home. I met Paula, our walker, today. She knows pretty well how to walk us, play ball and give us treats. I think I'm going to like her too. Well, I guess I'll stay. Besides, I have no idea where I am!!! But I have a cozy bed that's all my own, yummy food, lots of hugs & play. Seems like a good deal to me.





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