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I've been tagged!!!!

My Big Brother Norton Bit Me :(

August 16th 2008 8:16 pm
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So we were playing tug o' war like we always do but it was on daddy. Well I guess we hurt daddy cuz he said Ouch and tried to move us and all of a sudden Norton had me by my tiny little side. Well I was screaming so loud cuz it really hurt :( Daddy actually had to spank him to get him off of me.

It turns out he didn't even break the skin but there is a bruise there. I was shaking so bad mommy had to hold me until I calmed down. Boy did Norton get into trouble. It's all good now, cuz later he came over to apologize and clean my eyes.

Thanks for listening.




Frosty Paws

May 28th 2008 2:02 pm
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Hi everyone!!! Guess what? After all this we've always heard about Frosty Paws mommy finally found some today. Wowie was it tasty. It was confusing to me at first cuz we never get ice cream and it was soooo cold. But once I figured it out there was no stopping me.


I've Been Tagged!!!!

March 31st 2008 8:38 pm
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By Spot!!!

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1)Lick the plates clean after dinner
2)Bark at intruders
3)Be cute
4)Loving mommy and daddy

Four places you have lived:
1)At the shelter
2)With mommy and daddy

Four places you have been:
2)Gramma's house
3)To to groomers
4)To the vet

Four places you would rather be:
1)Going for a walk by my favorite creek
3)At a grocery store with no humans around so I could eat everything
4)Playing in the backyard

I tagg:

Lucy, Maggie Mae, Mr. Jeepers, Rain


I've Been Tagged!!!!

January 14th 2008 7:27 pm
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Here are the rules of this tag:
Post 7 random facts about yourself (and the rules of the tag) in your diary
Pick 7 fur friends to tag (by sending them pawmails or rosettes)

Facts about Trix:
1) I get more e-mail then my mommy
2) I can never get too much lovin'
3) I am the only girl amongst the 4 of us
4) Even though I am the smallest - don't mess with me
5) I love my daddy
6) I love snow
7) I love squeaky toys

Here are the cuties I am taggin':
1) Bandit my "cop" buddy 655040
2) Lillibee what a cutie 31640
3) Suzette my poodle buddy 36494
4) Molly my mommys dog 105953
5) Bam 630955 The cool gurad dog
6) Sasha 509871 our Illinois buddy
7) Kelly 517985 a cutie and one of our first friends

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