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Everyday Life of a Lazy Dog


May 13th 2008 5:39 pm
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Wow.... wish i was down there with my owner...

She has been going through a lot and I haven't really gotten to hug her and kiss her and be there for her.

Well I'm there for her cuz she prays to me but I wish i could BE there.

I hope Chunk will be there when her tears shed.

Do Good Chunk.
Take Care of My Little Girl. :)



Doggies That Have Touched My Soul!!!

January 24th 2008 1:32 pm
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I would like to say a few words about a few doggies that have always been there fur me and have touched my soul!!

MY BUDDIES!! King Spivey, Darby and of course, AXEL!!!

King Spivey has always helped me out ever since i have been apart of Spoiled Pugs and he always welcomed me to the group and was there fur me when I went to the bridge. In fact he cared so much that he gave me a job!! You are now looking at KNIGHT TUCK!!! THANKS SPIVEY!!

Darby was always there fur me also, he would chat with us a lot and would always ask if we would come to certain events and helped us out in AFF!! He even lent me a seat during AFF Bingo!! He calls me his lucky charm!! I love him fur loving me fur the way i am!! THANKS DARBY!!

And Of Course, my bestes buddy, AXEL!! It all started when i sent him an IM message and we talked and talked fur hours!! Or what felt like hours!! We have SOO MUCH in common!! He would always sneak a little gift onto my page fur being his furrriend and fur us understanding each other!! His brofur Casper was at the Bridge before I was and I finally met him, and I'm glad I did. He reminds me soo much of Axel and they are the sweetest pets EVER!! I LUV U AXEL!! You are my buddy fur LIFE!!!

In Loving Memory,
~Knight Tuck~


I went over the rainbow bridge...

November 23rd 2007 7:38 am
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yes it's true. I went over the rainbow bridge early this morning. This is how it all started: I have been sore for the past couple of days and then it came to Thanksgiving night when my owners came to check up on me and they saw me cold and stiff in my dog house still breathing but I had really bad twiching and slobber running out of my mouth as if I couldn't swallow. So my owners quickly to me to the Emergency Vet Clinic. After a while of testing and trying to get me warmed up, the vet said that i had low blood sugar and an infection in my blood. So I stayed the night there and the vets got me up walking around and sitting up and everything and everyone in the office knew I was going to make a full recovery. Then before my owner came to pick me up to take me to our other vet, she and the vet saw that I was motionless and unresponsible. The vet tried everything to try and get me up. But nothing worked. I had a blood clot go straight to my brain and I went. So I am now upstairs in doggie heaven with my sister Tia. I will miss my family and owners and I will miss everyone here on Dogster.

Wags and Licks,


Guess What???????

November 4th 2007 6:52 am
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Today my owner combined my personel space with the puppies personel space!!! It's kind of good because I get more room to run around and I don't have to be on a leash the whole day and it's kind of bad because the puppies try to sleep in my doghouse with all the nice hay to keep us warm and I'm not used to being in a pen. But it's really cool because we get lots of sun to keep us warm!!! That means more suntanning!!! Got to go!! See yah!! WOOF!

Wags and Woofs,


We LOVE Being Here!!!

November 1st 2007 11:45 am
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Hello we just entered Dogster and we love it!! we love being able to make online friends and have fun. I love the groups here, the chatting with my new friends especially Axel who always listens to me!! I love you axel!! and we love giving and especially recieving treats from our dear friends!! I just pupdated my profile for all to enjoy!! Thank you all for helping us make Dogster a great place to be!! WOOF!!


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