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This is my tail and I am stickin to it

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October 4th 2010 11:33 am
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Zoie has now been missing for a little over 24 hrs. it seems like a lifetime, With Zoie is a piece of all our hearts that can never be replaced.
We have posted fliers with Zoie's picture all over town and a couple of the neighboring towns . we have searched every street in Paradise and the adjoining towns, in our search we found two dead kitties that had been hit by cars and laying on the side of the road. We have called the humane Society , and all the Animal shelters in our area, including leaving a flier at the local veterinarian,post office and stores in neighboring towns . We are convinced that she was taken. We are heart broken and are asking for everyone to please pray for our Zoie that she is safe and that she will be returned home to us . We will try to keep everyone updated but right now mom and me are to heart broken to do anything else.
Thank you for all your prayers well wishes and rosettes, we sure appreciate all your support that you have given us.

Love and hugs Hansome Jack and Mom Martha


Great News Lulu is back

September 25th 2010 2:20 pm
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Me and mom we were out at dawn this morning looking for Lulu still no hen , so Mom thought we would never see her again then about 11am this morning she suddenley appeared and was on her way to the hen house to lay a egg we have no idea where she went but she is staying in the yard so far, were watching her pretty close now and she sure seems happy to be home .

Jack and Mom Martha


A very sad day today

September 24th 2010 8:43 pm
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OMD! mom has been crying all day today , Lulu (one of our chickens) is missing and we can't find her. We have looked all over the yard and up and down the street no Lulu . Even I feel
bad for mom.I didn't even get mad when we were out looking for Lulu and Lola was following mom around, mom stop and Lola flew up into moms arms hmm I wonder if she misses Lulu to.
We were starting to get some nice eggs to, Lulu even layed a egg today before she went missing. You see Lola and Lulu are the only ones that lay white eggs so we know she was in the nesting box this morning, because there were 5 eggs 2 white and 2 brown and 1 light brown . I sure hope we find Lulu tomorrow.


OMD!!! our first egg

August 29th 2010 6:41 pm
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Lola has been sneaking out of the hen house in the early
morning mom and dad think she is getting ready to lay, well
mom told Dad to put a couple of marked eggs out in the nesting
boxes so he put 3 eggs out there, not sure why the big X on there I did hear mom tell him that she didn't think that there going to know that X marks the spot, (humans are so silly)
but in all fairness to dad this afternoon when he check the hen house there were 4 eggs one with out a X and it was still warm well dad come running in the house hollering to everyone to come see the egg I mean really whats the big deal ???
then Mom says Lola deserves a special treat so I'm thinking more spaghetti but no its corn on the cob can you believe this??? mom says Big red should be starting to lay soon then we will have brown eggs I can just imagine whats going to happen when the Americana's start laying, there eggs are a bluish green , So I have made a deal with the cat next door she can have a chicken or two if she can catch them hehe and I won't chase her off when she is looking for field mice next to the hen house, if I can have half of her cat food yup it taste better that ole chicken feed and corn anyway . Well until the next egg drops I will be next door eating cat food.


Im in the Dog House again

August 11th 2010 9:02 pm
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It all started yesterday when I was caught chasing Lola again
she is the big white hen, I mean whats the problem moms got nine more . Well today mom was out wandering the yard looking for eggs when Lola went running right passed me whats a fella to do? I took after her all of a sudden I hear Jack you better stop right now !! needless to say I was escorted back into the house. well Mom was telling dad that she heard that chickens love spaghetti just plain spaghetti no sauce or meat.
So we had spaghetti for dinner. mom saved some plain spaghetti to give to the chickens just to see if they really would eat it.( they think it is worms ) Mom took the spaghetti out to the chickens she sat under the tree and called them here pretty girls and they come running then she would separate the spaghetti and give it to one of them and the others would chase the one with the spaghetti and take it from her well, mom was having so much fun and laughing so hard and giving those chickens treats I just couldn't stand it any more so I let dad know I had to go potty so he put me out the front door and as soon as he turned his back I snuck around to the back yard where moms having fun giving those hens spaghetti, well I come running up and the hens started to cackle and they all scattered then
I ate their spaghetti yup I did hehe . Mom didn't think it was funny she said I was a naughty boy so into the house I went again!!! Im gonna get me a hen a big white one named Lola not sure how yet but I'm working on it.


In my own defense

August 2nd 2010 9:23 pm
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Well the day started out like a real super pawsome day
then mom went out to the back yard to visit the chickens.
Now in all fairness when I get a treat Zoie gets a treat and vise verse So when mom when out and got some chicken feed to let the hens eat out of her hand I thought that meant me to, think about it when I get a treat Zoie gets a treat so I waited patiently for a minute or two, it seemed like forever and the chicken treats were almost gone I had no other choice I had to poke my head in there and scare the hens away so I could get some treats to and I did, you know what? chicken feed treats aren't to bad at all . well mom kinda got upset with me and in her oh your in so much trouble voice she said Jack you can't have chicken feed its not good for you .WELL OF ALL THE NERVE . A little later mom decided to change the water and all the hens followed right behind her well that's my job to help mom when ever she is outside besides that if anyone is going to be at her side or directly behind her its should be me right? well I came running up and the hens scattered again mom give me the evil eye so I started back to the deck when Lola the big white hen stopped and looked at me as if to say follow me Jack so I did and she even let me sniff her tail feathers, well that made me a little hungry for chicken so I let her take a couple more steps then I ran after her as fast as I could just as I am about to have a early chicken dinner moms yells Jack you stop right now !!!!! needless to say I had to be escorted into the house with a stern tongue lashing . Isn't there a song called I'm in the dog house again what a day .



June 4th 2010 12:07 pm
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Hi everyone, were back, moms computer died on us and she just got it fixed, so much has happened OMD!!!! Dogster has a new face hehehe, and we have a million ( well almost ) hamburgers, hot dogs, and ice cream cones thank you thank you yummy yum yum. Mom also had to take me to the vet over the memorial weekend because of a abscessed gland, OUCH !!!!!!!
then I was weighed OMD! now I am for sure on a well you know the D word !!!! but I am gonna eat my snacks first hahaha it would be a shame to waste all those hamburgers and hot dogs . We will try and get caught up on our paw mails and rosettes we received so bear with us.
hugs, Hansome Jack and Zoie


Adopt 2010 Contest

April 25th 2010 7:08 pm
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Jack was bought from a shelter that was in the south east part of the state , I had talked to the shelter and they were going to Petsmart in Salt Lake, I told them my daughter would be there to pick my dog up, I lived in Northern part . Well to make a long story short
they sent the wrong dog so they said but my daughter had no idea anyway she bought two dogs one was Gizmo (later named Hansome Jack) and the other was
a little dog named Chewy she brought both dogs to me and asked me if I wanted both of them I picked up Chewy a cute little Shih tzu mix and held him for a minute then told her she could have him, then I picked up Hansome Jack, tears started rolling down my face at that time, I wasn't sure if it was the horrible smell or we connected immediately , he was shaking like a leaf and for months later any loud noise he would start shaking and lay down like you were going to hurt him.
Any way several baths later a couple of trips to the vet and groomer he turned out to be quite a little gem. Hansome Jack is blind in one eye but it hasn't slowed him down any. I cant believe that if I hadn't taken Jack he would of been put down because no one wanted a almost 5yr blind dog. I am so happy they made a mistake I wouldn't trade my Hansome Jack for all the money in the world.
Can you Imagine putting this little guy down ? Jack turned 11yrs old in January
of this year. One look at at him and you can see why I changed his name.
I love you Hansome Jack



AVery Sad Day Today

April 16th 2010 3:24 pm
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It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my dear beautiful wife and friend Sadie Lynn. Sadie was 14yrs old and lived a long life. She was as beautiful on
the inside as she was on the outside , I know that her Sister Samantha was there to meet her at the Bridge along with all her friends that had gone before her.
Mama Jamie our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Sadie you were my first love and my only love, you will live in my heart forever and ever. I love you Sadie Girl !!!!!



March 30th 2010 9:13 pm
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oh how I love Springtime, of course the snow has melted here but its still a might windy and cold. The other day it wasn't so bad and mom let me out to go do my business before she and dad left for town , well there was a slight breeze and oh
the smell of spring was in the air and I was over come by the sweet aroma of fresh
Horse dung so I very quietly put my nose to the ground and followed the heavenly scent, it was intoxicating. I rolled and I rolled in the warm aroma then I heard dad calling Oh no!!!
I ran as fast as my stubby Lil legs would go, and ran into the house then I heard it, the voice of Mom when she's not happy with me , Jack she said in a stern voice where have you been , OMD!!! she threw her hands up in the air , No treats for you the rest of the day Jack not only did you leave the yard but you have been rollin in manure again. what could I say what could I do, Mom took one of my beds and put it in the kitchen and told me to stay put until they got back ( they were in a hurry )
how was I to know . Well when they got back mom just said Jack upstairs your going to the bath tub, Yikes I ran and tried to hide but Mom caught me , so I had to have a bath then I had to have my fur conditioned OMD!! Now I really smelled bad, don't humans know, that we love the Natural smell of Spring and you would think by now Mom would know my favorite smell is horse dung # 5 and my second favorite is cow pasture # 9 not clean and fresh shampoo and conditioner.
It sure was nice while it lasted , at least I got a couple of hours of my favorite spring smell, and if your wondering Mom didn't give a inch I didn't get any treats the rest of the day

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