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Mom's worried

I've Been Tagged

March 30th 2008 6:57 am
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My boyfriend Jack tagged me so here's what I have to say----When you're done answer the following questions in your dairy and tag some others to play along.

Four Jobs I've had in my Life
1 I was a mother to 4 puppies
2 I'm a best freind to Mom
3 I help watch over the grandkids
4 I'm a face washer

Four Places I've Lived
1 I've have lived in just one home.That is the house that I was born in.
And it's in TN.

Four Favorite Food
1 Treats that mom makes
2 chicken and rice
3Food that the grandkids eat
4anything that Mom eat

Four places I would rather be
1 mom lap
2 outside in the yard
3 suggled next to dad in bed
4 in the loving home I'm in

I have tagged Cowboy


Dixie Chick Stone


Family Pets

Callye Angel
Angel Thumper
ChloJo Stone
Angel Wooly
Bully Stone
Bitty Stone
Bobo Stone
Blackie Angel
Little Man
Lady Stone
Mo Stone
Southern Boy
Rufus B.Fisher
Tom C. Stone
Dustie Fisher
Miss Cocoa
Sweet Mama


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