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Life In The Stone House

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It Happened again

August 13th 2009 9:00 am
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Well it happened again. What you say, I'll tell you. One of us got left outside. This time it was me. We had all be let outside to do our business before bed and with Wooly and Little getting trouble they just didn't count all of us. Well after a bit Mom was getting ready for bed and all of us that sleep with her where get in line. But I was not there. so Mom starts looking the house over to find me. She looked every where 3 times just to make sure she had not missed me. Then she looked out just to check and there I was just sitting in the yard.

After I got in Mom had to dry my face and feet. But what do think with 10 of us in the house and 2 males fighting. Mom is having a big headache with us But she loves us.

More later


I'm In Trouble

August 23rd 2009 7:58 am
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For the last couple of days I have been minding my business just doing my thing. What is my thing you may ask? I listen for horseflies to hit the outside stome door, it the one that goes out in the side yard from the breezeway.

Well I hear one hit the glass or some one hit them on the door and I run over and grab it and eat it. I tell you I have to run fast to be the first now that Dixie and Shadow have had a taste. I'm the one that got in trouble for showing Shadow what they were. I cann't help it if the boy follows me around.

Then I get in trouble for grabing in the yard. I'm not the one that makes the yard wet every morning. I'm not the one that cuts the grass or diggs hole to make mud. No but I'm the one that had to get a bath because my face was muddy. Now is that fair. No I tell you it is not. Mom even got a pic of me after I was grubbing this morning.

Oh well I'm going to take a nap


I have a new video

August 24th 2009 6:34 am
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Ok Mom got me on video this morning doing a little grubbing and the one of the twins had to get in the act. I cann't do anything with out some one tring to hog my act.
But at least this time I didn't have to have a bath just had to get my face washed. Why it was just a little wet with a little grass and dirt in it. What is the big deal. What do they think I'm going to do not get wet when there is wet stuff on the grass every morning. I just don't know what they want of me. Then Mom tells me that is not Princess like. Hey cann't a girl have some fun.

Oh well I'm going to just keep doing my thing. Think I'll take a nap.



Ok I did it again

August 25th 2009 10:10 am
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Yes I was grubbing again and BOY was Mom upset. I almost had to have a bath again. See I was sitting on my hinney an moving around on the ground with my face in the grass and dirt. Soooooo both end where muddy and dripping with brown water. But I was not the only one to get in trouble . No The Twins both where just as dirty. Mr Pat & Mama Kat where both upset over them. Mr Pat is talking about a bath for both of them later. Oh well more later.


Oh Boy

August 25th 2009 7:57 pm
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I have been asked all day what is happened to the Pricness. I just want to life a little on the WILD side . Sooooooo I'm going to be a redneck woman . I don't mind being dirt and getting wet. It's fun to see everyone look funny at me. I hope that Momo don't mind. I'll just have to get him in the mud with me.



I'm Sick

October 4th 2009 1:03 pm
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Mom is going to have to take me to Vet in the morning. I have not been eating for a couple of days and I have runie poo. Mom is very worryied about me. She can tell that I have lost a little weight.

I just don't feel good. Nap time


I'm Home

October 7th 2009 5:08 pm
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First I would like to thank everyone that said POP's for me. I was a very sick pup. I'm home now after 3 days in the hospital. I had to have 2 liters of IV stuff and a lot of meds. I have to been on a special diet for several days with meds at home. I have to rest and stay quiet. Do you know how hard that will be?

Ok here is what was wrong with me. I had whipworms. Most worm med don't treat them. I will have to have special meds and so will the family too. Mom has posted new pic of me after I got home. Boy was everyone glad to see me. Wooly had to smell me all over and his tail was going 90 to nothing,. as mom says.

I will post more later I need to go rest. I'm just so glad to be home. Again Thanks every one for the POPs and thoughts. I love you all.


My Checkup

October 12th 2009 11:28 am
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Ok I had to go back to the place. You know the Vet . I had to have a recheck after being so sick. I had some good news and so not so good.

The good is that my kidenys are working fine now. I have gained a little weight back. I hopping around and just being a Royal Princess again.

The not so good is I still have to take a week of med. My white blood count is still high the is tell us that I still have a bad infection. So more meds and the special diet for a bit more time. That just makes me special I get a nice soft food to eat and I get to eat by myself. No one gets that kind of stuff. Mom makes sure that everyone is staying back. Well It's nap time.


Oh I'm So Happy

October 13th 2009 4:44 am
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I'm just hopping all over the place I just found out that I'm a dairy pick of the day. Oh I just didn't think it would happen.

Oh thank you Dogster for picking me. my family just love Dogster.

THanks Every One


Acting Like a Princess

October 14th 2009 4:48 pm
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Oh Boy Mom is upset. she saya I'm acting a bit to much like a spoiled Princess.. Hey I am a Princess. I'm the smallest one at the house and I have always been treated like a princess. So I now just act a bit more like on.

See the other day Mom was going to pick up the grandkids from school and I kind of jumped Little Man. Well it worked Mom picked me up and off the school we go. Then today Callye was going to go for a ride. Welllllllll I kind of ran out the door fasterthen Mom could shut it. I jumped a barked at the gate. I got to go with Callye for a ride.
See I'm not spoiled. I just get my way. After all I was very sick.

More later I hear the door opening.

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