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Please turn you behind the other way

May 16th 2009 2:56 pm
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I don't know how to say this nicely so I'm just going to come right out with it :

I do NOT like it when you put your behind in my face and let out those really nasty smells. I can see the smile on your face when you do this and I'm telling you right now, STOP IT!!!!

It's nasty. If you have a need to do let out some gas, why not do it in front of Simba Blue as he even try to help you get more gas out with a quick swat with one of his paws - BOL

Coco Rose


Happy Mothers day

May 10th 2009 8:48 am
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I whinnied, barked and carried on, but momma couldn't hear me because she did not have on her bionic ears, so I did the next best thing, I opened the flap of my crate, went into the kitchen and got a nice drink of water, then I came back into the sewing room, ran up the steps to the daybed and proceeded to give my sleeping momma lots of kisses to tell her happy mothers day. Of course my face was slopping wet but that added to the nice surprise. Momma woke up, gave me kisses and then we went back to sleep snuggling together.

Happy Mothers day to all

Coco Rose


Thank you once again Dogster

May 8th 2009 8:06 pm
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As you some of you know my momma did not like the comment feature on the diary pages so she contacted Dogster and the wonderful people there informed her that there is a very simple solution. If you go to Account Preferences/ Comment preferences/

You will get the below message.

Diary Comment Preferences

- Allow members and non-members to comment on my diary entries.

- I want to approve all diary comments before they go live

If you DO NOT want comments left on your diary pages, then make sure you leave both boxes unchecked.

Simple - problem solved.

Thank you Dogster for thinking of everything.

Coco Rose


Puff's new exercises

May 4th 2009 8:18 pm
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My brother Puff has gained a "few" pounds so momma has decided he needs to get some exercise. The problem with this is momma tends to be kind of tired when she gets home from work so she has developed a exercise that Puff seems to like to do, that takes little effor on her part. She takes one of his toys and tosses it into the hallway and Puff jumps off the daybed, gets his toy them climbes the stairs, released the toy for mom to toss it again. He did this so much yesterday that he started to pant and mom didn't have to do anything except toss the toy. He finally told mom he was really tired when he turned his back on her and refused to give her the toy to toss again - BOL

Now if only Puff would stop eatting everything he can find to put in his mouth. He eats all of my snacks and cleans the kitty food plates up also. Momma has started feeding the cats on the center island because that's the one place Puff has not figured out how to get up on, yet. You got to hand it to the little fatty, he does enjoy his food.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


Open letter to Dogster

May 3rd 2009 1:02 pm
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Dear Dogster,

I have noticed your new feature regarding allowing readers to leave comments on diary entries. Sadly I must admit I have mixed reactions regarding this.

Prior to discovering Dogster, I spent a lot of time on Yahoo Answers usually writing short stories. Yahoo Answers allows fellow visitors to leave comments regarding the postings. I read some very heartwarming entries but at the same time, people would post comments regarding fellow Yahoo Answer entries that were nasty, mean and vicious. To compound this matter, people who were friends on the site, would band together and mass post stuff regarding other members who they thought deserved harassment for whatever reason.

It often felt like I was back in high school among bullies who wanted to control what everyone was doing and if someone had a different opinion regarding something, they were back balled, harassed and make fun of even though I was never the person other members were picking on.

Yahoo Answers tried to control such tactics but without much success. When you have millions of people on the site, I can certainly understand why that was. They finally incorporated a feature where you could block your entries from everyone except for people that you felt you wanted to read your entries.

I read some very disgusting comments that were sure to have upset the original poster and fellow readers. People tend to hide behind the fact that they really do not know who posts these entries and therefore feel freer to leave hurtful comments. I’m concerned that this new feature will turn have the same issues as Yahoo Answers does.

Many of us have made good friends with fellow Dogster people and have gotten to know them quite well, but I have to admit, I do not know most of you personally, although I would like to. We all live in different Cities, Counties, States and even Countries. I read the diary entries and look at the beautiful pictures of your wonderful dogs and enjoy each moment of it. I would like to think that most people will/would take into consideration fellow Dogster feelings prior to leaving a message, but having been on YA, I can tell you that is not the case with everyone. There have been times when I have read a diary and I though “Are they nuts”, but have chosen to ignore the entry instead of leaving a comment simply because my opinion was different then someone else’s. Should I be allowed to tell someone that the picture of their dogs face pasted on a human body looks stupid (sorry, it’s just not my thing)?

I love Dogster and Catster and will continue to visit the sites, however if it turns out to be like Yahoo Answer, where I no longer visit, I will stop posting diary entries.

For those who disagree with this entry, please do not leave me a comment as I have enough stress in my life and can do without more.

Thank you,



Mom stayed home from work today

April 28th 2009 4:59 pm
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Yesterday, momma came home early from work because she has the flu. Momma never misses work so I figured she was really sick. This morning daddy did not wake momma up so when she did finally get up she called in sick. She spent the whole day sleeping with me and Puff. I like momma being home, but it's no fun when she is sick.

Coco Rose


That wasn't fun bye-bye

April 25th 2009 5:25 pm
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This morning momma got up, let Puff and I outside to do our business, then asked us if we wanted to go bye-bye. Of course I danced around and ran to the front door letting momma know that I was ready, just open the door. I should have know something wasn't quite right when momma came out with Puff in the carrier and loaded him into the car. Daddy picked me up and them took me to the car and put me in my car seat. With in minutes, momma was driving us down the road to the groomers. Yup, it was bath and comb out day for us. We were shampooed, rinsed, combed and dried. This was not my idea of a fun bye-bye.

There was a fun part when momma handed Puff over to the groomers and told her to be careful because Puff tried to bite someone, and the groomer started laughing and Puff just looked at her with his goofy look on his face. So much for the mean aggressive dog act, he was totally busted and was a really good boy the whole time there.

Momma took pictures of us and will post them shortly, but daddy had removed the pretty pink and silver bows they put in my hair before momma got a chance to take the pictures.

Hugs and kisses to all - welcome back Tiberus and Dylan, we missed you so much!!!



My brother Puff

April 18th 2009 7:55 am
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Ever since Puff has moved in with us, he has been getting a lot of attention. Momma and daddy have been working with Puff to make him feel more secure and I have to say he is doing much, much better than when he first moved in here. He no longer shakes like he did, but momma pointed out that some of the shaking might have been because he was so thin and he has put on a "little" weight. I don't care what the folks say about Puff, I think the little fatty is still cute , and you should see his fat little legs go when he chases after Simba Blue our kitty brother, he can really move - BOL.

Tomorrow Puff and I are going to the groomers me for the full princess treatment and Puff for the stinky dog special - BOL. While we are gone, momma will wash all the beding on the daybed and clean out my crate. She is even thinking about shampooing the carpet so that the whole sewing room is nice and clean.

That brings up another thing, Puff has not tinkled on the carpet for about one month now, his new record, but this may be premature as momma is going out to lunch with her girlfriend today so Puff may get upset and leave a present on the carpet. I let you know if he was a good doggy later.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


Bully Sticks

April 13th 2009 8:55 pm
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OMG - our local Costco has a Bully Sticks for sell. Momma told me the package contains 12, 12" bully sticks for $19.98. That's a super deal as the price of Bully sticks have steadily gone up.

Coco Rose


Live Easter Bunnies

April 12th 2009 4:01 pm
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As most of my friends know I have two real live bunny sisters. Arleenton and Grayson are their names and they have a real nice area outside that is fenced off with their bunny hutch, plants and just space to hop around in. When it's not too hot, momma will let them into the main yard so they can hop around and eat whatever they want to eat from our garden.

Today is Easter and some families have gotten little baby bunnies as presents for the children to enjoy. Let me tell you about bunnies. Depending on where you live, rabbits are considered to be "exotic" animals and taking them to the vet can get very expensive. That cute little bunny that you now have, will grow up and become mature rabbit within 4 months and when that happens, they can turn from a sweet loving bunny to a mean, nasty and biting rabbit overnight. This stage occurs when the rabbit hormones kick in and little Fluffy wants to go play with the opposite sex. If there is no bunny close by, little Fluffy will try to mate with the cat, dog or even a stuffed animal. You can avoid this stage by having the bunny sterilized but as mentioned above it can be very expensive. Where we live the cost of doing this is 500 dollars per rabbit. The increased cost is because not all vets will take on a rabbit as a client and rabbits need special medications and handling.

Rabbits are also destructive animals and if you choose to keep little Fluffy in the house, be prepared for the smell as their urine stinks. Additionally, some like to dig so expect holes to be dug in your carpets, wired to be chewed on, and one of my all time favorites is eating the door frames.

There are also health issues: Some rabbits have a problem with their teeth not growing correctly. Arleenton is one of these and she has to go to the rabbit vet several times during the year to have her front teeth clipped down and filed - the last visit was well over 200 dollars.

Rabbits are also sensitive to heat so their home has to be out of direct sun. In addition, there are certain diseases that are very fatal to rabbits.

Yes, baby bunnies are really cute, but not all rabbits like to be held, petted or handled. One never knows what you are getting. That cute little 2 pound bunny that was sold to you as a "mini" might actually be a giant who will grow up to be well over 20 pounds.

If you decide that the kids are not taking care of little Fluffy as you expected and you just don't have the time for another pet, please do not release the rabbit in the country or in a empty field as these pet rabbits do not have the skills to take care of themselves, it would be more humane to find them another home or to take them to the animal control group.

With the proper care, rabbits can live long and happy lives. They can be trained to use the potty box just like cats. If you are lucky to get a really sociable rabbit, it will sit with you and watch TV or play fetch. As with any pet, the success of the pet in the home has to do with the time and attention you are will to give the pet.

I love my bunnie sisters!

Coco Rose

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