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Is summer over yet?

September 7th 2009 12:34 pm
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How many more days until summer is officially over? All I can say is it can't be over soon enough. I'm tired of the heat and want it to cool down. It's too hot and sunny to even go outside to do my business. Maybe someone can send me a rain cloud my way to help cool us off over here.

Coco Rose


Bath day at our house

September 5th 2009 10:47 pm
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I had to spend all day at the vet's. I was due for one of my vacinations and in the past I have shown adverse reactions to it, so my vet requires that I come in early in the morning, get the shot, and then he monitors me all day long to make sure I'm okay.

Puff got to spend all day with momma. When I got home late this afternoon, the first thing I did was smell Puff because he smelled "different". Turns out he got sent to the groomers, got a bath and a haircut. I have to say he looks very nice and smells better too.

I missed all the excitement at home because daddy decided to give Simba Blue and Bay-Ling my kitty brother and sister baths today. I'm actually lucky I wasn't home because Simba will strike out at the closest thing to him when he gets upset and from what I heard he was really upset. Everyone in my family got baths today except for Arleenton my bunny sister and me, so I guess it wasn't such a bad day after all.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


Momma dropped me!

September 4th 2009 7:48 pm
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Momma picked me up this afternoon and then DROPPED me! Can you believe that? It's a good thing I didn't get hurt!

Momma - Coco I said I was sorry, really, really sorry. I'll be more careful in the future.


It is hot

August 28th 2009 8:52 pm
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We have been having a heat wave all week long. It has been over 100 degrees daily and even now that it's night time, we are still in the high ninetys. I don't want to do anything except for lay around on the daybed, but then too that's all I do even when it isn't hot - BOL.

Momma was supposed to take me to the vet tomorrow for a shot but cancelled so I wouldn't have to be away from the air conditioned house.

No matter how hot it gets, I do not want to be cooled off with a bath - thank you, no thank you!!!

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


Daddy and the carpet cleaner

August 26th 2009 8:32 pm
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Tonight as daddy was shampooing the sewing room carpet and mumbling "thank you Puff" as he cleaned the soiled carpet, he accidentally smeared a piece of watercolor pencil into the debris and then couldn't get it up. Now daddy was not only upset with Puff, but with momma as well because it was her pencil.

I had enough sense to stay out of sight until daddy calmed down. When he did notice me he told me what a good little doggie I am then mumble something I can't repeat here about Puff and momma before he put up the carpet cleaner.

I wanted to suggest that daddy let the carpet cleaner stay out because he is most likely going to have to use it again tomorrow but I didn't think he would appreciate my insight - BOL.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


No Solatube

August 23rd 2009 8:26 am
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We were supposed to get a Solatube installed into the sewing room so that we would have lots of pretty natural light in there because not only is the room very tiny, it is also dark because the front porch blocks all light. The first time the solatube installer came out he did not bring the right products with him so no installation. The installation was rescheduled for the following Saturday. Momma got a phone call from the home office Friday saying that they had a cancellation and wanted to know if they could come out on Friday to do the installation. Of course momma jumped at the chance and said okay. Momma called daddy and told him to expect the Solatube guy and went back about doing her job at work.

When she got home, no Solatube! The installer had drilled a hole in the roof and then so nicely announced that he was unable to installed it because of the pitch of the roof. Of course both momma and daddy are not happy that the installer drilled a hole in the roof, which he says he "patched".

All I can say about this is that both Puff and I warned our humans about this guy by barking and barking but all we got was "QUITE!" How much more warning do the humans need? We told them not to let this guy in but they chose not to listen.

We are all disapointed that we did not get pretty sunlight to brighten up the sewing room. Momma is now in the process of changing the wall color from the mauve color that she painted it last year to a very light gray in hopes of reflecting some light into the space. I heard her tell daddy that she might change out the closet doors from wood to mirror for the same reason. She then asked daddy about hiring someone to install a window on the East wall of the sewing room for light. Daddy just shook his head and walked away.

Hugs and Kisses,

Coco Rose



August 19th 2009 8:28 pm
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I have been thinking about death these last two day. It seems one of our Pup Pals human mom has been called to the Rainbow Bridge. I have never met the woman, but I can tell you I really liked her a lot. At no time did she ever tell me that she was ill or even disclose her name to me. We emailed each other regularly but always signed with our pets names.

I have been emailing and sending her rosettes asking her why she was not on Dogster. It was one of her other Dogster friends that noticed my inquiry and informed me of her passing. I am very grateful to know why my friend disappeared, but at the same time I am feeling like I let her down because I did not know her time here on earth was so limited, as is all of ours, I suppose.

This leads me to wonder how many other pals will disappear without someone informing us that they have been called home. Tonight I am going to put my password for Dogster onto Logan Bens box that is holding his remains with instructions that should something happen to me, to please let the rest of my pals know so that there can be some closure. I am also going to make arrangements for Coco Rose, Puff, Simba Blue, Bay-Ling and Arleenton so in case both my husband and I should see the end together, that the four legged children will be taken care of.

And to my friend who is now with the Angels, I want to thank you for being my friend. I’m really going to miss you Maralee.



Comment section

August 18th 2009 6:08 pm
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We had set our comment section so no comments could be left on our diary page. However, apparently because my typist left a comment on someone else’s diary, the feature was turned back on by Dogster Headquarters. Because we have received a request or two for us to activate the comment section we are going to leave it on for now to see how it works. So, let the comments begin....

Coco Rose, Puff and mom


More about my Pup Pals

August 17th 2009 7:30 pm
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As promised, here are some more interesting facts about some of my pup pals. Remember, if I did not mention you the last time or this time, I will at a later date.

Baxter is a wonderful French bulldog. We owe lots of thanks to Baxter’s human daddy because he is the one who turned us onto Dogster. We love you Baxter.

Kaya was a puppy mill rescue. She has such a happy home now so hopefully she can forget her terrible beginnings.

If you ever wondered what a beagle/dachshund would look like, check out our pal Buddy because he is so very handsome.

Sammy the Shih Tzu has no time for diary entries. He sure is a cute little tyke and we wish we knew more about him.

Sam is an American Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever. Every time we read his June 25th, 2009 entry titled “Ingenious” we burst out laughing. Thank you for being our friend Sammy.

Abigail is the prettiest little gal who has a past. Yes, at one time this little princess was arrested and put in jail. She has a record but with lots of love and rehabilitation she is not walking on the wrong side of the tracks any more.

Pebbles has many, many pup pals. The last time I looked she has 25,672!!!! Wow – Impressive! I wonder if she gives them all Christmas Rosettes. Probably not.

My pup pal Sunny is entered into the cutest dog contest. If she wins, she has pledged that any and all winnings will go to her local humane society. Won’t you please visit the site and give her a vote. C9D7ADE9E05D56FD864 Good Luck Sunny I hope you win.

Beautiful Gracie is a real momma’s girl. She has not been on Dogster since the end of last year, but I am hoping she and her sisters will come back soon.

My pal Dexter Nova Bright Star is a wonderful Gordon Setter. He was named after Dexter Gordon the jazz saxophonist. I wonder if he can play the sax.

Wolfgang RL1 CGC is a very fashionable German Shepherd/Collie. He is another re-homed lad that was given a second chance.

My girlfriend Halo Kitty loves cats and has one of her own Apollo. She is afraid of thunderstorms so her humans got her a thunderstorm shirt to help comfort her when needed. What loving humans she has.

And finally, I have to mention Wheelie Baby Bear he is the cutest Yorkshire Terrier I have ever seen. At one time life was quite easy for Baby Bear, until he jumped off his human mommas lap and broke his neck. The vet suggested that it might be best to put Baby Bear down, because his hind legs were now paralyzed. Baby Bears momma refused to do this and instead found other forms of treatment. With lots of hard work and determination on both of their parts, Baby Bear is now walking. We love you Baby Bear.

That’s it for today…Keep watching for your name to appear.

Hugs and Kisses,

Coco Rose


Some of my Pup Pals

August 15th 2009 7:01 am
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I've been thinking a lot about my pup pals. I really enjoy it when I am reading one of my pal’s diaries and my name is mentioned because it makes me feel special, so I am going to start this new feature in my diary. From time to time I am going to mention one or more of my pup pals. My goal is to mention every one of you at some point because to me, each one of you is special. If you are not mentioned this time, I promise you I will mention you sometime later.

1) My most pampered Pup Pal pooch is without a doubt Tinker Bell Forever Go to her photo album, the second page, she had a dinner table booster seat!!! OMD – I have to eat from the floor. My daddy would never let me have a dinner table booster seat. I think I’m going to go pout.

2) My pal Demon Flash Bandit has the most hypnotizing blue eyes. It’s no wonder his humans fell in love with him.

3) If it is dreamy eyes you want, then check out my pal Fluffy Lee . I could easily fall under his spell just glazing into his dark peepers.

4) My pal Ella has the most unique facial expressions. Her personality really shines through in all her pictures and they make us laugh with her.

5) Some of our pals are working dogs. Bukka and Josh are big, beautiful Great Pyrenees who are responsible for looking after and guarding the Alpacas. Personally I think they should be asking for a raise because the flock keeps on growing. More Alpacas should mean more Bully sticks.

6) I’ve often wondered what it would be like to have a body with long beautiful legs like my buddy Tiberius has. It must be nice to be able to see yummy treats that are sitting on the coffee table. I wonder if he ever helps himself to anything, I know that I would.

7) I think my BFF Pookie has the prettiest hair. Her momma keeps her really pretty. I wish I could look as pretty as she does.

8) I really wish I could play with my pal Pepper as she seems like she would be a lot of fun to be around. She could come over to my house and pee on the floor, Puff would get in trouble for it – BOL

9) My pals Sully and Socks make a wonderful team. My momma decided to seriously pursue finding me a brother or sister after seeing how Sully accepted Socks into his family.

10) Dixie Black Pearl is one of the sweetest black dogs there are and is a good example as to why people should not pass up black dogs being offered for adoption (of course I am biased on the whole black dog thing).

11) We love our Pup Pal Little CoCo Puff she is a real beauty. I love the picture of her with her IPOD on because she looks like she is really getting into the music, I wonder what she was listening to.

12) Some of our Pup Pals are facing some real challenges right now. Our new pal Dozer is a very young Saint Bernard who has a defective back leg which is going to be amputated next week. He could use some encouragement and more pup pals. Would you all please go visit his site and offer some encouragement to him and his family?

Well this is the first group of pals to be mentioned. My typist is not sure how the links are going to turn out because she is typing this on Microsoft Word and then will be transferring it onto Dogster (she needs the spell check feature on Microsoft). Okay, we just discovered the referenced Pup Pal sites are not coming out to be instant click ons - what did my typist do wrong? Someone please email me so the next time this can be corrected.

We hope this entry made some of our pals feel special. Keep watching for us to continue on with more pals. If you were not mentioned this time we will mention you at a later time.

Hugs and Kisses,

Coco Rose

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