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01/23/14 Memoral service - You're all invited!!!

January 23rd 2014 7:46 pm
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On March 1st, I will be logging in with my final diary entry here on Dogster. It seems only fitting that the final log should be a memorial to Dogster/Catster. Please stop by and write something in my comment section for them to read and hopefully enjoy as we all move on to other playgrounds.

I also invite everyone to follow Puffy and my adventures with the humans at our blog:

CocoRosePuffy blog

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


01/20/14 I have a blog - I think

January 20th 2014 4:06 pm
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Hi pals,

It has been a hard day with daddy "helping" momma to fix some of the issues she had on Puffy and my blog (we are sharing one blog between the two of us)

Anyhow, daddy sat down at momma's computer and starting clicking around on stuff and managed to delete the blog that had issues that momma made yesterday but then right afterwards he deleted the new blog that momma had just created.

Momma kept on trying to get daddy to GET OFF HER COMPUTER, but he just wouldn't. Momma was so upset that she finally had to go into the kitchen just to get away. Hours, yes HOURS later, daddy said he didn't have a clue and then tried convince momma that she should be over at the web site that he set up for us. The problem here was that momma was so upset that she didn't want to have to deal with yet another computer program and instead went and made lunch, which by the way, she didn't bother to share with us.

After lunch, daddy went to take a nap and momma came back onto the computer and re-did another blog for us. She had to give it a different name and title but that's okay. After it was completed, we went to take a nap. Several hours later when we got up, momma found daddy on his computer getting ready to mess up the new blog. He was insisting that momma had mistyped the CocoRosePuffy because he noticed there was now a "Y" at the end of Puff's name. It wasn't a mistake, it was how momma needed to do because the blogger site wouldn't let her use the CocoRosePuff name as it was "already taken" - yeah, buy us, sort of.

Anyhow enough about this very stressful day - I hope this instant link takes you all to my blog. What Puffy? Oh, sorry, OUR blog - BOL, BOL

Coco Rose and Puffy's blog


01/17/14 Forever rosettes

January 17th 2014 5:37 pm
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Here's a question:

If I send my pals a FOREVER ROSETTE and Dogster goes ahead and shuts down the community pages and my pals pages will they refund my monies because the rosettes will no longer be FOREVER?

Whitley and Finley do we have grounds for a law suit here?


01/16/14 Contact SAY Media

January 16th 2014 7:12 pm
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Hi pals,

I don't want to be one of the pups who just sits around and complains. Why not send emails to SAY Media with our concerns regarding our feelings on the changes forecasted for Dogster/Catster?

Here are several contact addresses - sorry I couldn't do an instant link as I still haven't learned how to do them on the new computer...

If you chose to send them an email, please be nice and just state the facts - no growling or hissing allowed - BOL, BOL


01/16/14 Bark about just giving up...

January 16th 2014 5:48 pm
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Hi pals,

I guess it was only a matter of time before Dogster/Catster (SAY Media)decided to toss in the towel and walk away from finding solutions to problems. How in the world did they think a small staff of Technical Dogs could handle all of the issues that occur with codes, various browser, other media sites, etc...?

Not having the community area is going to be a terrible blow to this site, if not the complete death of it. I for one do not really venture to other areas on Dogster/Catster as all I really play on is the community page (except to play the Survivor game at several of the groups). I love reading the diaries, looking at some really wonderful photos, and cheering on ailing pals when they need some extra attention and prayers.

We have become a community of friends who told others about our pups and cats. Although the site was geared towards the animals, let's face it, it was really the friendships we made with the humans who care for the animals.

Will we be getting that same friendliness when we read the Dogster/Catster magazine? I doubt it as articles will most likely be planned and edited to suit the needs of the parent company. We will not hear about Ebby stealing a hotdog during a parade march; Buttercup's family fostering Molly; Doo's latest doctor visit; General Fluffy Lee's crossing the Rainbow Bridge; Zaidie's MEATZ emporium and the adventures of Blake the party planer; The Papillion pack with their word of the day, weather forecast, and other words of wisdom that they tend to issue; What about the kayaking, camping and chickie catching that Ali, Crystal, Toto, Beanie, Harvey, Barney, Jethro and the rest of the pack write about? Who will be there to hear Zoe and Tux bark their heads off if they can't write about it on Dogster? How will we know that Buddha is adjusting well using the wheelchair?

There are so many other examples that I could write about but at this time, I confess, I have a very selfish issue - who am I going to get support from when Coco, Puffy or Simba cross the Rainbow Bridge? Dogster helped me through the difficult times when Logan passed away and I admit, I do NOT do well with death.

Dogster has taken up a lot of my life giving me happiness and sadness but most of all companionship with others. I'm going to miss everyone.

Hugs and kisses,

Marilynn - Coco Rose, Puffy and Simba's human momma


01/09/14 It's all MINE!!!!

January 9th 2014 5:58 pm
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Well pups, the bidding on the pretty party dress has come to an end and IT"S MINE!!!! Ali didn't get it, in fact, she didn't even bid on it probably because it would have been too big and totally the wrong color for her - HeHeHe

I can't wait for the Valentines party and I hope everyone of you can make it. Once again we will have lots of MEATZ, exploring and good times.

I'm going to be sooooooo pretty - I hope the dress fits (I'm still in my "Fluffy" stage - BOL

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

I just had a thought, I bet those glass slippers I have hidden in my closet would look really wonderful with this dress.



January 6th 2014 6:13 pm
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Yup, it's still a cold day here in North Western New Mexico. The sun is shining but the wind continues to blow cold air. The humans and us pups were FORCED to spend another day lounging around under the electric blankets - BOL, BOL. Momma says we need to get out of the lazy mode and get back to being busy with getting the house finished. Somehow there just doesn't seem to be much motivation ever since the code enforcer signed off all the permits and issued the "Okay for occupancy."

Momma found a dress for our Valentines party for me on Ebay. Once again it is one of those place a bid and then wait to see if anyone else outbids you. We have about 4 more days before we know if I get it our not. It's not that real expensive dress that I wanted but it's pretty none the less. This dress is white with flowers on it which will go really good against my lovely black hair.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose


01/05/14 Deleting pals from our list

January 5th 2014 6:05 pm
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Hi pals,

Momma has started deleting some of our long time pals from our PAL LIST because they have become inactive. It's not that we don't love everyone who has ever PALED us, but when the diaries become inactive and the humans don't update us on what is going on, we have no ties that bind the friendship.

Recently momma did the New Years Extravaganza party on Puffy's page and since daddy has told momma that she can not download any thing off the internet after she somehow got her last computer messed us with virus and Malware, so in order for pals to know if they were the pups mentioned in the story, she had to list where some of them were from and even the breed that they were. Doing this takes a lot of work and clicking on icons of pals in our list proved to be time consuming so momma decided to delete those that are not active any longer in order to get the list more manageable.

It only makes sense to delete those who no longer play on Dogster and with this in mind, momma has been struggling with deleting Logan's page also. Logan has been at the Rainbow Bridge for many years now so obviously there will be no more updates on his page. Momma used his page as a means to heal her heart after he had passed away and she feels that has happened. Having Logan's diary was a means for momma to spill out her broken heart and she did. To this day, momma can read the sadness in the pages as she started on Dogster right after Logan had passed so it was more or less remembrances of things that happened in the past or her crying on the pages on how much she missed Logan.

Deleting his page will not mean he is forgotten, as that will never happen, but his page is more or less inactive so why leave it there?

Momma doesn't know what to do - any thoughts on the matter?


01/04/14 That can't be right

January 4th 2014 8:32 am
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I was on the internet on EBAY looking at the pretty dresses and trying to pick out one to order for the Valentines Party when suddenly I found a pretty dress that was screaming for me to buy. I ran and got momma and asked her to bring her plastic money so she could get it for me. Momma looked at it and said it was one of the most beautiful dresses she had ever seen but when she saw the price she said "Do you think I'm rolling in cash Coco? I'm not paying 80 dollars for a dress for you that you will only wear maybe once."

How about we continue to look and find something else for you - okay?

So with a heavy heart, I sat down and looked at all the dresses and even found a few that I was sorta interested in. We clicked on the size chart and discovered that somehow they have altered the sizing chart and now I require a size large. Momma said maybe nothing has changed with the sizing chart but perhaps I needed to cut back on the cookies. I pointed out that I have my winter hair thus increasing my chest size plus many of the dresses were coming from China so sizing was always questionable.

Momma just laughed and said we better start ordering the larger size...

I'M NOT FAT, I'M FLUFFY!!!!!!! Now pass me a cookie and lets go find a pretty party dress for the Valentines party...It has to look good with my new crown and glass slippers - BOL, BOL


12/19/13 Santa is coming - really!

December 19th 2013 6:57 pm
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Hi pals,

We had another nice sunny day here in New Mexico. The birds, squirrels and chipmunks were gorging out on the seeds that momma put out for them. In fact, today marked the second time one of the "guests" knocked down the larger bird feeder and helped themselves to the bounty within. The humans didn't see who has been doing this so when it was discovered momma righted it back up and this time tied it to a tree - LOL. And speaking of feeding the outside critters, momma discovered it is cheaper to buy a huge bag of whole or cracked corn instead of seeds as it lasts longer. The blue jays really like the corn as does the squirrel. The woodpeckers and smaller birds continue to eat the regular bird seeds so everyone is happy.

The weather forecast is for snow come Saturday and possibly even Sunday but then more sunny skies.

We have been begging momma to let us open some of our presents that secret Santa's sent us so she let us open one. It was filled with lots of really yummy stuff for the humans. There was three kinds of cookies (daddy grabbed the chocolate chip ones and said they were the best cookies he has ever eaten!) and he wouldn't even give me a tiny sample - can you believe that? Momma, who loves peanut butter, tried the peanut butter candies and then couldn't stop. Yup, she really enjoyed them, but at least she shared a tiny piece with me because I too like peanut butter. These candies were super soft and melted in ones mouth. I can't seem to stop thinking about them because they were that good.

Also in the package were three types of breads, fudges even wrapped pressies for Puffy and me (we have to wait until Christmas until we get to open those).

We received another package for a different Secret Santa but momma is making us wait until Christmas to open it. I just love getting pressies.

I would also like to thank everyone who has sent us a Christmas card. This year momma taped them up on the French doors in our bedroom. She choose this place because it's easier to clean the tape residue off glass than walls - BOL. All the pretty cards hanging on the French doors make our bedroom very cheerful. I tried to convince momma to hang so Christmas lights on the same doors but she refused - what a spoil sport.

Hugs and kisses,

Coco Rose

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