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I felt abandoned

November 2nd 2008 7:35 pm
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Momma and daddy went to go shopping yesterday and momma asked daddy if we were going to take me with them. Yes, Yes, Yes, I danced around and went running to the front door. Daddy said no because if I was with them they could no go out to eat and it is now against the law to leave a animal in a closed car in California, so as they were leaving, my little doggie friend from next door came running up to them so they opened the back gate and let her into my back yard and then let me out to play with her. I like my neighbor but sometimes she gets nasty and growls and bites at me.

Momma and daddy were gone for hours and during that time, my neighbors came and got Kaia and took her home and I was left outside all by myself (the bunnies sisters have their own yard that is fenced off from the main yard so I couldn't even play with them). I have never been left in the back yard for hours and I was scared. When they finally got home, they came into the back yard and daddy bent down to pick me up, but I ran right past him to my momma. Momma picked me up and I started making the grunting noises that I know she likes and was rubbing my head against her face. Daddy looked at us and said "Yup, she is definitely your dog", and then went into the house. Sorry daddy, but I love my momma.

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