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Pepto Bismo Palace

July 13th 2008 4:55 pm
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My long, but matted hair is gone and I'm NAKED!!! How could momma do this to me? I was minding my own business, guarding my cookie stash so Simba, my kitty brother wouldn't come take any, when I heard - "Coco, want to go bye-bye?" Of course, I dropped my cookies and went running to the door as fast as my short little leggs would take me. Momma bent down and picked me up and carried me out to the car. I was put into my car seat and off we went. No sooner did I settle down, when I noticed I was at the Pepto Bismo Palace, as my BFF Pookie and Fluffy Lee named the place. It is a new dog grooming salon that has opened right down the street from my home. The owner painted every wall in the place pepto bismo pink, and let me tell you it is UGLY!!!! I'm not sure why momma wants my hair to grow long, but I refuse to let momma or daddy comb my hair. If I see the comb coming towards me, I growl and show my teeth, and have even nipped at them. The groomers say I'm a perfect angel and that they love to groom me. Momma tried taking me to the groomers every other week, but the expense was getting too high and my hair matted anyways. Now the only long hair I have are my ears and tail.

For those of you who know me, I have two outdoor bunny sisters who I adore. I really like to chase Arleenton cuz she is always up for a little game of tag. Lately though, it's been really hot here so tag is not something we can do, because bunnies are prone to heat stroke. Also, there is a mystery plant growing in the bunnies yard. Daddy had fenced off an area that is about 10 feet by 15 feet that is for Arleenton and Grayson to play in. One day, momma went out to let them come into the main yard and discovered a plant growing in the middle of the bunny yard. Because the bunnies had left the plant alone (they usually eat anything with leaves on it), momma decided not to pull it up. Now, it has taken over most of the bunny yard. The plant is either a watermelon (Yummy), or pumpkin. Either way, it is HUGE. Daily, I go out there with my momma to check on the bunnys and to check the progress of the plant. It has flowered and is producing some type of fruit. Daddy wants to go cut it back, but momma won't let him. I want momma to take my picture with the plant, so keep checking back.

Hope you all have lots and lots of cookies - I do.

Coco Rose


Coco Rose


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