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Fourth of July

July 4th 2008 10:40 pm
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What a day! My doggie cousins Heidi a hyper Pomeranian and Molly a very plump Chihuahua mix and a whole bunch of humans came over to my house to celebrate the Fourth of July. I got to play all day long and had lot, and lots of attention. I’m so worn out, but very happy. I really love Molly as she likes food just as much as I do, but I did get a little nasty to her when she got a cookie and I didn’t. I growled at her and stole the cookie away from her and gobbled it down. Yup, I ate the whole thing – gulp, it was GONE!!! Momma said I was being naughty, and gave Molly another cookie. I would have taken that cookie too, but momma was giving me the ole evil eye so I had to let her keep that one.

Anyhow, I’m really tired and need to get my beauty sleep. Hope the cookie fairy comes and visits everyone tonight, but be aware, if you get a cookie, and I don’t, I might take it away from you. BOL



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