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Jia Li - A life too short!

Jia Li is tagged!

October 21st 2007 11:58 am
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I've been tagged!!!!!!!!
October 21th 2007 5:02 pm [link to this entry]
I have been tagged by my friend Thumper.

When you are tagged you have to post 7 random facts

about yourself (and the rules because some doggies

may not know what they have to do). Then you have to

pick 7 of your pal’s to tag (choose 7 who have not

already been tagged, as this become more of a game,

and more doggies can get involved in the fun! Once

you have selected your 7 friends you tag them by paw

mailing them or by giving them a rosette with the

message, “You’ve been tagged please read my diary

for the rules”!

7 Random facts about Jia Li:

1. Jia loved her Mom and Dad.

2. Jia loved to go walking a lot.

3. Jia loved to ride the car.

4. Jia liked to get into things she shouldn't have.

5. Jia watched television a little bit.

6. Jia likes being on Dogster.

7. Jia was born on Valentines day!!

My seven pals that I will tag:

1. Cailey Mae
2. Rascal
3. Miss Dixie
4. Harley & Electra
5. Kansas
6. Oreo Cabrera
7. Toby

Have a great week everyone!!!


Jia Li ~ Gone but not forgotten.

October 20th 2007 6:10 am
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Jia was our first "house" dog. We had larger dogs when our children were small who lived outdoors and went with them wherever they went. Jia was "our" dog, her Dad loved her as much as I did. It was a shock when she died. She did not last but 2 days after we knew she was sick and only the morning she died, did we know what was wrong. She was good and minded about everything "except" giving up her treasures which she quickly swallowed rather than give them up. If not for that, she might still be with us today. You can read what happened that caused her death in her bio. Jia thought she was a big dog, she was very energetic, loved her walks and never seemed to tire. She went walking on Monday before she died on Wednesday. She was an amazing Peke and we loved her with all our hearts. We miss you Jia!!! I Love You Jia, Mom

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