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I Know Why the Caged Dog Barks

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Home again...

May 14th 2008 5:38 pm
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Dear Dogblog,

I am back home in Raleigh from my first vacation with Jim.
The Car: After school on Thursday we got in the car and started driving and driving. Then we drove and drove some more. I slept in the back seat and kept waking up to ask Jim "What the hell?". I have never driven that far before. It was raining out so when we stopped Jim carried me to the grass to pee. My newly groomed coat got soaked and fur some reason one of my ears is trimmed much much shorter than the other. I think I am going to poop on my groomer's foot next time I see her. You hear that, Kathy???

The Motel: So anyways, we got to Massa-chew-setts on Friday afternoon. We checked into Centerville Corners Motel, which allows dogs. I had my own queen size bed. We waited fur my hoomin sister to get out of work, then she came right over to see me.

The Tour:
Saturday Jim, Sister, and I went fur a tour of Cape Cod since I have never seen it before. It was raining, but I saw a lighthouse, Chatham, and lots of people wearing madras plaid. They like that up there. We found a shop that had all kinds of dog stuff called The Chatham Beach Dog. I met Gracie the Golden and lots of nice ladies who pet me. I got a Cavie bumper sticker fur my Subaru. I also went into a shop called The Dead Zone to get some Grateful Dead stuff fur my brother. They let me come into the shop too hee hee. Then we went to Craigville Beach and I had a photo shoot.

On Monday Jim and I packed up our stuff and said goodbye to Cape Cod and my sister, but I'm not sad because she is coming to visit me soon. I am happy to be home again, with my couch and my bones and my HGtv. I have to go back to school tomorrow to confront Kathy the Groomer about my ear.

Bark at you soon! Love You! Carly Rosebud


Cape Cod, here I come!!!

May 6th 2008 6:01 pm
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Hot Diggity Dog Folks!!! I am leaving fur my very first road trip the day after tomorrow. Today Jim helped me make a list of stuff I need in the car. I think he furgot my Perrier Water, but other than that I am all set. I can't wait to hit the road. I am going to school on Thursday morning so I will be very tired fur the first leg of the trip. Jim is going to pick me up at You Lucky Dog Daycare and we are going to drive to Virginia, then sleep at a hotel. Fun!!! Then we will get up early on Friday and drive to Cape Cod, and I will see my sisfur by supper time. Today Jim mailed a package to my sisfur containing a tee shirt that I have slept on fur three nights. She will give that to her kitties to sniff so they know me by the time I get there. I have already agreed not to bark in their apartment because 1) dogs are not allowed there and 2) the kitties will be freaked out. Jim and I will be staying in a motel by the ocean and more importantly, across the street from an ice cream shop. WOOHOO. I haven't told Jim yet, but I invited my best boy pal Morgan to come, so we need to swing by Kansas and pick him up. hee hee! Sorry Pappa Jim!!! I am going to keep up with my dogblog on my trip so anydog who wants can see what I am up to. Love you! Carly Rosebud


Sleep Eating, Doorbells, and Birthdays

April 13th 2008 7:02 pm
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Dear Dogblog,

I have been very busy lately. I have been going to school every day, and I am running with the pack and efurrything. I think I might be the Alpha Dog now. I'm not sure. How can you tell? I am the only dog at You Lucky Dog who has their very own Folding Chair to sit on. And all the Girl Hoomins let me sit on their laps. I must be in charge. I am so busy at school that all I wanted to do today was sleep.

I have been strucken with a condition recently called "Sleep Eating". Basically what happens is when Jim leaves for work I am sleeping. He very quietly sneaks my water and food fur supper into my bowl so I can wake up later and eat. Then he goes to get his wallet and keys, and when he comes back the food is gone and I am walking back to my sleeping spot with my eyes closed and head down. The condition is so bad that I need a second supper later on in the day cuz I can't remember I ate the first one (because I was sleeping fur real). It is very serious and really real. I am not making this up.

The next thing I want to blog about is doorbells. Me and Jim were watching HG TV a few days ago. I heard a doorbell ring and I started barking my Ferocious Beast Bark. I couldn't imagine who would be at the door at that time. The Jim said "Only one problem, Carly, we don't have a doorbell." It was on TV. I have never had a doorbell since I came to live with Jim almost a year ago, so I must have had one before. Unless I am a genius and I just know about things I have never encountered before. That is more likely.

Now I have some very surprising news. The folks I used to live with never returned Jim's phone call to find out when my Birthday is. So we made one up. I chose a summer birthday, June 10th. You are all invited to my Birthday this year. I better go now. I am still planning my Cape Cod vacation, and now I have a birthday to plan for. I am also hiring a personal assistant, please send resumes to my pawmail. Must have own transportation, but House Training will be provided.

Love you! Love you! Love you! Carly Rosebud


A Rescued Dog's Wishes

March 25th 2008 7:19 pm
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My sister found this on a Cavie rescue website and I thought you dogs would like it:

A Rescued Dog's Wishes

(excerpts from a poem by Terri Onorato)

Rescue me not only with your hands, but with your heart as well.

I will respond to you.

Rescue me not out of pity, but out of love.

I will love you back.

Rescue me not with self-righteousness, but with compassion.

I will learn what you teach.

Rescue me not because of my past, but because of my future.

I will relax and enjoy.

Rescue me not to simply save me, but to give me a new life.

I will appreciate your gift.

Rescue me not only because of who I am, but who I will become.

I will grow and mature.

Rescue me not to revere yourself to others, but because you want me.

I will never let you down.

Rescue me not with a hidden agenda, but with a desire to teach me to trust.

I will be loyal and true.

Rescue me not to be your pet, but to be your friend.

I will give you undying love.



March 18th 2008 7:23 pm
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Today I practiced fur my vacation. On my way to You Lucky Dog Daycare, I pretended we were going on a long car trip in the car. I did good fur my first trip.


Are we there yet?

March 15th 2008 5:45 pm
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I am getting real excited about my trip to Cape Cod to see my big sister. She emailed me and Jim a website with all dog-furiendly lodging. I prefer a luxury suite, but I think we are staying in a motel. At least it is across the street from an ice cream shop. I am already planning what to pack.

Carly's "To Pack" List
Harley Davidson collar
cat toys
my crate and blankey
Ray Bans
cooler with Frosty Paws, Tato Chips, Bone Treats
boogie board
Carly Simon cds
cat treats fur the kitties
loaf of bread fur seagulls

That is all I can think of right now. I can't wait to see what Cape Cod smells like. My sissy told me no matter what NOT to wear a fanny pack when I get there. Only tourists do that. And no sailor outifts. Also touristy. I don't know what a tourist is, but by the sound of it I sure don't want to be one! Something I am also looking forward to doing is tasting this "Salt Water Taffy" and watching a Red Sox game. Both are supposed to be very pawpular there. And I am going to buy soo-vin-ears fur all my pals at daycare, and my dogneice and dognephew, Hennah and Miles. I'm not sure what Cape Cod has fur them, but I am going to find something real good. Maybe little bottles of Cape Cod Beach Air fur them to sniff, or tee shirts. Or flip flops or postcards or seashells or keychains. Or a big piece of driftwood fur fetching. All this vacation talk is making me zerausted...

xoxoxo, Cape...OOPS! I mean Carly Rosebud


Uh Oh Spaghetti-O!!

March 3rd 2008 6:59 pm
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Oh Cat. I got groomed today at school and the groomer noticed I have an ear infection. Jim is taking me to the vet tomorrow morning. I am so nervous. I need treats. What will they do to me? Will there be medicine? Will I get treats after? I am going to hide somewhere before Jim can catch me. Where should I hide? Under my couch? I can't fit there. Anydog have any tips for me on hoomin diversion tactics?

In other news, we may go to Cape Cod to visit my hoomin sister this summer. I have always thought of myself as a beach bum dog. I will also be meeting Nancy fur the furst time. Nancy is Jim's ex-wife but they still get along...wait...should I be typing this? Well, anyhow, my sister is planning lots of activites fur me and her.

1. photo shoot at the beach
2. ice cream at Four Seas Ice Cream
3. shopping at Cape Maid Farms
4. photo shoot in front of a windmill
5. barking at sea gulls (me, not her unless she has too much coffee that day)
6. meeting my kitty cousins
7. P-town
8. looking at boats

But furst I have to take care of this vet appointment. A'ROOOOOOOOOOOOO!



February 5th 2008 4:57 pm
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I heard Dadda Jim on the phone today. He is making plans. He said he is taking me to bike week. We are staying in a hotel. This will be my furst vacation with Jim. I am going to be a biker girl. Jim said I need a Harley Davidson jacket. I hope he was serious. More news when I get it. Oh cat!


What's New with Carly Rosebud

February 1st 2008 8:07 pm
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Dear Dogblog,
I haven't written in a long time. I have a very busy, very important schedule. I am going to You Lucky Dog Daycare three days a week now. On Saturdays I have been having playdates with my dogniece, Hennah, and my dognephew, Miles. I get to be the boss of Miles and Hennah gets to be the boss of me and my hoomin brother Mike gets to be the boss of all of us. Miles is new around here. Hennah asked Santa Paws fur a dog fur Christmas and she got one. He is a cattle dog and he likes to fool with me. I like to raise my lip at him.

I had a good Christmas and New Years. I got a fleecey blanket and cat toys and a Santa's Helper Parka.

I also have a new hobby. It is Aquariumism. Or Fishography. I'm not sure what it is called, but I have a fish tank now. My favfurite thing to do is sit on the bed and bark at the fishes. They haven't looked at me yet, they pretty much keep to themselves so far. I know one of these days they will get used to me and want to have a talk. I do like to watch them. They blow bubbles, swim, and spit gravel rocks at each other. I wonder why I can't get them to look at me. Is it my fur? I think I should get some scuba gear and see what the big deal is.

Guess what else. The Dog Bone Stealing Gnomes are at it again. They are taking things left and right. They keep trying to hide my cat toys on me. I keep finding them though. Sometimes when Jim gives me my After Walk treat I take them and run over to the couch to eat them, but they disappear right away. Them Gnomes are fast, let me tell you. I even have to ask Jim fur another bone sometimes. Jim is still in denial about the Dog Bone Stealing Gnomes, and he has tried to convince me that *I* am the one eating those bones up.

Hmmmm...lemme think. Oh, I think I might have a Valentine this year. I don't think a lady should go barking around bragging, so I won't say his name yet.

I guess that is it fur now. I'll keep you posted on my Goldfish-o-nomics studies. Love, xoxoxo, Carly Rosebud


Christmas is FUN!!!

December 21st 2007 7:15 pm
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Oh Dog! I have been getting anonymous rosettes efurryday! What a treat! They are beautiful Christmas Cards, and some others from a REAL ELF!!! I have been going nutso trying to figure out who done it! I need a dog detective. Does anyone know a dog detective? I have an idea of which pal it could be hee hee but she isn't saying anything. Thank you to my Secret Santa whoever you are. This has made my Christmas so special so far:o)

I got a Christmas package from my big sister the other day. I think my sister might work for Santa actually because she guessed the exact toy I wanted. I got two cat toys and I lvoe them. I have a rattle ball and a wand toy with a fizzy thing on the end of a string. I woke Dadda up at three am barking at him to play with my new toys with me. Cat toys! I also hopped onto the coffee table to get my ball. Surprised myself with that one. I also got a fleece blankey with a star print to sleep on on my couch. I pretend I am floating on a cloud when I lay on it.

We also got a tiny tree to look at. It is just my size.

Well, I have to go peek around and see if I can find clues to my Secret Rosette Santa! BOW WOW! xoxoxo, Carly Rosebud

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