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After the surgery

September 17th 2008 6:03 am
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I had surgery on Thursday. The doctor thought I had a luxating patella. However, when he got in he discovered that I had a severely torn ligament. Mommy has no clue when I did this. However, I have been such a daredevil on 3 legs and Mommy can't seem to slow me down. Now she realizes how easy it was for me to injure myself. It was between semesters when we went home. There is so much space there to run and play. Plus, I love to chase Prissy, the cat. I overexert myself there. That's when I first started showing the symptoms of an injury.

Mommy has to take me back for a check up today. I wonder what the Vet will say? I am limping more now. When I first had the surgery, I was hardly limping. I hope I am not getting an infection.

Mommy has had a very difficult time in school this semester. She has to share 1 intellectual assessment kit, 1 for adult and 1 for child, with 3 other students. One student lives far away. She finally figured a way to resolve that by getting copies of the scoring manual. The students also have to grade each other's assessments. That means we need the scoring manual for the assessment that we have no access to. Plus, she's had 2 papers to write that were due in the same week. She had time problems while she was assessing one person. It turned into a 5 hour situation. She hasn't been getting much sleep and waking frequently during the night. The teacher for the 1 class does not give instruction. He has all the students take a chapter and they teach that chapter. So, they are left to their own devices when testing and scoring. She is very worried when they start to write reports since they probably won't be instructed how to write them. This is the first semester that Mommy has felt anxious and challenged. She is also worried because she hasn't had time to do all the required reading.

I've been jealous of all the time Mommy spends on the computer reading and researching and writing. I think things are slowing down enough that I should be getting more attention. She has spent time petting me to comfort me since my surgery.


Another day in the year!

September 4th 2008 10:23 am
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I just turned 2 on Monday. I sure enjoyed all the petting and extra affection--as if I really am deprived. lol Mommy isn't looking forward to my surgery. I have no clue about it yet, although I suspect something. After the Vet messed with it, Mommy showed Daddy, so I know something is going on.

Mommy is very busy this week, but that is okay since Daddy is here giving us the extra TLC. I don't know what I will do this weekend since Mommy will have to leave to give to intellectual assessments. At least she is off for 4 days.

The grandkids will probably be coming over, which means that I have to share Mommy. I don't like that. However, I LOVE playing with Tre. I will have to get Mommy to post a picture of he and I playing tug-o-war with one of my toys.


School started again.

September 1st 2008 7:52 am
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Mom started school again. This semester should prove to be more strenuous than all the others. She always makes time for me though. She has Intellectual Assessment, Group Counseling, and Individual Counseling.

Mommy took me to the Vet last week and he said I have a luxating Patella. I have no clue that I am going to have surgery on the 11th. Mommy wanted to make sure she scheduled the surgery for a day when she'd be home for a few days. The Vet told her that dogs don't need all that extra TLC that people do after they have surgery. Mommy told the Vet that PEOPLE need to give the dog extra TLC. lol In other words, Mommy said that she is the one who would suffer if she couldn't be here for me and give me love and care after my surgery.

Today is my birthday. I know Mommy will spoil me and give me something special.


It's been a long semester

May 31st 2008 10:43 am
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Mommy sure has been busy. She finished the semester with a 4.0. She always makes time for us though. Monday she starts summer school. The good thing is that she'll be home before 3:30pm instead of 10:15pm. She is going to start working on her Master's Thesis. She will also begin working on getting the research for the psych department online. She will be busy, once again. She has a nerve block in New Mexico on the 11th of June. She always feels better once she gets that. But, I will hate her being gone all day. Another bad thing I hate about summer school is that Mom will be gone 4 days a week instead of 3.

Next semester Mom and Dad have plans to go to another NASCAR race. At least Mom finds us a terrific babysitter to tend to us. Poncho is on that special bladder stone diet and Mom has to make his food every week or two. She makes these special cheese balls out of Velvetta and Trisalts to cover the bad taste of the vitamins and the Trisalts that Poncho has to take. She still hasn't found anything that I like to eat though. I am so picky about what I eat. I like the dry puppy chow better than any of the canned food Mom buys.

She is very busy this weekend getting ready for school. She needs to dye her hair, do laundry, and go shopping so she can be prepared for school lunches.


Having fun!

January 31st 2008 6:24 pm
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Mommy's grandkids came over today. I enjoyed playing with Tre! He isn't scare of me like his sister. But, I don't like it when they get closer to my mommy! Tomorrow, Mom will finish writing 2 papers for school and do laundry. Then, she and I will pick up Cappy and Tre and go to the drive-in to watch Alvin and the Chipmonks. I always like going to the drive-in as that means I get to eat a few morsels of hot dog or something equally delicious. Mommy normally doesn't let me eat people food so going to the movies is a real treat!

I got so worn out playing with Tre today. I brought him so many of my toys and he played with me. I had to take a long nap later!

Well, Mommy has much homework to do so she can justify going to the movies tomorrow.


Another semester

January 13th 2008 12:19 pm
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Momma's school starts tomorrow. I sure have been enjoying her spoiling me night and day and being home a lot since last semester ended. At least she will only have 2 nights classes this semester, which means that she will be home with us 5 nights out of the week. I can NOT wait until she is finished with school. Daddy drives to Texas to visit us during school too and we sure love that.

Well, Mommy has to go get some things ready for school tomorrow.


We are having fun!

December 19th 2007 7:45 am
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We got back to New Mexico on Monday afternoon. We live in an RV in Texas while Mommy goes to school. We have a small yard and when it is cold Poncho and I don't like going outside much. The RV doesn't have much room to run and play. So, when we come to NM, we have a large home in which to run and play and a large yard. All afternoon on Monday I ran back and forth all over the house. It was a tad warm outside, so I also got to do a lot running in the leaves in the yard too! Since the cats are here, I got a burst of energy and played with Prissy, the cat, all night long!!! Dad kept getting after me to stop, but that didn't stop me. I do this every time I've been away with Mommy at school. I just get so excited that I cannot sleep.

Mommy was busy the first day making Poncho's food. He is on a special bladder stone diet and he won't eat the kind the Vet gives her. So, every week, she makes some for Poncho and puts it in the freezer. Then, every night when she gets home from work and school, she defrosts and warms it in the microwave. I don't like eating puppy food because Poncho can't eat it with me. Mommy sometimes has to hand feed me when she has been worried about my eating habits. She also gives us a multivitamin every day to make sure we get every thing we need in our diet.

We are going to Daddy's parents' house for Christmas. There are some neighbor dogs that I like to bark at. If I don't mind Mommy, she will put me on a leash.


It has been awhile!

December 18th 2007 10:35 pm
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Mom has been so busy! She finished the semester. She is off for awhile. She made all As and she is very excited! She said that next semester will be very tough. Plus, she still has to come up with a master's thesis. But, she is going to relax between semesters.

Mom has been seeing commercials for a "furminator" and a "peticure." The Peticure is supposed to trim Poncho and I's claws without causing splitting and bleeding. I hope she has time to look into that before she has to trim our nails next.


The semester is almost over!

November 26th 2007 8:57 pm
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Mommy has been so busy with school. She has 2 more weeks before she has finals. That means that she will be busy studying for almost 3 more weeks. But, then she'll do nothing but pay attention to Poncho and I!

Daddy's mommy had 2 heart surgeries. So, we had to go stay with her to help her out. I hope she heals quickly!

I would write more often, but Mommy has been busy with the computer writing papers.


It's almost race weekend!

October 28th 2007 1:05 pm
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Mom and Dad are going to the NASCAR races next weekend. Mom hired a babysitter for us. She had the sitter come out to meet us and she is the first person that I have ever liked. I think it will work out fine. She is going to have the lady come out and sleep with us, let us out, and feed us. She will also give us our vitamin. Mom didn't want to take us to the races where we'd be stuck in a motel all day and possibly bark and disturb others. They'll be gone for many, many hours during the day and I might get upset being in a strange place all day.

Tonight, Mom has to go to a Halloween carnival to take pictures for a story she is writing for the paper. The school photographer wouldn't go out on a weekend, so Mom is going to do it because she wants some good pictures.

Mom is also working very hard to get things ready for the trip to the race as well as to get her homework ready so she can afford to play hookie for a few days. She is leaving Wednesday evening, which means she'll miss one class and possibly two.

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