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Misty - Queen of all I survey.

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Does anyone REALLY like "Fresh Dog Smell"?

January 13th 2008 5:12 pm
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Hey everypup - Misty here.

My brother Scooter is the laziest dog for as young as he is! He would lay in bed all day long and probably have his SNACKS and dinner brought to him there if he could get away with it. Can you believe I had been up for 2 hours before Mom finally went into the bedroom to grab the comforter and throw it in the wash. Scooter is still snoring under the covers at the foot of the bed. Doesn't he know the best yard sniffs are first thing in the morning???

Finally Mom threw him outside - well scooted him out the door. He's stretching and yawning and then the fool starts screeching like a banshee and takes off after a squirrel. If I've barked at him once, I've barked at him a million times. Wait until you are under the tree before giving the alarm - not when you are all the way across the yard, the deck, bottom of the hill, etc. What a rookie!

I tried to get him to play when he was headed back into the house - but apparently he used up all the stored up energy from overnight to squeel at the squirrels. Like I figured he headed back to bed. Lazybones.

I hung with mom most of the day. Not much fun there I'll tell you. If I wasn't being told not to walk on the mopped floors, I was being told to get out of the way, that I couldn't have a SNACK no matter what, stop kissing the kitties, all kinds of not fun stuff. I even got blamed for stray hairs that landed on the freshly "orange oiled" table. Whatever that means - how can mom think I can get my hair caught way up there when I am this small??? She's just looking for one of those "scapedogs" I've heard about.

Scoots and I were taking a nap and our big ol ears heard some magic sounds!! The Leashes were out!!! The Leashes were out!!! Mom has explained that yucky Seattle weather like snow, wet muddy ground and streets, dark early at night and rain, rain, rain make it hard some of the time of the year to stick to our WALKS. Not sure I'm in agreement - but I'm sure Scooter is. He hates his feet to be wet - how can he call himself a dog?? (He doesn't even drink out of mud puddles - is there a test we can make him to take to see if he is canine?)

Walking and sniffing and walking and sniffing and walking and sniffing - oh we love it. I didn't even yell at Scooter too much for being a nim-dog-poop about barking at every dog out walking in the sunshine with their humans. He wants to be a Big Dog so bad he just turns inside out when he sees one. I'm not sure why he wants to be big dog so bad - there is no way all 3 of us would fit in mom's tiny little car then. I'm sure he would be left behind because I know I am mom's favorite BOL.

Then the dreaded...dun-dun-dun (and a creaky door sound in the background). Scooter was headed to the sink - DOG BATH TIME - ewwwwwwwwwww. Gosh I hate dog baths!! The indignity of someone squirting you with water, getting that stinky soap stuff all over you, rubbing it into you and making you stand still in water, the rinsing off, the towel rubs (HATE) and the outside to "Shake it off" routine. You know lady - love you to death, but if you hadn't gotten me wet I wouldn't have to do the stupid "Shake it off" thing. And you act so excited when I do. No other time do you care if I give my body a good shake-a-dake unless I am wet.

Scooter was already on the bed making sure he got it as wet as he could. Ha ha mom glad you washed the bed stuff this morning?? Ha ha - we are up here rolling around rubbing our wet dog smell into your room.

Mom says she loves the smell of fresh dog - but all I've heard out of her mouth is eww - you guys smell like wet dog. This room smells like wet dog - this house smells like wet dog, you smell like wet dog.

So I ask - did mom really get what she wanted by giving us a bath? Does she REALLY like "Fresh Dog Smell"?

Wet Dog Shake it off at ya later ~Misty~


Misty's New Year Resolutions

January 1st 2008 7:34 pm
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Hey everyone ~ Misty here.

Mom says I have to tell everyone my New Year's Resolutions. So everyone knows - she came up with the list - not ME.

I Misty resolve:

To not bounce on my brother when he is sleeping under the covers just because I am bored.

To not grab Teddy Bear and squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak at 4:30 in the morning just because I think everyone should be up.

To not kiss the kitty more than once a kitty tackle.

To not make a pathetic fool out of myself begging for SNACKS. (Mom you know this isn't happening - right?).

To not growl at my brother from across the room for no reason other than he annoys me.

To eat my SNACKS slower so I don't have to put up w/ my brother savoring his to tease me with.

To not "false alarm squirrel" bark so that Scooter runs to the door and I can then grab his leftover SNACK. (Mom I think that's kind of smart of me by the way).

To not hide my bones outside and then insist I never got one.

To share mom's lap with both my brother and the cats when asked.

To stop barking at the tv sounds and other noises; real or imagined.

I Misty do dogsomely promise to try my best to improve my manners.


PS - and to not get peeved at my brother for narcing on me for not posting my resolutions everyone knows I have no chance of sticking to. ~Brat~


Happy New Year!!!

January 1st 2008 4:43 pm
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Hey everyone - Misty here.

Wishing everyone a happy new year and hoping the tail wagging and ground sniffing will be great for all dogs (and cats) this year.

I'm hoping my brother Scooter's resolution this year will to stop being so lazy!! He didn't even get out of bed today until the early afternoon. And I'm pretty sure he hasn't even been outside to go "hurry up". I'm not sure how he can hold it for so long, but mom says something about tieing a knot in it. Whatever "it" is. Mom says I need to resolve to ignore the SNACK cabinet. Come on mom - who are you trying to fool? It's not every day you can pull my ears over my eyes BOL.

Mom tricked me yesterday and took me back to the place that smells funny. Once again mom just handed over my Misty leash to some stranger who took me away. She brought Scooter in, but he didn't have to go with any strangers (fool would probably go with his tail a waggin). I was so happy that I didn't have to stay overnight again that when I came around the corner I Papillon tackled my brother.

Mom asked something about "bath" (that's a bad word in Misty's book) and the vet said now that the stitches were out - anytime. Then the magic word "walk" and again the answer was anytime. Ok - so the real magic word is SNACK - but walk will do when you are at the vets office.

So it's official - the stitches are out and I'm on the road to recovery. Now we just wait for the lab results on the bladder stones and then mom says I'm on the Princess diet. Sounds dee-lish. Mom asked the vet if she could have some happy pills for me because I've been especially grumpy with my brother. No way mom - I am done with pills - done, done, done!!

I gotta go now - mom just had pizza delivered and Scooter is pulling his cute trick.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Santa Paws Visited

December 29th 2007 12:52 pm
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Hey everyone ~ Misty here.

Santa Paws stopped by on Monday night. Or Tuesday morning - I'm not quite sure. I do know it was during Scooter's guard paw hours because nobody even knew he had stopped by. I know if it was my guard paw duty hours everyone on the block would have known Santa Paws was here. I'm not the only good dog on the block you know.
We all slept in until we felt like getting up. And do you know what? It snowed on Santa Paws day - we woke up to snow. I love snow. It had only just started and the flakes were all big and floating down from the sky so slowly I could run out there and chase them. Scooter didn't want to come out and play so mom tossed a couple slush balls at me. I ran some zoomies in the yard and barked for the sheer thanks for the snow.
Ran back inside because this is my favorite time of the day. Couple bounces like Tigger in the air and I'll be chewing on my favorite SNACK - a Greenie!!
Screeeeeechhhhhhhh go the brakes.
What is that?
A big fat sock is on the floor - 2 of them are.
Oh no - slam from the back, I'm rear ended by Scooter (his brakes need a check up).
Thunk into the socks - now we're scared and have to bark. Mom - mom - someone is in the house and took their socks off. Run - hide - call Bark - 1 - 1 in emergency.
Huh - Sniff - sniff - Whuff - Whuff - sniff - sniff. Something in the socks smells good. Lots of good smells in the sock. Scooter is sniffing his and nothing has jumped out to bite him. Sniff - sniff - kind of sniffs like lamb and chicken.
HO - HO - Merry Pawsmas to all our friends out there. I just found something better than Greenies in the sock. Something called Lamb Filets. Off to see if I can talk mom into more - this will take some good bouncing and bowing. Wish me luck.
Sniff at ya later ~ Misty.


Ha - the cat DID do it...

December 22nd 2007 6:54 pm
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Misty here - Scooter as co-author.

Still recovering from surgery and not quite my spunky self - which is why I have Scoots here to help me. Besides being a pill about my medication - I've pretty much been just sleeping. Not much eating going on and I'm a little on the skinny side - but since every time I turn around anything that looks and smells good has a bitter taste afterwards - I'm not too keen on snarfing.

Anysniffs - last night -get this - the cat barfs all over the living room carpet. Something about too much cat food and water - anysniffs me and Scoots were impressed. Thank the Canines that mom actually saw it because she outright told us if she hadn't seen it she would have blamed it on me ~Misty~. Well watching mom clean the only room in the house with carpet and cat bluch - I headed back to bed for a while.

**Scooter** Hey that was so fun to see the cat be blamed for the right thing for once. Not sure how many times the evil eye is directed toward us when we are SO innocent. I mean really - if anyone should be looked at for anything - I'm the last on the list. I'm cute and dare I say perfect?. Uh - oh, Misty is awake. I'll put the grouchy one back to bed - sniff at ya later ~Scooter~


Almost back to normal.

December 21st 2007 1:30 pm
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Hi eveyone - Misty here.

Wow - it's been a tough week for me. First surgery and then recovery. Mom's been sneaking bitter things into my food and then I get really tired. My ears droop and my eyes have a hard time staying open. I don't really want to do much but lay there and let my head spin. Last night I had HAD it - no more bitter stuff in my treats. Go ahead - hide it in cheese - pathooy out it goes. Go ahead - wrap it in sandwich meat - pathooy out it goes. Go ahead - hide it in yummy wet food - I can still smell it and don't want to eat anymore. Go ahead - try and spoon feed me and hide way under the wet juices - pathooy out it goes. Ha Ha - that was a mess wasn't it. Give it to Scooter - he seems more than interested. Hey - not fair waiting a couple hours and then sneaking it into bread I'll eat really fast!! Head getting heavy again - back to sleep.

Mom says it's important for me to take the gross bitter pills. Something about infections and pain management. I'm not sure she knows best considering I had to spend 2 days at that place she took me this week. I think consulting me next time might be the wisest thing to do.

**Success** I was able to avoid the morning pill dosage today - mom said that's ok cuz she'd be back real soon and we'd have a heart to heart about what's coming up in my future. I keep trying to tell her how much better I feel - see the ears are up and I'm bouncing up and down and chasing my brother. I'm not sure why I have to "settle down" so early in the day. Usually that is a nighttime thing. But I feel so much better and want everyone to know I am almost better. I can even muster up the energy to bark at the arch nemesis - THE SQUIRREL. Well I thought it was a squirrel - mom said it was just a bird. Darn Scooter barking w/o checking things out first.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Back from the vet

December 19th 2007 7:01 pm
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Hi everyone ~ Misty here.

Mom finally picked me up from that place that smells funny. I was dropped off yesterday morning even though I did my best not to go with the person I had never sniffed before, I was still left without my mom or my brother Scooter. It was not a fun place and I was all by myself.

When I woke up I was sore. The vet took out huge bladder stones from my bladder. 5 big ones and lots of little ones. He saved the ones he didn't send out for testing to give to mom. We're supposed to bring them out at the holidays and talk about them - but I'd just rather I didn't have to think about them any more.

I stayed overnight and the whole next day. I almost thought I had done something bad and that mom didn't want me anymore. But then I finally got to go into the room where mom was - and happy days - Scooter was there too. We sniffed and wagged tails and started "rough housing". Everyone laughed and then mom asked the vet ~ "I suppose this is too much activity right?". "Yes" he said, "Good luck with that".

Then we came home where I immediately went to the bed and have been here ever since. I'm tired and sleep sounds good.

Mom says lots of dogs wished me well and we are thankful for that. So thanks everyone for thinking of me.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Surgery Complete

December 18th 2007 9:14 pm
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Doc called mom today to say I'm awake and good after bladder stone surgery. Says he took 5 big ones out and numerous small ones out. I'm staying the night and mom will pick me up tomorrow afternoon. I'll sniff at you later when I feel better.



My brother got Dog Diary of the Day?? Go Scooter!

December 15th 2007 7:12 pm
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Hey all.

So mom tells me that Scooter, for some reason, got dog diary of the day (she showed me other winners so it's not like he Totally won). Should I start with how paws down happy I am for him? Or do I just skip all that fake stuff and head right into how in the heck this happened?

I had to go to the vet this last week, so Scooter wrote a sympathy bark out to me (hence winning Dogster Dog Diary of the Day).

I have Bladder Stones and they need to be operated on. Mom says she feels bad that she didn't know sooner - but I hide my accidents to the best of my ability.

With 2 dogs and 2 cats it was kind of a challenge to pinpoint who did anything.
Advantage ~ Misty. Disadvantage ~ Misty.

Luckily only Indy kitty got yelled at once (wrong place ~ wrong time) and I swear I gave as many kisses to the kitty as I was allowed to make up for it.

Anysniffs ~ I have surgery next week and Mr. Cute had better be nice to me and take over kissing the kitty duties!

So yes - Scooter is the cute one. Everysniffer knows that. Everysniffer accepts that. Even me - Misty - can accept that.

However I am the smart one. I am the one that knows your best chance at a squirrel ALL the way across the yard is to NOT let it know you are coming from the backdoor to begin with (Scooter). I at least get to the tree and then observe if there really is a squirrel (again Scooter) before letting loose w/ the vocals. Again - I am the smart one. 'Nough said.

Today was very blustery (Mom's word - not mine). She said a little harder and the wind going the right way I'd end up like some dude named Piglet. Something about Scooter looking like a Pooh Bear in the wind, something called ballast (never heard of it) and some kite string for my tail. MY tail?

I'm happy for Scoots getting Dog Diary of the Day. I almost want to leave him a "Dear Dogster Pfiill" letter. BOL.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Went to work with mom and then to the vet this week.

December 14th 2007 6:32 pm
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Hi everyone - this is Misty whuffing at ya. Mom was acting all weird one day this week before she was on her way out the door. If I'd have known then what I know now - I would have made sure to hide on the bed as flat as I could. We did the "hurry up" thing outside as usual and got our Greenies like always. Scooter the Lazy headed back to bed. Mom seemed kind of happy about that for some reason and kept saying "shhhh". The car went out of the garage like normal - but then she came back inside, and neither one of us had snuck out to sniff the front yard. Weird she'd come back inside...

I was just headed back to see if Scooter was asleep yet so I could put his Greenie to better use than he seemed to be doing. But mom said "psst - come here Misty" which halted me in my tracks. I headed to the door - and Scooter caught sniff of it cuz he did the hall dash in about 2 seconds. I had to grin when he rounded the corner to the front room and did the spin out on the hardwood floors. His little legs must have been cruising to acheive the full 360 and still keep going. Weirdest thing - mom slammed the door closed right in Scooters face. I'd have loved to be on the inside to get a look at the shock he must have felt.

So I spent the day at work with mom. I'm not as adventurous without my brother so I didn't do too much wandering. But I stuck to mom like glue after the first time she disappeared on me for something called a "meeting".

Headed home and we stopped off at this place that I'm not too sure if I like yet. Last time I was there the lady vet kept going on about how cute my brother Scooter was and then when it was my turn she called me fat! I'm still a little peeved about that - especially since I'm smaller than my fat brother. Ok well maybe he's not fat and that wasn't too nice - but I'm still chawing at the rawhide over that.

Well I'll tell you I wasn't there a full minute and some stranger came out and my mom handed me over - what's with that? I had to go outside and "hurry up" but with strangers watching me - I think not. I won't go into the details of what they did to me without my mom present - but I think we have grounds to sue for pain / suffering / undue embarassement / unwanted touches, etc. They found out I have bladder stones and they have to be something called "operated" on. If this has anything to do with the first time they "operated" and made sure I could be the only Misty in the world - I'm not too sure I like this thought. I remember the radar dish and running into walls with the thing. Anyway the Xrays showed I have stones that are as big as peanuts and peas - and for a little gal like me those are pretty big. My kidneys are ok and that is really good news! The vet also said it was better that I was a girl because with boys you have to "move some certain parts around". Mom laughed and the since we were back to the regular man vet - he had a kind of funny look on his face as he pointed to my belly.

Then I get special purrscription food to eat to make sure I don't get deposits again in my bladder. I can eat Greenies - but I'm pretty sure the rest of my SNACKS will be going away. How ever will I make it through the day? I can only have 1 Greenie a day - but SNACKS are what get me through the rest of the day. I wonder if that means I can't eat any more wet cat food too? I only get little licks from the spoon - but that stuff might almost be better than Greenies.

So I have surgery on Tuesday before Xmas. Everyone wish me luck because I'm a little scared and trying not to let mom know. I heard her telling Scooter that everything would be fine and I'd be back to my normal bratty self before 2 shakes of a lambs tail. Whatever the heck a lamb is - it must shake it's tail fast - cuz I'm a trooper!

Until I have more news - sniff at ya later ~ Misty.

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