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Misty - Queen of all I survey.

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She smells like sunshine

September 30th 2007 11:00 pm
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Mom's back from what she calls a "trip"... What that mean is that I get extra spoiled when we get to go stay "at MrsLK-R". I know that because she likes me the most. She agrees my brother thinks he's just too cute for words...and that's about it.

We also had an "incident" with something called a "raccoon". 2 masked, striped hooligans ~ larger than life ~ walked right up to the back door; and jiggled the lock. So Scooter and I barked and barked to assist mom bouncing up and down on the deck to get those bandits from under the deck. All of this in the brrrr rain. Under the deck we went to make sure the turf was sniffable and safe. Lucy the cat even approved of the mighty fine work we had done.

Of course you can always check out my brothers version when you visit him....


Sitting on Mom's Lap

October 28th 2007 12:08 am
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Right now I'm on Mom's lap and that is good!!! Me and Scoot's like to see how much lap time we can suck up out of Mom during the day. Seattle had good weather Halloween and we got to go for so many walks. Rain is around the corner and so we had to have our bath today. I smell good - but hate having to be wet - well - at any time. But I am sparkly clean. And I got a SNACK - which is very important to a dog like me. Bark..Bark - Misty...


Halloween Recovery

November 1st 2007 6:41 pm
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We had so much fun last night walking around w/ our pal Patrick while he did something called "Trick or Treat" - "Thank You" - "Happy Halloween".

Walking around sniffing and enjoying the fresh air. Sometimes we wanted to go faster, but had to wait for Patrick to get his "candy" (I was told it is our version of "snack") and understanding the love of snacks we waited patiently. Well I did since I have much better manners than my brother Scooter - he gave a whine every once in a while. I think it's because he just wanted to lift his leg on the next telephone pole.

Was a little chilly out but at least it wasn't raining. We got to wear glow sticks and mine was pink and I looked all the rage. Everyone who saw us thought we were so cute and we wagged our tails in agreement. Scooter had a fight w/ a lion statue at the front of someones house but then when nobody was looking he peed on it. Guess that means he wins.

Mom was telling us about this next holiday called Thanksgiving. I'll tell you what - you "give" me what you were talking about (Halloween SNACKS) and you can have all the "thanks" I can muster. Well until the next adventure - here's sniffing at ya!!



Home Early

November 22nd 2007 1:12 am
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Mom came home early with all kinds of cool sniffs in the bags. Somehow I think there weren't as much SNACKS coming out of those bags as I expected. I have to keep track of these things because you know my brother Scooter won't. We love the Greenis most - and then the chicken strips.

Watched Mom bake some stuff in the oven - but didn't pay too much attention. I was too busy chasing the kitty and running outside to hang out and watch something like that. Scooter hung around and got flour in his paws. Then he walked on the wood floors and mom gave him an "Oh Scooter" and then he pulled his I look cute trick. Whatever - he is so lame sometimes!!

Got to go for a walk after that. We can really move out for little dogs. We have all kinds of hills to cruise up and down and lots of yards to sniff. Gets kind of old having to stop every 10 feet so Scooter can lift his leg. I mean really - does he think he can defend all that territory he seems to be claiming?

Tomorrow mom tells us is a holiday and we'll get all kinds of good sniffs and bites of human food. I love human food - it is the best!! I like it so much I hardly remember eating it. That's why I want Scooter to share his w/ me so I can be reminded of the good tastes.

Woof at you later ~ Misty


So starts the Winter...

December 2nd 2007 9:36 pm
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Happy Dog Days!!! It snowed - for 2 whole days. Saturday morning we woke up and the weather man had said it would snow. Typical - a little dusting is all we got. And by that you had to scrounge to lick up any mosals. Later, lo and behold' it started coming down. Too bad it was so warm or it would have stuck more - but a whole long time later (1 1/2 hours mom says) it was thick enough for me and Scoots to run in the snow and make tracks Best part - it wasn't so deep that we had snowballs on our feathers every time we came in. I love them!! Get to lick them off and savor the fresh outdoors. Scooter is pretty funny when ges them. He can't figure out which paw to put down and try and get the snowball off. I have to help him - but that's what I have to do most times with him. Poor Scooter.

Then this morning I ran outside (Scooter was still asleep) wondering if the fun snow was still on the ground. Only a little bit was left which mom said was a good thing. I disagreed with her - but she won me over with a morning snack and all was good. Then she made that stuff called coffee (I love that stuff - so tasty when you leave your cup on the floor) and that stuff called "paint" came back out. Mom's not too much fun when that stuff comes out. All concentration and "stay out of the paint", "get away from that", "No" and so forth.

Ho - Ho, it started snowing again!!! That will teach you mom! Stuff just piled up. Everywhere on the news no mention of any snow - look out our windows - it's a white out!! Scooter's still in bed and doesn't even know this fun stuff is happening!!! What a lazybones. I snarked around the yard loving the snow and sniffs. Somehow Scooter must have known I was having so much fun because next thing I know he's out there too. Then he "thought" he saw an enemy squirrel and rushed off for combat, full yipping alert. Mom was upset that she had to wade out into the snow to get us - but we pulled the how cute are we trick and got snowballs thrown for us. Scooter made yellow snow and we all ran in to get warm.

Now it's raining - really hard rain. Nobody wants to go outside and there is even talk about "women and children first" whatever that means. Although mom is a "women" and we are both "children" so since she is first in the sentence we'll let her go first BOL. Enough for now - the other enemy cat is on the bed and I think I need to find out how long she is planning on staying up there.

Sniffs to you ~ Misty


Rain**Rain**Go Away**Come Again Some Other Day**

December 8th 2007 10:59 pm
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CANINES did it rain this week. First I was all happy it snowed so much then it did start raining. And it was serious. Remember me talking about how happy we were it rained. Well not so much it seems. It rained so hard here, for 2 solid days. The sky was dark and we had to go out to the front yard to visit nature ~ our back yard was that wet. Neighbors to the above and below us had to deal with water raining and draining. At least this year it wasn't windy too, so we kept power except, for a small portion. Plus that pesky tree had already come down so no worries on soaking water out front.

But Spotted Dogs was it raining hard out there. The whole yard had 6" of water just standing there waiting for it to drain off . However that night it was all bailing water for yourselves. Water was in the garage, but mom said it was "better than expected". Good thing something rolls downhill. BOL.

**4 days later**
Mom's been doing that crazy painting stuff again. I put my paws up innocently against the back door and got yelled at. Worse yet, the door was sticky to my paws. I didn't know what to do, so I froze like good Papillon. Got my paws washed off like I was some kind of puppy or something - but who leaves sticky stuff on the dog door as a trap?

Scooter and I headed back to take a nap. Only to find out that "painting" and "dog naps" seem to equal "bath". But the heat got cranked and I got some snacks so all in all it was tolerable. But now I smell like Scooter .... I think I need to go to bed and sleep on this.

Sniff at you later ~ Misty


Went to work with mom and then to the vet this week.

December 14th 2007 6:32 pm
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Hi everyone - this is Misty whuffing at ya. Mom was acting all weird one day this week before she was on her way out the door. If I'd have known then what I know now - I would have made sure to hide on the bed as flat as I could. We did the "hurry up" thing outside as usual and got our Greenies like always. Scooter the Lazy headed back to bed. Mom seemed kind of happy about that for some reason and kept saying "shhhh". The car went out of the garage like normal - but then she came back inside, and neither one of us had snuck out to sniff the front yard. Weird she'd come back inside...

I was just headed back to see if Scooter was asleep yet so I could put his Greenie to better use than he seemed to be doing. But mom said "psst - come here Misty" which halted me in my tracks. I headed to the door - and Scooter caught sniff of it cuz he did the hall dash in about 2 seconds. I had to grin when he rounded the corner to the front room and did the spin out on the hardwood floors. His little legs must have been cruising to acheive the full 360 and still keep going. Weirdest thing - mom slammed the door closed right in Scooters face. I'd have loved to be on the inside to get a look at the shock he must have felt.

So I spent the day at work with mom. I'm not as adventurous without my brother so I didn't do too much wandering. But I stuck to mom like glue after the first time she disappeared on me for something called a "meeting".

Headed home and we stopped off at this place that I'm not too sure if I like yet. Last time I was there the lady vet kept going on about how cute my brother Scooter was and then when it was my turn she called me fat! I'm still a little peeved about that - especially since I'm smaller than my fat brother. Ok well maybe he's not fat and that wasn't too nice - but I'm still chawing at the rawhide over that.

Well I'll tell you I wasn't there a full minute and some stranger came out and my mom handed me over - what's with that? I had to go outside and "hurry up" but with strangers watching me - I think not. I won't go into the details of what they did to me without my mom present - but I think we have grounds to sue for pain / suffering / undue embarassement / unwanted touches, etc. They found out I have bladder stones and they have to be something called "operated" on. If this has anything to do with the first time they "operated" and made sure I could be the only Misty in the world - I'm not too sure I like this thought. I remember the radar dish and running into walls with the thing. Anyway the Xrays showed I have stones that are as big as peanuts and peas - and for a little gal like me those are pretty big. My kidneys are ok and that is really good news! The vet also said it was better that I was a girl because with boys you have to "move some certain parts around". Mom laughed and the since we were back to the regular man vet - he had a kind of funny look on his face as he pointed to my belly.

Then I get special purrscription food to eat to make sure I don't get deposits again in my bladder. I can eat Greenies - but I'm pretty sure the rest of my SNACKS will be going away. How ever will I make it through the day? I can only have 1 Greenie a day - but SNACKS are what get me through the rest of the day. I wonder if that means I can't eat any more wet cat food too? I only get little licks from the spoon - but that stuff might almost be better than Greenies.

So I have surgery on Tuesday before Xmas. Everyone wish me luck because I'm a little scared and trying not to let mom know. I heard her telling Scooter that everything would be fine and I'd be back to my normal bratty self before 2 shakes of a lambs tail. Whatever the heck a lamb is - it must shake it's tail fast - cuz I'm a trooper!

Until I have more news - sniff at ya later ~ Misty.


My brother got Dog Diary of the Day?? Go Scooter!

December 15th 2007 7:12 pm
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Hey all.

So mom tells me that Scooter, for some reason, got dog diary of the day (she showed me other winners so it's not like he Totally won). Should I start with how paws down happy I am for him? Or do I just skip all that fake stuff and head right into how in the heck this happened?

I had to go to the vet this last week, so Scooter wrote a sympathy bark out to me (hence winning Dogster Dog Diary of the Day).

I have Bladder Stones and they need to be operated on. Mom says she feels bad that she didn't know sooner - but I hide my accidents to the best of my ability.

With 2 dogs and 2 cats it was kind of a challenge to pinpoint who did anything.
Advantage ~ Misty. Disadvantage ~ Misty.

Luckily only Indy kitty got yelled at once (wrong place ~ wrong time) and I swear I gave as many kisses to the kitty as I was allowed to make up for it.

Anysniffs ~ I have surgery next week and Mr. Cute had better be nice to me and take over kissing the kitty duties!

So yes - Scooter is the cute one. Everysniffer knows that. Everysniffer accepts that. Even me - Misty - can accept that.

However I am the smart one. I am the one that knows your best chance at a squirrel ALL the way across the yard is to NOT let it know you are coming from the backdoor to begin with (Scooter). I at least get to the tree and then observe if there really is a squirrel (again Scooter) before letting loose w/ the vocals. Again - I am the smart one. 'Nough said.

Today was very blustery (Mom's word - not mine). She said a little harder and the wind going the right way I'd end up like some dude named Piglet. Something about Scooter looking like a Pooh Bear in the wind, something called ballast (never heard of it) and some kite string for my tail. MY tail?

I'm happy for Scoots getting Dog Diary of the Day. I almost want to leave him a "Dear Dogster Pfiill" letter. BOL.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~


Surgery Complete

December 18th 2007 9:14 pm
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Doc called mom today to say I'm awake and good after bladder stone surgery. Says he took 5 big ones out and numerous small ones out. I'm staying the night and mom will pick me up tomorrow afternoon. I'll sniff at you later when I feel better.



Back from the vet

December 19th 2007 7:01 pm
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Hi everyone ~ Misty here.

Mom finally picked me up from that place that smells funny. I was dropped off yesterday morning even though I did my best not to go with the person I had never sniffed before, I was still left without my mom or my brother Scooter. It was not a fun place and I was all by myself.

When I woke up I was sore. The vet took out huge bladder stones from my bladder. 5 big ones and lots of little ones. He saved the ones he didn't send out for testing to give to mom. We're supposed to bring them out at the holidays and talk about them - but I'd just rather I didn't have to think about them any more.

I stayed overnight and the whole next day. I almost thought I had done something bad and that mom didn't want me anymore. But then I finally got to go into the room where mom was - and happy days - Scooter was there too. We sniffed and wagged tails and started "rough housing". Everyone laughed and then mom asked the vet ~ "I suppose this is too much activity right?". "Yes" he said, "Good luck with that".

Then we came home where I immediately went to the bed and have been here ever since. I'm tired and sleep sounds good.

Mom says lots of dogs wished me well and we are thankful for that. So thanks everyone for thinking of me.

Sniff at ya later ~Misty~

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