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Chief Executive - Scooter Squarepants.

Where's the Meatz?

December 1st 2011 9:00 pm
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Hey everypup ~Scooter here~

It has come to my attention that things are amiss in Dogster World. Even more so than a normal Dogster day would bring you. I'm looking at you "error 4" when trying to post comments.

There is no protein option on the gift page. Well unless you count the eggies that go into the cake and cupcake there, and whatever is in that dry kibble dog dish. Let's be real - no pup in his right mind would consider that protein anyhoo.

By protein, let's just get this straight since I did a little surfing on the couch, er web today and I read all kinds of stuff about San Francisco. One interesting fact is that dogs outnumber children just like in Seattle, which is a good hash mark in their favor. More importantly, it is a very "healthy" place. I thought, oh, balanced diet, probably wise. Then I clicked on some of the images of food they were displaying as "healthy".

Uggg, they eat seaweed and fish eggs together with raw fish. For dogs sake - you roll around in the lovely smells and carry them around with you, you do not eat that stuff. Disgusting. So please Dogster listen to the experts on Meatz, the actual "dogs" in your name, and throw both red and white meat (both of them so we get bacon too) up on the page.

Also SF is very big on the no Meatz diet, which I believe warrants a trip to at the very least the Zpups couch for some mental health flossing. (That's what Mom calls the couch visit not in our living room, because I don't think her other term paid friend applies in this situation). Vegan and a longer version of that word. I do tend to skim sometimes, but I did see the word granola a few times too. BOL.

Which brings us to the debacle caused by no Meatz choices on the gift page. Our brand new favorite sit/staycom 'On the Couch With Dr. Zpup' has had to be suspended I am pretty sure due to a strike. There is a clause in the contract saying that Meatz shall be supplied at all times, and as we all know, no Meatz to choose from.

We need the Dr Zpup show back in action. Dogs go crazy on the new Dogster diet and we will need professional help on this. That, and Misty tells me she asked an important question this week. Err, some pup in this house asked the question since it's all anonypups and all. BOL.

Dogster, now you have Coco Rose all up in paws starting a write in campaign and a possible march on SF. Weather is a bit damp and chilly this time of the year like Seattle, so I'd really rather we nipped this in the Meatz brisket.

I'm warning you that when Demon Flash Bandit sinks his teeth into this topic you might feel a little sting at first. Setting a pup back on his heels sometimes feels that way doesn't it Dogster?

Meatz must go back up on the gift page less we starve during the holiday month. Don't you know us pups have to wait until the humans are in the "shopping" mood before they just leave those magic money cards out and we can buy stuff for our pup pals? This is prime Meatz picking season and there is no Meatz to choose from.

If this ends up being a dastardly plan to either curb our spending spree or control the weight gain I will be one angry ScooterMeatzPie!

Dogster, do you do this to Catster too? Do you just yank their tuna out from under them leaving them with only dry kibble? I'm just wondering and all. My secret security swiper to get through the kitteh door has lost battery power so I haven't been there for a while.

While I'm sure it was just a clerical error at HQ, perhaps the nice lady/sir at the gift control counter is on vacation and forgot to leave the password out for the extra special Meatz. So while I do understand these "things" happen, I would appreciate immediate attention to this pressing obviously glaring oversight.

Thank you so very much Dogster.

Sincerely Yours,

The Sultan of All His Sister is Not Looking at: ~ScooterMeatzPie~

PS: A certain dog that shall remain anonypup agrees with me that we wouldn't also like a bit of dairy product added as a selection in namely CHEESE if it wouldn't be too much trouble. k - thnx


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