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Laci's Life in L.A. (Lower Alabama)

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We lost another dear furiend today.

March 22nd 2009 7:18 pm
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It seems the past few months on Dogster we have watched so many of our furiends cross the Rainbow Bridge. Today our pal Duncan has crossed. He was very special to all of us, always friendly, always attended every party if only for a few minutes and was generally an all around great pup and pal. We will miss you Duncan, more than seems possible.

Duncan performed at many of our parties in all the groups as Dunvis, singing Elvis Presley songs. I have put some selections at the top of my music player in his honor. We loved Elvis and we loved Dunvis too. Our eyes are wet with tears, we loved you well.

Laci Noelle and Mom


Here I am, '4' years old!

January 11th 2009 4:06 pm
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I celebrated my 4th birthday on Christmas Day, 2008. I don't feel old, does this mean I am "old"? Nah, I didn't think so, I'm just more mature now.

Let me see what news I have to tell you since my last time to write in my diary. Oh yes, I have a new kitty brother! That cat "loves" me!!
He was afraid of me at first but now he comes up to give me head bonks (whatever that is)...He wants to love me Mom says. I like playing with him and Foxy Lady (our kitty sister). They are fun to play with and Mom is pleased that I am not at all jealous of either of them.

It is cold here in the south today, I like it cold but Mom doesn't. I can walk a long way when it's cold outside. My allergies don't bother me in cold weather either. That is a good thing!

I'll try to write some more when there is more to tell you.

Bye for now!!


New Cat in the house!

July 12th 2008 1:12 pm
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My old pal who was a senior cat died 4 weeks ago, he was nice, was not afraid of me and we didn't bother each other "much". I aggravated him now and then but that's what a dog is supposed to do, right? Anyway, mom and I missed him and she got us another kitty. This one is 18 months old and was a breeder but only had 1 litter. Now she is spayed and lives with us. She is a Persian and "mom says" very pretty. I'm not so sure about that.
She won't let me see her, she won't paw at me like Coco did, she has the nerve to growl at me! ME!! This is my house, my Mom and Dad and she has to learn that sometime! Mom tells me NO in "that" voice too often and this cat who's name is Foxy won't play. Humphhhh!! More later on the adventures of me with Miss Foxy, sure wish I had my Coco back. Signed a very sad and curious, Laci.


Christmas 2007 and my 3rd birthday too!!

December 24th 2007 10:31 am
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I'm sooooo happy! It is my 3rd Birthday and Mom and Dad are home with me this year AND it's Christmas!! Yes, I was born on Christmas Day which is why my name is Laci Noelle. I travel with Mom and Dad some but they usually spend Christmas in Texas with my human sis there and it is a long ride for me. With all the traffic during holidays, I usually just stay home with my great petsitter (I luv her) taking care of me, Coco the cat and Mom's two birds. We usually celebrate my birthday and Christmas before they leave and again when they get home. :)

BUT, this year, I have them with me and I'm happy! That's the best present I can ever have, being with my Mom and Dad.

We had family Christmas dinner last night (Christmas eve) and then lots of gifts were opened and the men, (yessss, I said men) played with their new toys. BOL
They shot laser beams at bottles and cans and made them fall off the log they were sitting on and then they flew a helicopter around the room. My Dad was good at both too!!! We think he may need to get a toy for his own next Christmas! BOL

I have so many new toys, I can't decide what to play with. I may just grab one of the old familiar ones instead. Santa ate all the goodies I left out for him so I think he is happy.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Happy Birthday Jesus!!!! Happy Birthday Me!!!
Thank you Mom, Dad and all my loving family and friends, you've made this year really pawtastic!


Christmas and "my" birthday too!

November 29th 2007 9:11 pm
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Finally, this year my Mom and my Dad will be home with me for Christmas and MY birthday is December 25th too. They have been going to my sister's house in Texas for the past few years and it was not a good time of year for me to make the trip so I didn't go. I have a great sitter when they are gone and I have my playmate, Coco the cat and we get along pretty good. I don't mind them leaving too much but I am happier when they are here with me. They always bring me presents and we celebrate when they get home.

I have to tell you,this year, some strange things are going on in this house. First, a funny looking thing that shines on the front door is out in "my" front yard!! Then a wooden thing with elves that says Merry Christmas is out there too!!! You "know" I had to sniff all that stuff and make sure it was safe. I couldn't let my Mom get hurt around things in our own front yard!!! When it gets dark, mom turns that shiny thing 'on' andlet me tell you, it will blind you when you open our door and look outside. Mom says it makes it bright so our wreath shows up better. humph...

Then, Mom starts pulling things out of boxes and next thing I know, there is a tree in our living room!!! With lights on it!!!! Not to mention little bright shiny things and tinkling things hanging all over it!! Now what is a lil Peke supposed to do?? Then she hung up stockings and looked right at me and said, "this is yours, Laci"... well, if it's mine, give it to me!!!! I want it NOW! Mom said I better be sweet or Santa Clause won't come to see me. BOL I'm always sweet. I sure would like to have just one of those shiny things on that tree sitting in "my" living room.

Mom is scurrying around, getting gifts ready to send my furiends on some groups here at Dogster and ya know what else? That cat has obviously seen all this before, he just ignores it as if to say, "oh, so what, it's just a tree and some lights". BOL Dumb cat, doesn't he know "he" has a stocking too? I guess when you have seen 15 years of Christmas past, it is nothing special to him. Mom said he used to climb the tree, BOL, I would like to see that!!

Now, Mom is singing to me, the songs aren't the ones I am used to either.
She also bought a HAT and thinks I am going to wear it!!!! No way, looks like
something to play with to me and that's what I'm going to do if I ever get my
teeth on it!!!! She got a red and white collar thing with points and bells and I
can't get that from around my neck but she doesn't leave it on long, just long enough she can try to add that HAT and make a picture. No way, I'm not wearing the HAT! Dogs do not need HATS!!! Plus, "I" am NOT Santa Clause!!

Well, I'll let you know how December progresses. Christmas is looking pretty interesting right now. Merry Christmas all you pups and kitties!!! Pawrents too, we luf ya for taking good care of us all. OH, and Santa Paws, pwease don't be afraid of that "stuff" in our front yard, it's just bright but it won't hurt you, I pwomise!! I'll leave you all the goodies I can get my lil paws on too!


Laci's views on the Holidays~

November 5th 2007 6:25 pm
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Woohoo, gonna be nice and crisp tonight so my early morning walk with my Mom (or Dad, never know around here) will be nice! Tomorrow night we may even get a degree or two below freezing. With this thick coat of mine, that sounds good to me. Mom says "ohh, I'm cold" and I just laugh at her cause I love it!! I'll snuggle up with her and keep her warm, BOL, then she will give me extra treats?? Ya think??

Well, Howlaween is over, Thanksgiving is just ahead and then Christmas.
How exciting can it be? I can't wait to see the Christmas tree and celebrate both Christmas and "my" birthday on the same day! Now that is exciting folks! I bet I get lots and lots of presents too and special home cooked treats just for lil ole me. "Heh-heh-heh, I got Mom and Dad around my lil ole paw".
Life is good for this lil white Peke in the deep south. I wish all doggies had it as good as I do. We are trying to get a nice shelter built here in our town, for strays and/or lost dogs and I hope kitties too. Our town has never done anything about the cats. Makes me sad, I love our old cat. There is a vet that will take kittens that can't find homes and help them find a good one, thank goodness for him. He will also take a stray adult down to his own farm where he lets them live free but provides food for them with plenty of water. He is a good man. I think I'll be thankful for him especially when we are counting our blessings at Thanksgiving.

So, my friends in Dogster land, let's be thankful this year that we all have
families that love us and provide for us well, all pups aren't that lucky. Let's cross our paws in thanksgiving and ask for help for those pups and kitties out there who are hungry and cold. I wish you all a good and Happy Thanksgiving!


Wow, big day for me!!

October 14th 2007 6:58 pm
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Today was a fun day for me and for my Mommie. She turned on the computer and what does she find, I am All Fur Fun's Dog of the Day!!
We felt so honored, that is a huge group and we are so happy being a member and playing games with them all the time. Mom said people have given me gifts today but "I" haven't seen them. Mom gave me a special treat for dinner though so I guess that makes it ok. She also bought me some new little practice golf balls to play with, they are my second favorite toy next to Papa Dog of the Dog Family. The little plastic balls fit my mouth real easily and I have loads of fun with them. I can also make dents in them biting on them. I am a strange one Mom says, I never liked tennis balls like most dogs do. I can be different, I am after all, a Peke. I had to bark and chase a dog out of "my" front yard today too, my goodness the nerve of that dog, thinking he can just run around loose in "my" front yard......I showed him, Mom helped me, she clapped her hands and said "git"...BOL...
Well, that's all folks, we've had a few cool nights this week so I have enjoyed my walks more, it is a long time before winter though it seems, here in LA!!!
I forgot sumpin,,,,,,,we been "ghostbustin" only we haven't found one (in time) yet!!!! Mom said she was just plain tired, she needs to get better at solving riddles. BOL
C ya soon ..........Laci


Friday night again and a cooler weekend "finally".

September 15th 2007 12:08 am
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Well, well, we had an exciting evening. First our local university played one of the Big 12 teams right here in our small town! Guess what, they WON! Woohoo!! Bow-wow and woof woof! I heard the fireworks over at the stadium but I wasn't afraid, loud noises have never frightened me. Our university is Troy U. of the Sunbelt Conference and they played OK State tonight with a big win for US. It was on national television (why it was on Friday), carried by ESPN2 and was delayed due to a thunderstorm with heavy rain for about 40 minutes but they finally "got 'er done". wooferssssssssss

Mom watched the game off and on and made backgrounds for my page here and guess what? Thanks to a tip she read from some nice person in one of the groups she joined, it worked. She was amazed! BUT, she found the colors didn't suit her with the other graphics she has put on the page so she removed it but at least now she knows she can do one when she feels "in the mood" (whatever that means) to change all the other special graphics too. Anyway, she had a blast (she said, personally, I don't know what that is).

She did add a new slide show to my page, again thanks to the tips from a nice member in a group she joined about coding and how to get more on the pages so she was able to do another one. She has high hopes (I heard her tell Dad, shhh, they don't know I listen to them), that she will be able to add even more as she works with it. I'm just glad Mom and Dad love me so much, I love them just as much as they love me too!!!!

Well, that's it from LA tonight, the rain is supposed to be gone with cooler weather coming in for a few days at least. We are happy campers at our house. See ya soon.... Laci


Hello all you dogster dogs and people~ ~

September 6th 2007 6:24 pm
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Gee, I like this place!! You pals are so sweet, giving me rosettes and visits and all these good things. Thank GOODNESS, Mom finally learned how to add some of the fancy stuff to my page. "I" knew she could figure it out, she just
needed a day or so and sure enough, she got it. YEA MOM!!

Ok, the weather is a 'little' bit cooler, mainly at night but that means early morning walks are nice. :-) We finally had a little bitty shower, we still need rain here in LA.

Mom is eager to join some groups now and get "us" involved so we can know even more of you nice people and pups here, cats too, we still have one cat at our house. He is very old but he and I get along pretty good.

Well, gotta run now, Mom says so! When MOM says so, she usually means it, she somehow "thinks" she is the alpha dog here. I can't imagine how she got that idea!!! It is clear to me that "I" am princess in charge!! BUT, when Mom say move, I move and when she says NO, I almost always listen. hehehe

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!


Yesterday, I met a very young fawn ~

September 4th 2007 5:40 am
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A neighbor found an orphaned fawn this weekend and yesterday (Labor Day),
I got to meet her. He didn't know how she would react but she LIKED me! Mom has several pictures the nice man made and they are so cute. The Fawn is only slightly taller than me, lil ole short Peke me, but I am a lot heavier than she is. She is doing great and now I have a new friend. She follows our neighbor around like a little puppy would it's new Dad or Mom and is very nice. I probably won't let the fawn greet me so closely as she grows. I don't like larger dogs much, I bark and growl at them but won't approach them nor let them get close to me. It will be interesting to see how this fawn and I get along as she grows larger. Anyway, that was my Labor Day adventure and Mom put a picture of me with the fawn on my page. Have a great week all!

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